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Monday, October 31, 2005

Someone Defend This Atrocity, if you Dare

HAT TIP: The Rottweiler,

Muslim assassins, kill and behead 3 Christian Schoolgirls, injure 2 who lived.....

Someone wanna tell me where the outrage is from the Religion of Peace is on this? Someone care to spin this and say the Christians got what they deserved? Come on, gimme a reason....

These animals need to be stopped, period.

Read and weep:


Well, the Dems are now slamming Alito for being racially insensitive. And screwing with his name is not insensitive? What would the Italian American Community think?

The Dems don't care, of course.


MEDIA/DNC NICKNAME 'SCALITO' SEEN AS ETHNICALLY INSENSITIVEMon Oct 31 2005 08:42:57 ETBefore Judge Samuel Alito was even officially announced as President Bush’s next Supreme Court nominee, he met a wave of racial discrimination from numerous corners of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party. Because of Judge Alito’s conservative and Italian-American background he is often been compared to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and has been nicknamed by the mainstream media “Scalito.” This morning, on CNN’s AMERICAN MORNING host Soledad O’Brien said, “we've heard the nickname ‘Scalito’…. which is of course combining the Scalia, Justice Scalia and Alito. Let’s talk a little bit about their similarities.” On CBS’EARLY SHOW host Harry Smith claimed: “[Our next guest] will be on to talk about Alito, who some people are calling ‘Scalito’ because of his close resemblance to Antonin Scalia at least ideologically.” Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee sent out talking points this morning titled: “Judge ‘Scalito’ Has Long History Of States Rights, Anti-Civil Rights, And Anti-Immigrant Rulings.” More from the DNC’s anti-Italian American talkers: “Alito is often referred to as ‘Judge Scalito’ because of his adherence to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s right-wing judicial philosophy.” One outraged Republican strategist claimed, “If Alito were a liberal there would be no way Democrats and Washington’s media elite would use such a ethnically insensitive nickname. Italian-Americans should not have to face these types of derogatory racial slurs in 21st century America.” Developing...

Bush Got The Cajones and Picked a REAL NOMINEE

Happy Halloween, and better than getting Robert Bork to scare Teddy Kennedy and Chuckie Schumer, there is a nominee who is now standing a GOOD CHANCE of being a judge. And also, the scary likelihood of the GOP mustering a nuclear option.

Happy Halloween you liberal sacks of pumpkin poo.




Friday, October 28, 2005

Past White House Indictments, Resignations

Here's an article worth a read:


A History of Indictments Involving White House Staff WiresFriday, Oct. 28, 2005

A brief history of indictments in recent administrations:

The only sitting Cabinet member in recent history to be indicted while in office was Raymond J. Donovan, President Reagan's labor secretary. In September 1984, Donovan was indicted along with several others, accused of grand larceny in his co-ownership of a construction firm. After going on unpaid leave in October, Donovan resigned in March 1985. In 1987, a jury acquitted Donovan and his co-defendants.

In October 2005, David H. Safavian, the top procurement official for President Bush, resigned. Three days later, he was arrested and indicted on five felony counts connected to criminal investigation of lobbyist Jack Abramoff. At the time the indictment covered, from May 2002 to January 2004, Safavian had been serving as the chief of staff at the General Services Administration. Case pending.

In November 1996, Henry G. Cisneros resigned from his position as President Clinton's housing secretary. In December 1997, he was indicted on 18 counts of conspiracy, obstruction and lying to the FBI. Cisneros pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in 1999 and was fined $10,000.

In December 1994, Mike Espy resigned from his position as Clinton's agriculture secretary. In August 1997, Espy was indicted on 39 corruption counts in allegations that he had received financial gifts from Tyson Foods Inc., one of the companies his department regulated. In December 1998 Espy was acquitted on all counts.

In May 1993, White House travel office chief Billy R. Dale and his entire staff were fired by the Clinton administration. Dale was indicted in December 1994 on two counts of embezzlement and conversion after a grand jury said he pocketed up to $68,000 from media organizations traveling with the president. Dale was acquitted of all charges in November 1995.

In November 1986, John M. Poindexter resigned from his post as national security adviser to President Reagan. In March 1988, Poindexter and three others were indicted in relation to the Iran-Contra affair. Poindexter was charged with two additional counts of obstructing Congress and two counts of making false statements. He was convicted in 1990, but the charges were overturned the following year.

In 1983, Thomas C. Reed resigned from the Reagan administration after working as a presidential assistant under National Security Adviser William P. Clark. In August 1984, he was indicted on four counts related to alleged illegal stock trading. He was acquitted in 1985.

In April 1973, President Nixon forced White House chief of staff H.R. Haldeman, domestic affairs counsel John Ehrlichman and five other staff members to resign. In March 1974, they were indicted in connection with the Watergate cover-up. Along with several others found guilty, both Haldeman and Ehrlichman were convicted in 1975 and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Cheney Aide Libby Indicted and Resigns

Well, no doubt the left will love this. Course, if he did wrong, let him face the music. If not, his attorneys will prove him innocent.

Here's the news on Scooter Libby......


Cheney speaks for Libby's innocence, before trial or verdict....

Here's what he is indicted for.....

5 counts, 22 pages worth of info.....

Now, before anyone says he is guilty or being railroaded, wait til the trial is done. This is America, after all....

If he leaked, let him swing. If he was not, let him out.

There, have at this latest news info.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

John Cleese: 66 Today

Well, here's a time to pause and wish British actor and comedian John Cleese a happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, sir.

Anyone who enjoys Monty Python, Fish Called Wanda, and other films and TV will wish Mr. Cleese a good one....


Astros/Morgan Ensberg jokes

They've already started, and we can thank those sick bastards at The Rott for it. It is actually funny though.

HAT TIP: and

Here's the joke.....

If Morgan Ensberg and his wife Christi ever have a daughter, I'd be worried for her when she'd start dating. Especially in October.
Just take a moment to imagine it:, he's standing on the porch with a shotgun, yelling "Get your hands off of my daughter!"
But he knows there's now way he'd ever hit anything with men in scoring position during the playoffs.

Yeah, it's wrong, but damn it's funny!

Here's how liberals commemorate our 2000 dead....


Here is a link to some pics of how liberals remember our dead troops, and their sacrifices for Democracy here and overseas.....

I see lots of grins and stupid banners. Not one tear, not one somber face.



Well, Mr. President, pick a fight, now. Otherwise, any conservatives you had with you, will float away or remain silent.

Ask Gary Bauer.....

"I think the president did the right thing," Bauer told Fox News' Jon Scott. "I think he showed real leadership today ... Now I believe there is an opportunity for the president to nominate a jurist who will unite conservatives ... and then we can have a real debate in the Senate Judiciary Committee about our courts and what direction they should move in."
Scott then said, "You say the president should put forth a strong conservative - you know what the Pat Leahys, the Edward Kennedys the Chuck Schumers are gonna say about that..."
Bauer replied, "Those senators that you named have been bullies in the United States Senate for many years now, intimidating Republican presidents and preventing them from sending up clear conservative nominees."

Translated: No more softballs, Mr. President, when step to the plate, you better have a frickin curve ball, and strike them out. No walks, strike em out, unlike certain sports teams last night. These Senators need a real time to piss and moan. They need to show their true colors and make it evident they are not for America's best interests. They are for their special interests and for their own political power plays. So whether Bush nominate a likely Luttig or Rogers-Brown, or Owen, or even a far out in left Bork nomination, Bush needs a doozie.

"My father taught me that you can't run away from bullies, so I would really urge the president to take on that battle," he added.
"I believe the overwhelming majority of the country will support the president if he [gives them] a conservative nominee," Bauer continued. "The country doesn't want some of the things the courts are doing - same-sex marriage, this move to take 'under God' out of the Pledge of Allegiance ... I think the president should welcome that fight. I think he'll win it."

Alright George, Mr. President, you took down the bullies in Afghanistan, you had a fight between Iraq and the other flunkies of Saddam, so far you're winning both. At home, you're getting your butt kicked. So, take off the tie and jacket and get dirty. This is what a Presidency is for. Do not be the Republican Jimmy Carter. Do not be another Gerald Ford. Make your last term memorable. Whether the media hates you more than ever or not, go for it. Whether Schumer and Kennedy whine more, go for it. Go out in your last term for standing up to these loudmouths and mafioso of the Left. Stand for something besides a compromise.

Would Reagan have dealt with the USSR in the manner you handled Miers? No. Would your father have dealt with Saddam the way you did the Senate Democrat? No. Make your swansong a battle cry, and take these liberals to task for their double standards.

Expose them for the pro-death, anti-American, pussification prone, hate-filled vultures that they are. Let them yell and everyone will see their BS.

Pick a fight, and make it a good one!

Also, check out what Fred Barnes has to say. Make this brawl a winning one. No wimping out.


Next in Line, Please....

OK, the next nominee is not a certainty. Miers through everyone for a loop. So, who's next?


Bush Scrambles for New High Court NomineeOct 27 5:47 PM US/Eastern Email this story

Associated Press Writer

Denied his first choice, President Bush scrambled on Thursday to find a new Supreme Court nominee who could calm a conservative rebellion and walk sure-footedly through a Senate confirmation hearing.
That could point to a handful of federal judges believed to have been finalists when Bush made his doomed choice of Harriet Miers.
Some top contenders are believed to be federal appellate judges Samuel Alito, J. Michael Luttig, J. Harvie Wilkinson, Alice Batchelder, Priscilla Owen and Karen Williams as well as Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan.
Or, Bush could turn to a current or past senator, such as Republican John Cornyn of Texas, believing the Senate would be more likely to embrace one of its own.
Miers, a Texas lawyer and loyal Bush confidante who remains White House counsel, was criticized for having thin credentials on constitutional law and no proven record as a judicial conservative.
That criticism lessens the chance that Bush will pick someone else who has never rapped a gavel on a judicial bench. It also makes it less likely that the president will choose anyone who could be tagged a Bush crony, according to lawyers in regular touch with White House officials involved in the selection process.
Bush now finds himself in the awkward spot of finding a replacement for a candidate he had described as the most qualified person in the country. He also had said Miers brought a fresh approach because she had never been a judge.
Deeply disappointed by Miers' demise, Bush will be looking for a repeat of the Senate's 78-22 vote to confirm John Roberts as the 17th chief justice.
"I think that the president is likely to return to the short list of people that everyone left to right agreed are the most qualified," said Brad Berenson, a former staff member of the White House counsel's office in the Bush administration. "The lesson of the Roberts and Miers nominations taken together is that there's considerable safety and power in selecting people whose qualifications can't be questioned."
The White House said it was not the firestorm of opposition from Bush's right flank, but the Senate's demand for documents covered by attorney-client and executive privileges that forced Miers' withdrawal.
Both these reasons makes it unlikely Bush will choose Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, another Bush ally who has been on the candidate list.
As with Miers, senators would seek documents Gonzales handled when he was White House counsel, and the White House again would claim executive privilege in denying their release. Nominating Gonzales also would re-ignite the very opposition Bush is trying to dampen on his right from members of his own party who don't think Gonzales is a reliable conservative vote on abortion and affirmative action.
"The best predictor of future Supreme Court performance is prior court performance," said Wendy Long, counsel for the Judicial Confirmation Network, which was established to back Bush's picks for federal judgeships. "It avoids the problem of only being able to evaluate someone through privileged documents."
One prospective candidate who is not a judge, Larry Thompson, is still believed to be under consideration. Bush likes and trusts Thompson, a corporate attorney for PepsiCo who was the highest-ranking black in the administration during Bush's first term. Thompson, however, might be tagged like Miers as someone beholden to the White House.
Another nonjudicial candidate is Maureen Mahoney, a frequent litigator before the high court, who is sometimes referred to as the "female version of Roberts."
Bush said he would make his next nomination in a "timely manner." Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said he expected a nomination within days, with confirmation hearings perhaps before Christmas.
Conservatives are likely to continue cheering for a judge who will strictly interpret the Constitution and not allow personal views on issues to sway decisions.
"The president now has the chance to correct the wayward path this nomination process has taken by nominating a strict constructionist whose record clearly demonstrates a judicial philosophy that respects and defends the civil rights of all Americans born and unborn," said Stephen G. Peroutka, chairman of the National Pro-Life Action Center.
Fearing that Bush's next pick will be a darling of the right, Nan Aron, president of the liberal Alliance for Justice, urged Bush to choose a consensus nominee.
"An independent judiciary is the crown jewel of our democracy," Aron said. "It is too vital to be used as a means of placating a political party's base."
With his job approval rating the lowest of his presidency, Bush may feel it is necessary to appease his base.
"His poll numbers didn't slip in the last number of months because Democrats decided they didn't like him any more," said Sean Rushton, director of the conservative Committee for Justice. "The numbers slipped with Republicans and moderates. And my view is that this is the first day of the repair of that."

Miers Stepping Down May Save President

OK, this Miers thing was a boneheaded move, period. Thank God she stepped down..

So far, Pat Buchanan has chimed in how this could save Bush's bacon.


Here's some of what he said.....

George Bush is a lucky man to have a friend like Harriet Miers.
Had her nomination been pursued through the judiciary committee to the full Senate, it would have meant civil war inside the party. President Bush would have been forced to watch members of his Congressional party and conservatives publicly call for rejection and defeat of the woman who had given him a decade of devoted service.
The fallout from this fratricidal war could have lasted for years. By standing down, Miers called off the family fight about to erupt inside the president’s own household.

And Pat, as much as he gets too far right, yes even for me, he is right on this. Miers would have left infighting for years, and may have caused a permanent split in the GOP. Also, how good of c court pick was she? Well, now's the time for SERIOUS nominees. Qualified nominees, man or woman; white, black, or whatever; preferably conservative, but moderate can be fine, JUST NOT a closet case.

Anne Coulter also had plenty to say.....


It's her last sentence, but it's good....

With Miers’ withdrawal, Bush has us back on the team, ready to cheer for him unreservedly. All we ask is that you please not listen to Harry Reid next time.

And to Senator Reid, the trolls here, and other liberals, don't be celebrating just yet. This may have been your distraction. Next nominee will be the real deal and since there's only so much time left, there will be a fast confirmation or the NUCLEAR OPTION may go into play.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. Now the real race begins.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yeah, yeah, I know

The White Sox are playing Houston. They're up 3 to Houston's 0 wins. They win, they win. If not, the World Series continues.,2933,173552,00.html

Yes, Houston stands a likely chance of being swept. However, the Red Sox were also in danger of a clean sweep last year. And the Cardinals, last year, in danger, during their playoff bid.

Anything can happen.

Good luck Stros.

Wipe Israel From Face of Earth, says Iranian President


Wipe Israel from map, says Iran’s president
By Gareth Smyth in TehranPublished:
October 26 2005 21:26
Last updated: October 27 2005 00:00
Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, Iran’s fundamentalist president, on Wednesday declared that Israel should be “wiped off the map” and warned Arab countries against developing economic ties with Israel in response to its withdrawal from Gaza.
His remarks, delivered at a conference in Tehran entitled “A World without Zionism”, led to diplomatic protests by the UK, France and Spain, while Shimon Peres, Israel’s deputy prime minister, said Iran should be expelled from the United Nations.
In Washington, spokesmen for the Bush administration said the statement underscored US concern over Iran’s nuclear weapons programme.
Mr Ahmadi-Nejad’s comments came as Islamic Jihad, a militant Palestinian group allied to Iran, killed at least five Israelis with a bombing in the Israeli town of Hedera. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, saying it was avenging Israel’s killing of a West Bank commander on Monday.
US analysts noted that the president’s remarks were not a departure from hardline Iranian rhetoric and did not represent new policy.
But they said the rhetoric was aggressive and badly timed, and would serve to confirm western suspicions of Iran’s more confrontational approach that were raised by the new president’s speeches at the United Nations last month.
However, European diplomats suggested the comments would not derail efforts by France, Germany and the UK to get Iran to return to the negotiating table and halt work at its Isfahan uranium conversion facility. One diplomat said the EU3 had made a point of keeping the nuclear issue separate from Iranian support for militant Palestinian groups during two years of talks.
“As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map,” Mr Ahmadi-Nejad said, citing Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of Iran’s Islamic revolution.
The president told an audience of students there was “no doubt the new wave [of attacks] in Palestine will soon wipe off this disgraceful blot from the face of the Islamic world”.
“Anybody who recognises Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury,” he said, in remarks aimed at Arab states.
Mr Ahmadi-Nejad, who took office in August, was departing from the moderate line of his reformist predecessor, Mohammad Khatami, who argued Iran should be no more radical about Israel than the Palestinians themselves. Reformist figures in Iran have recently warned that Mr Ahmadi-Nejad’s stern rhetoric endangers Iran’s national interest and could encourage the referral of Tehran’s nuclear programme to the UN Security Council. Iran denies its development of the nuclear fuel cycle is for military use.

Post 1000, Patriot Act 4 years and counting


Four years ago, today, the US Patriot Act was passed after September 11 Attacks. It has been renewed and remained. There are many who want it to go away altogether, and they are not the terrorists, suprise suprise.

However, some of the provisions may need to lapse, as while a reasonable President is doing fine with them, a more paranoid despotic one would use them for dictatorial powers and martial law.

I do think it needs re-tooling.

Chewbacca Now An American

In lighter news, fun news, actor Peter Mayhew, the towering Brit who played Chewbacca The Wookie in Star Wars movies, is now a US Citizen. Oddly enough, Pierce Brosnan became an American, but whined worse than any Wookie in heat ever could have. Pierce became US to vote Bush out of office. Lots of money and paperwork for nothing, and Pierce is no longer 007. Chewbacca on the other hand, is now a US Citizen and is happy.

Contrast a supposed B-Actor with Ireland's finest 007.

Peter Mayhew


Pierce Brosnan


Plame Flame Out

Well, the vultures are circling and this case just won't die.


Yes, the Grand Jury is still deciding on indictments or whether or not to go through with this...

A poll shows that Bush was not ammoral, entirely, his aides were to blame. It's a mixed bag.

And guess what, many knew Valerie Plame was in the CIA, before this even broke....

That's the round up on this non-entity case. Don't say that to Al Franken, he's sure someone will be hanged.....

Iraqi Constitution? Rebuilding? Who Cares, we got the DEAD to Exploit!

Well, while the media salivates, celebrates, and does other -ate involved activities in the 2000 dead tally, let's remember, there is a lot more going on besides death.


Media Celebrate 2,000 U.S. Dead in Iraq

Reporters who ignored the countless acts of heroism by U.S. troops in Iraq, not to mention the incredible progress their efforts have yielded, suddenly can't get enough of the fact that 2,000 of America's heroes have died.
In New York, Wednesday morning's newspapers headlined the news of U.S. dead with what seemed like macabre glee.
"2,000 Dead: As Iraq Tours Stretch On, a Grim Mark," blared the New York Times front page.
Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan is paying tribute to the fallen heroes by stepping up her work to oppose their efforts, pledging to chain herself to the White House fence until President Bush agrees to cut and run.
Almost nowhere in today's coverage will readers find a tribute to the titanic accomplishments purchased with the blood of these same lost heroes who believed in the cause.
Nowhere but here, that is.
Start with news that the vote on Iraq's constitution has finally been tabulated. It was ratified by a staggering 79 percent margin - making Iraq the first Arab country to approve a constitution in free election.
Another important benchmark ignored by the press would be the dramatic plunge in violence that accompanied the Oct. 15 vote. Insurgent attacks on polling stations dropped from 347 during January's election to a minuscule 13 - thanks, due in large measure, to the increasing competence of U.S.-trained Iraqi security forces. Tom Segal recently put together a compendium of U.S. achievements in Iraq. Highlights include:
• In Sadar City, 86.5 million dollars in infrastructure improvements have been completed and another $246 million are ongoing. These include increased drinking water and electricity to serve more than 240,000 people.
• Soldiers from the U.S. 7th Infantry Regiment joined local contractors in cleaning up the roads and repairing broken sewer pipes in Abu-Dashir. At the same time four new substations opened and provide power to the electrical distribution system serving 1.3 million residents of Basrah.
• In Mosel, a substation expansion project has doubled the capacity of a 400kV transmission line to Baghdad and now provides in increase in the amount of power to the entire country. This addition impacts more than 6 million people.
• In the same city, three new police stations have been built and are manned, increasing local security. The main railway station has been completely renovated and is in operation.
• The Iraqi Special Forces Barracks in Baghdad has been completed along with five military company barracks and one senior barracks. Included were utilities consisting of potable water, septic tank and electricity. At the same time it is reported that construction is 95% complete on a 21.9 million dollar public works and water project for the capitol city.

But rather than celebrate the tremendous progress achieved by America's heroes, the press has consistently dumped on their work.
In a study released two weeks ago, the Media Research Center noted:
"Network [news] coverage has been overwhelmingly pessimistic. More than half of all stories (848, or 61%) focused on negative topics or presented a pessimistic analysis of the situation, four times as many as featured U.S. or Iraqi achievements or offered an optimistic assessment (just 211 stories, or 15%)."
By its attempts to trash the U.S. war effort, the press betrays its true feelings about America's heroes - and those feelings have little to do with honoring their sacrifices.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

George Galloway: Caught in a Lie

Well, well, well, appears Mr. Galloway, the blistering and bombastic Liberal MP from England is going to eat his own words. Galloway, accusing the US and UK of wrong doing, is apparently on the wrong side of the law, according to new financial info found.

Galloway is defiant of course.....

Apparently Galloway forgot that the Iraqi Government, under Saddam Hussein, had given him a sizable portion of revenues. Galloway, in 1994, had praised Saddam for standing up to the imperialists (the UK being one of those powers). Galloway will no doubt be torn apart for his hypocrisy. The libs have Tom DeLay, but may not get him. The conservatives have George Galloway, all but pictured with the Oil for Food bribe takers, and doing everything but hiding in the snakehole with Saddam Hussein. Galloway, you are going down.

And I am sure, Christopher Hitchens, will have fun with you, you rat.

And The Liberals Favorite Number is 2000

Yes, the libs are patting themselves on the back, at yet another grim milestone in the War on Terror. 2,000 servicemen and women have been killed in the Iraq War. I imagine Mother Sheehan is relishing this, and no doubt some of the other libs and trolls will enjoy this.

It's no service for our troops, that they bring this up. Rather, to be proven right, above all else.


Yes, and some of you say, go and sign up if you believe in it so much. Well, how about you libs take your advice. Otherwise, shut up and remember these troops died in your place.

Al Franken: Shills Book with Matt Lauer, Rehashes Execution Jokes


Al Franken, aka Stuart Smalldick, strikes again....

Al Franken's Rerun Rove and Libby Execution Remark Draws Laughter From Lauer
Posted by Geoffrey Dickens on October 25, 2005 - 11:45.
On Today, at 8:52am Al Franken was on to promote his new book The Truth and repeated his twisted joke from Friday's Letterman in which he predicted that Rove and Libby will be executed for treason.

Franken's "joke," drew laughter from Matt Lauer and the rest of the Today show studio. The following is just a portion of this morning's interview:
Matt Lauer: "All right, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby what’s their future? What’s your prediction in terms of indictments? Yes or no?"
Franken: "Oh they, they’ll be indicted. I, I am absolutely sure and this is about, of course, the war in Iraq really. It’s about the justification for the war and smearing Joe Wilson by outing his wife who’s a CIA agent. George H.W. Bush, the President’s father, said, as, when he was head of the CIA, that outing a CIA agent is treason. I, I agree. So I think that Rove and Libby will be executed." Lauer laughed along with those in the studio.

Of course Al Franken will not find or point out the federal code of US Constitution Article to back up his claim. And of course, the lemmings and trained seals in the audience clap on cue. NBC was real news? When was this? Lauer you get the Goebbels Award for being a complete and utter tool. You and the morons at CNN must have gone to the same Commie Training school.

And Al, indictments mean, NOTHING. Ask OJ or MJ on indictments. How about Bill Clinton and his perjury and various offenses? Presumption of guilt, does not a verdict make.....

Video excerpt: Real or Windows Media
A complete transcript of the rest of the interview segment, starting with Lauer's reaction to Franken's "execution" line:
Lauer laughing along with others in the studio: "That aside. Given the fact it has a lot to do with the mood in this country and the, and the thought process in this country prior to the war in Iraq how much do you think the average American cares about this story right now? We had James Carville on this morning, said about a two on a scale of 1 to 10. Laura Ingraham said minus one. What do you think?"
Franken: "I think Laura Ingraham is an idiot."

And of course, Al is a gentleman to the Nth. Everyone is an idiot except, you? Screw off Franken, you worthless sack of crap. Franken, you look like the moron that got wedgied in high school. Prove Laura is an idiot. Prove Rush is an idiot. Prove they and their arguments are invalid. Otherwise, shut your stupid freakin mouth.

Lauer chuckling: "Well you don’t have a lot of nice things about a lot of conservatives."
Franken: "Well no but minus, I mean people, I think..."
Lauer: "But how much do you think people care about it?"
Franken: "I think people care, I think people care that people close to the President and the Vice President are, are outing CIA agents and lying and lying before, I think this is, and, and when they get indicted and when people start looking at this it’s gonna be very, very big."
Earlier in the interview Franken drew laughs from in studio when he called the President "incompetent."

And cue the clapping seals, monkeys, and lemmings. Brainless wastes of flesh.

Taking it from the top of the interview here is the conversation:
Lauer gladly reciting the title of Franken's first book: "The liberal voice of Al Franken first came calling when he declared Rush Limbaugh is A Big Fat Idiot, now the political satirist turned radio talk show host has a new book on the shelf simply titled, The Truth With Jokes. Al Franken, good morning. Just a little light reading? That, that by the way in the New York Times, that costs a fortune, that ad."

Lauer is kissing up to get a piece of the revenues. Oh wait, what revenues! Good luck selling that bridge in NY, you sheister.

Al Franken: "Yes, you know that shows exactly how much faith they have in this book."
Lauer: "Yeah?"
[Graphic read: "Laughs From the Left"]
Franken: "Oh yeah."
Lauer: "How are, how are, how are conservatives gonna feel about this book?"
Franken: "They will love it!"
Lauer: "Yeah, you think so?"
Franken: "Yeah well what’s, see the book is prescient. When I was writing the book there were, there were a number of people in this country who thought the President was competent."
[Laughter in the studio]
Franken: "And now, now, now, now we know he’s not and that he is corrupt too so that’s, yeah, yeah?"

Al goes off his meds. Lauer sheepishly nods and agrees....

At the end of the interview Franken couldn't resist joining the rest of the left and many in the media in their ghoulish countdown to 2000 deaths.
Lauer: "You don’t have a solution for the problem we’re in Iraq right now. That fair to say?"
Franken: "That’s very fair to say. We do this on my show, I have a three hour show everyday on Air America and we talk to conservatives and we talk to liberals and we talk to people trying to figure out, ‘cause we’ve been put in a terrible situation there. And we’ve been put in there by this President and they won’t tell us the truth. That’s the problem is that you can’t rely on these guys for the truth. And that’s what’s so important. This is why this isn’t a negative one. This was about trying to smear a guy who is saying they, they didn’t try to buy nuclear material from, from Niger, you’re lying. They lied. So I think that’s kind of important and you can ask the families of the 2000 troops that died how important that is."

And you know the truth? You can tell who lies and who does not. Al, you could care less about the 2000 troops who died. I bet you're gratifying yourself thinking about their deaths. You scum, you fatmouth, you worthless sack of whale feces....

UPDATE 12:59 from Rich Noyes: Matt Lauer just smiled and laughed when Al Franken called for the execution of Karl Rove and Lewis Libby. But a few weeks ago when Pat Robertson called for the assasination of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, an anti-American dictator who has cozied up with Iran’s ayatollahs and Cuba’s communists, Today was outraged enough to lead the show with Robertson’s supposed transgression.
“We fine broadcasters for using four-letter words, we say that’s offensive. So is it offensive to call for the assassination of a world leader?” NBC’s Matt Lauer castigated back on August 23. But a left-wing host calls for the execution of top ranking officials of the executive branch — that’s just a joke, right? Or perhaps Today’s indignant reaction to Pat Robertson was, shall we say, a little “staged.”
Aren't double standards wonderful?
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Al Franken gives up on words
from Jacob Williams' Blog on October 25, 2005 - 13:03
After years of trying to persuade anger sensible americans with his dim wit and half-truths, Al Franken has given up on words and has decided that his only chance for success is to kill them. Apparently execution is the solution he has for some admini...
Franken May Not Be Funny, But His Fans Are A Hoot
from Don Surber on October 25, 2005 - 12:55
UPDATE: Al Franken tells his "joke" about executions again", this time on NBC's "Today show." New Busters has the transcript.

This moron is a rehash of Saturday Night Live, and is not any more funnier than he was back in the day. Franken is the loudmouth of the leftie media, and in need of a serious punch to his mouth....

Chicago Fans: In a Class-less of their own


Biggio's wife slapped at White Sox's ballpark
Guillen issues apology to Astro, condemns fanBy JOSE DE JESUS ORTIZCopyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen issued a public apology on behalf of his organization to Astros second baseman Craig Biggio, whose wife was slapped by a fan in the stands at U.S. Cellular Field.
"I feel like it's our fault, and I talked to (Biggio) about it, and he knows we're sorry," Guillen said. "He knows it was something we couldn't control. It wasn't like a fight. (The fan) hit the lady and left."

No frickin crap, Guillen! Fault? How about your drunken stupid fans? Do you Chicagoites encourage that crap also? Hey, apology is fine, but try and get your fans to act like humans and not crap-tossing ass-apes, OK?

The incident occurred on Sunday night during Game 2 of the 101st World Series at Chicago's ballpark, where several members of the Astros' traveling party were harassed.
"He slapped her and ran," Biggio said of the fan who struck his wife, Patty. "She ran after him. My brother-in-law ended up putting him against the wall. That's pretty sorry."
Asked if Patty had been hurt, Biggio said his New Jersey-raised wife held her own.
"You don't slap a New Jersey girl and get away with it," he said. "That happens sometimes. It's terrible. It's over."

The true side of Chicago, cheap shot takers and punks. Aside from the many fine folks, WHO DID NOTHING TO STOP THIS, this punk was shamed, in PUBLIC. Don't mistake Texans for wusses and whipping boys and girls. We can be nice and polite. Mess with a lady, and we're gonna stomp a serious mudhole in your ass! We got the boots, don't make us use em!And also, this punk is lucky Mrs. Biggio didn't slap him back. She'd probably be able to take that punk apart, alone. See, when you hit Houston women in Chicago, the Houston men, the REAL MEN fight. Keep it up, fuzzballs!

Added Guillen: "I wish she would have grabbed something and broken his head. If that happened to my family, it would have been a big problem. ... People should just go to the game and not bother people next to you, or you're not a White Sox fan or a baseball fan. Just enjoy the game. Drink if you want to drink; just respect the people next to you."
No criminal complaint was made against the fan, according to Chicago police.

What a shame, pepper spray goes so well with bruises and bloody noses. Little punk needs go back to his home, oops jail....

Chicago defendedBiggio, manager Phil Garner, general manager Tim Purpura, catcher Brad Ausmus and several of the Astros were adamant that a few cowardly acts weren't indicative of the White Sox or Chicago fan base.
"The word was that the guy had been gouging her a little bit, pulling her hair and just doing some stupid things, things that are just not necessary," Garner said. "Have your fun. This (World Series) is a great thing for them and a great thing for us. Cheer and be as loud as you want to be and whatever else, but don't do that.
"I can't imagine Patty Biggio ever saying anything that would incite anything, either. I just can't imagine that. Even if she had, there's no excuse."
Despite the incident, Garner said he heard the Astros' traveling party had mostly positive experiences with the fans.

Mostly positive? What a whitewash. Bud Selig, you tool! You and your MLB Commission love painting a rosy pic, as long as your favorite team looks fine! SCREW YOU!

Nonetheless, Guillen did not hide his disgust at the treatment Patty Biggio received.
"On behalf of the White Sox organization, I just don't think we could control that," Guillen said. "But I think the family is a big part of my life. I think especially the kids. And when that happened in the ballpark, you feel you need to be supportive.
"When you're a man and you hit a lady, no matter whose wife it is or whose sister it is, you respect them. But it's something that's tough to control. It happened so quick."

Yeah, they're real sorry. Not....

More harassmentAlthough Patty Biggio was the only Astros wife who was slapped Sunday, she wasn't the only member of the traveling party who was harassed. Ausmus said his wife, Liz, endured some vulgar taunts and a few vulgar hand gestures throughout the night.
"Some of the treatment that the Astros families received at U.S. Cellular Field was a huge black eye for the city of Chicago," Ausmus said. "Now, I understand that's not indicative of all the people in the Chicago area, because I have friends and relatives there.
"I know the people of Chicago are overwhelmingly good people. But if I was from Chicago, I'd be embarrassed by the way the Astros' families were treated by the White Sox fans. My wife didn't get hit or anything, but people flipped her off and were screaming at her."
The attendance at U.S. Cellular Field was announced as 41,432 for Game 2, and the crowd was obviously overwhelmingly in support of the White Sox. With that in mind, Ausmus said there was little the Astros' family members could do in response. "You don't want to get caught in a situation where you're inflaming the masses," Ausmus said. "So I think as an Astros fan at a visiting park, you pretty much have to swallow it."

Yeah, considering Chicago PD would probably jail the Astros for inciting a riot.... Corrupt bastards.

'Bring him to me'Maybe so, but Guillen insinuated that he would have definitely defended anybody in the Astros' traveling party.
"I know the security in Chicago is doing a great job," Guillen said. "And when something happens so quick, you can't blame anybody. And the guy that did it, he should be brought to Biggio, and he's the one that can hopefully get him back.
"I told the police, 'Don't put him in jail. Bring him to me in the dugout.' But hopefully, that won't happen again."
Shortstop Adam Everett heard a little bit about the incident, but he knew more than enough to form his opinion.
"That's real weak," he said. "That's bad. I don't care where you're at, to hit a woman is not good."

Chicago, you got a few cheap calls in your favor, like you did with LA. You may think you're all bad. However, you're coming to our turf now. So while, you may think you're cock of the walk, you're not. You're guests. We can be nice, but the inner Bubba in us can come out and smash you. Watch Roadhouse sometime! Chicago, you're on final notice....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Fed Chair Greenspan's Replacement named.....


Bush Picks Bernanke as New Fed Chief
Monday, October 24, 2005

WASHINGTON — President Bush named Ben Bernanke (search), chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, on Monday as his choice to succeed five-term Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (search).
Calling him one of the most-cited economists in the world, the president said Bernanke has an exceptional character and has done "path-breaking work in the field of monetary policy.
"He's earned a reputation for intellectual rigor and integrity. He commands deep respect in the global financial community. And he will be an outstanding chairman of the Federal Reserve," Bush said.
Speaking in the Oval Office flanked by Bernanke and Greenspan, Bush said Bernanke's credentials are impeccable and his reputation excellent. He also had high praise for the outgoing chairman.
"Ben will replace a legend, Alan Greenspan... For nearly two decades, Chairman Greenspan has shepherded our economy through its highs and lows ... He has dominated his age like no central banker in history. He has contributed a better life for all Americans. And I thank him for his service."
The president made note of the impact the Federal Reserve has across the world, calling it a "symbol of the integrity and the reliability of our financial system." He said Bernanke "is the right man to build on the record Alan Greenspan has established."
For his part, Bernanke said if confirmed by the Senate, his top goal will be to maintain continuity from Greenspan's tenure.
"I will do everything in my power, in collaboration with by Fed colleagues to help assure the continued prosperity and stability of the American economy," said Bernanke, a Harvard educated economist.
"My first priority will be to maintain continuing with the policy and policy strategies under the Greenspan era," Bernanke added.
Responding to the announcement, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he hoped Bernanke's objectives are free of politics.
"I look forward to the confirmation hearings to learn more about Mr. Bernanke's views on how the Federal Reserve should steer our economy free from political influence and interference," said Reid of Nevada. "It will be important that Mr. Bernanke demonstrate that he is committed to guiding the economy to produce results for all Americans rather than promoting partisan policies that benefit special interests and an elite few."
Bernanke, 51, served as a board member for the Fed between August 2002 and his nomination to head the president's economics team in April 2005. A former chairman of Princeton University's economics department, he was last seen with Bush in August at the president's ranch with several economic advisers.
The stock market appeared to like the news of Bernanke's nomination with the Dow Jones industrial average (search) rising nearly 100 points after the news hit and keeping its gains in the early afternoon after the announcement was made.
At the Fed, Bernanke had pushed for the central bank to be more specific in its inflation objectives. Greenspan has opposed setting a numerical target for inflation. The prospective nominee also has championed openness at the Fed — a policy that Greenspan has also advanced prominently.
"Economics is a very difficult subject," Bernanke once said. "I've compared it to trying to learn how to repair a car when the engine is running."
Despite the difficulty of the topic, Bernanke appears to have excelled at economics. A summa cum laude graduate of Harvard University in 1975, he received his doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1979. While studying in Boston, he focused on the economic underpinnings of the Great Depression and the losing track record of the city's beloved baseball team, the Red Sox.
While differing on whether to set a target rate for inflation, Bernanke is considered an ideological partner to Greenspan, often being considered a second source into what Greenspan was thinking.
Greenspan, whose speeches have been known to affect the direction of the stock market in real time, was first appointed by Ronald Reagan (search) in August 1987 to fill an unexpired term. He had said previously he could stay on past the Jan. 31 expiration date of his latest term, but had indicated he would like to retire on time.
If confirmed, Bernanke will have big shoes to fill. Greenspan is considered exceptionally adept at building consensus among the Fed board members and regional bank presidents who make up the 12-member Federal Open Market Committee (search), the group that decides the cost and availability of money and credit in the economy.
The Federal Reserve Board is responsible for developing monetary policy in the United States. The FOMC's most obvious decision-making comes in the form of setting short-term interest rates that affect everything from credit card borrowing to mortgage rates to car loans.
The FOMC has announced 11 consecutive quarter point interest rate hikes since June 2004 in an attempt to stave off inflation coming primarily from energy price increases. The current prime rate is 3.75 percent, not nearly as high as the rate when Greenspan took over 18 years ago.
Greenspan's influence over the direction of monetary policy has led to healthy economic growth in the United States throughout his tenure. Only twice — in 1990-91 following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, and in 2001 after the Sept. 11 terror attacks — has the country turned toward recession.
Greenspan has long been fascinated by economics and monetary policy, running his own company Townsend-Greenspan, which served some of the country's top corporations, and then as chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers during the Ford administration.
He had originally been tapped for that post by Richard Nixon, who resigned before Greenspan took office.
The Fed chairman has been known to wade into the deep waters of economic data, from monthly box car loadings to steel production data to try to determine the future direction of the economy.
He pursued his Fed job in the same way, often calling economists at other agencies to discuss the fine points of the government statistics. He would rise early every morning for a two-hour soak in his bathtub, time he used to devour the latest government statistics and Fed staff memos on the economy.
Greenspan succeeded another Fed legend, Paul Volcker (search), who during his eight years at the Fed had pushed interest rates up to their highest level since the Civil War in a successful effort to break a decade-long bout of inflation — but also pushed the country into the deep 1981-82 recession.
Greenspan never had to resort to pushing interest rates so high, mainly because during his tenure inflation never soared to the double-digit rates that Volcker confronted. One of Greenspan's biggest impacts to the market was, beginning in 1996, to announce on the day of the FOMC's meeting whether it had changed interest rates.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Thank Freakin God! About time this Queer Eye crap, finally wore off!,6903,1598631,00.html

Metrosexual man bows to red-blooded übersexuals Paul Harris in New YorkSunday October 23, 2005The Observer
It's good news for traditional American men. The metrosexual is dead: long live the übersexual.
After dominating US style and fashion for several years, the ideal of the modern male as someone who cared about fashion and skin care as much as a woman did is about to be swept aside by a return to old-fashioned, masculine values: fine wines, cigars and red-blooded heterosexuality.
'Ubersexuals are confident, masculine and stylish, and committed to uncompromising quality in all areas of life,' said Marian Salzman, co-author of a new book, The Future of Men
Salzman, a vice-president of the global advertising firm JWT, is the trend-spotter who first promoted the rise of the metrosexual, a term lauded and derided in equal measure, as it described a new sort of man who aped women's tastes.
Now, however, maleness has hit back, she says. While metrosexuals were obsessed with self-image and lifestyle, the übersexual is politically aware and passionate about real world causes. The metrosexual has women who are his best friends, while the übersexual respects women but retains men as his closest confidants. The metrosexual grooms his hair: the übersexual grooms his mind. The metrosexual reads Vogue and Cosmo, the übersexual the Economist and the New Yorker.
Celebrity metrosexuals include Jude Law, Orlando Bloom and David Beckham, whose good looks can be seen as slightly womanly.
Their übersexual counterparts include George Clooney, Donald Trump, Pierce Brosnan and Bill Clinton, who are fashionable and wear tasteful clothes, but are unashamedly masculine, not least in their often complicated and very heterosexual lifestyles. Salzman's book proclaims the world's leading übersexual as the rock star and anti-poverty campaigner Bono.
But all this is unlikely to provide much comfort for the ordinary man, who is now being told to dump his feminine side and try to become an alpha male.
'Ubersexuals are the most attractive and compelling men of their generations. They are confident, masculine and stylish,' she said.
Even so, any men hoping that drinking beer and watching football on TV will be back in vogue have had their ambitions dashed.
The Future of Men warns that being an übersexual is not a licence for bad behaviour. 'Ubersexuals do not give into the stereotypes that give guys a bad name, such as disrespect towards women, emotional emptiness, ignorance of anything outside sports, beer and burgers,' said Salzman.
Ubersexuality has caused a stir in areas of American cultural life not normally bothered by fashion trends. Rush Limbaugh, the notorious 'shock jock', recently mused that übersexuals sounded rather like him. 'This is what men were before feminism came and neutered them,' he thundered.
Salzman probably did not have Limbaugh in mind. But some female commentators - and probably many other women - are celebrating the passing of the metrosexual. 'What woman wants to compete with a man for mirror time?' asked Jenice Armstrong, a columnist on the Philadelphia Daily News .
· The Future of Men is published by Palgrave Macmillan at £14.99

Cindy Sheehan and supposed pro-peacers overjoyed at 2000 dead in Iraq

Salivate, celebrate, and ejaculate. That's what these libs do when they hear our troops die. Bet Casey Sheehan is proud of his mom now.....not.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Cindy Sheehan, the military mother who made her son's death in Iraq a rallying point for the anti-war movement, plans to tie herself to the White House fence to protest the milestone of 2,000 U.S. military deaths in Iraq.
"I'm going to go to Washington, D.C. and I'm going to give a speech at the White House, and after I do, I'm going to tie myself to the fence and refuse to leave until they agree to bring our troops home," Sheehan said in a telephone interview last week as the milestone approached.
"And I'll probably get arrested, and when I get out, I'll go back and do the same thing," she said.

The Media Whore wants more attention. What's the matter Cindy? Did the hurricanes and judicial nominations take your coverage? No big pics of your son to exploit?

Yeah, that's a lady to proud of. Here's the photo album, here's Granny with your dad. Here's your dead's tombstone, and here's Granny being hauled off in cuffs by DC Cops and Secret Service. Oh, here's Granny being maced and tazed, we hope.....

She sounds so mournful over the dead, too bad she relishes her speeches. Yeah, she's doing this for Casey. Not a book deal (register rings). Not for media attention (register). Not for inflating her own pathetic and bitter life. (foghorn)

There's more, of course......

The American Friends Service Committee was helping coordinate activists to protest the Iraq war.
"On the day after the 2,000th reported U.S. military death in Iraq, people will gather in communities across the U.S. to say that the countries pro-peace majority wants Congress to stop the deaths by stopping the dollars that are funding the war," a coalition of anti-war groups said online at
"The clock has stopped ticking for 2,000 Americans in Iraq, and once again there is a media craze, another reason for people to pay closer attention to the human cost of a lie, but for how long this time?" said Camilo Mejia, an Iraq combat veteran who served a year in prison for refusing to return to the war in Iraq.

And because of Mejia, someone else went to Iraq and probably got wounded or shot at. Kind of like the Vietnam draft dodgers who fled to Canada, and ensured someone else to die in their stead. Brave liberals? I think not. Hey Mejia, KP duty doesn't count as service, you leftard.

Human cost of a lie, how unoriginal. Bush lied, troops died. Bush lied, troops died. Didn't they use similar chants in, um, VIETNAM? Morons!

"Perhaps it's time for the American public to realize that each death counts, American, Iraqi or otherwise," Mejia said in a statement.
Another anti-war group, Peace Action, called on Congress to pull troops out of Iraq.
"Bush's insistence on continued military occupation feeds the insurgency. Congress must now take the leadership role in bringing our troops home," said Kevin M. Martin, executive director of Peace Action.

Congress isn't pulling out of Iraq. We pulled out of Vietnam, and that country and Cambodia collapsed and genocide ensued. We left Somalia and see how great they're doing (sarcasm). Let's finish what we start in Iraq, OK?

Had we left Europe in 1948, to fend for itself, and not rebuilt, where would the US and the world be? Had we not rebuilt Japan or fought in Korea, where would Asia be? Had we tucked tail and ran, like these COWARDS demand we do, would we still be speaking English, or enjoying our freedoms? No. The Quislings could care less about Iraq or it's free peoples. They care about political capital and nothing more.

Pro-peace, in a pig's eye.

Another Frickin Hurricane!!!

Florida, is getting beat more than a rented mule. Sheesh.....

Slapped more than Paris Hilton's..... not gonna go there.


Florida, hang in there, we're praying for y'all.

Al Franken: Shoot Em All! Forget Innocent Til Proven Guilty!

Well, Stuart Smalleybrain is at it again. He and the other angry radicals at Air-head America are making more Death to Bush and Death to The White House overtures. Didn't they learn when Randi Rhodes made her assassination joke? Or when she marked a Christmas tree a few years back?

Apparently not.....

David Letterman: “The feeling was that this report made the administration's decision to go to war look bad-”
Al Franken: “Right. So they wanted to smear the guy who came back with the report, and so they out his wife and said she sent him there. This is essentially, you know, George H.W. Bush, the President's father, was the head of the CIA and he has said that outing a CIA agent is treason.”
Letterman: “It is treason, yes.”
Franken: “And so basically, what it looks like is going to happen is that Libby and Karl Rove are going to be executed."
[audience laughter over Letterman’s response]
Letterman, in mock indignation: “What? What! Really?”
Franken cautioned: “Yeah. And I don't know how I feel about it because I'm basically against the death penalty, but they are going to be executed it looks like.” A bit later:
Letterman quipped: “The real crime is that there's an adult man walking around in the current administration named Scooter. I mean, we can agree on that, right?” [Audience laughter]
Franken combined the liberal spin on the case with some humor: “That, but sooner or later he'll be executed, so that, and you worry about because the President at some, he said right away when Novak outed the CIA agent, Plame, said 'I want to get to the bottom of this.’ Well now Karl Rove is his right-hand man. Did he ask Karl? Did Karl lie to him? If so, we know he should have fired Karl by now so that, and did Karl tell the truth to him? In that case the President -- and I think, by the way, that we should never ever, ever, ever execute a sitting President.” [Audience laughter]
Letterman: “It makes us look bad around the world, I think.”
Franken, in jest: “It would. It would be heartbreaking, I think, and I think that we should have a constitutional amendment.”
Letterman: “I see, yeah. Have we ever come close in the history to executing a seated President?”
Franken: “No, this will be the closest.”
Letterman: “This will be the closest, yeah.”
Franken: “Unless we get that amendment passed now.”

And if someone called for Clinton to be hanged or shot for his eight years of incompetence, it'd be a worse outcry. Lapdog Letterman and Four Eyed Fascist Franken make a lovely couple.

Passing an amendment for execution? I believe there are no amendments, Mr. Constitutional Scholar. Now there are articles and federal codes declaring executions for capital murder, treason, piracy, and terrorism. None for Presidents. Wishful thinking I believe. And more proof that Al Franken's unfunniness is festering into blind rage. Ask the heckler at the Howard Dean event Al assulted.

Al and Dave, schmucks.

Prussian Blue: Hitler's Little Pop Singers


As if you think pop singing and kids aren't strange enough, check out the article on the above group. These two may look like the Olsen twins, but you hear their songs and they are Triumph of The Will all the way.....

Here's their reasoning on their name......

Known as "Prussian Blue" — a nod to their German heritage and bright blue eyes — the girls from Bakersfield, Calif., have been performing songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds since they were nine.
"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race."
Lynx and Lamb have been nurtured on racist beliefs since birth by their mother April. "They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening," said April, a stay-at-home mom who no longer lives with the twins' father. "I'm going to give them, give them my opinion just like any, any parent would."

White and proud? How about just being Americans, you freaks? Hmmmmm? My grandpa was white and he spent a year in Europe, kicking Nazi ass so this crap would be dead and buried. Well, sadly, to quote Shakespeare, the evil that men do lives past them, and is NOT interred with their bones. Or to quote German playwright Berthold Brecht after WWII- "Rejoice not men, though we have fought a war and slew this bastard, the bitch that bore him is in again in heat....."

Yes, the Nazis are now back and they're breeding them younger and younger. Kind of like the Hitler Youth. Prussian Blue? Oddly enough, while they want more Prussian Blue, the gas chambers in the death camps have a blue tint inside them. It's Prussian blue also, but not from paint, rather the chemical stain and residue from the Zyklon B that Hitler's SS used in gassing over 6 Million Jews, men, women, and children......

Oh it gets worse......

Songs like "Sacrifice" — a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer — clearly show the effect of the girls' upbringing. The lyrics praise Hess as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up."
"It really breaks my heart to see those two girls spewing out that kind of garbage," said Ted Shaw, civil rights advocate and president of the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund — though Shaw points out that the girls aren't espousing their own opinions but ones they're being taught.

Normally, me and the NAACP butt heads on candidates and policies, but me and them agree, this is some sick twisted stuff coming out.

And yes, they helped Katrina Victims, but had a special earmark for their donations. That's right, whites only......

A Place to Call Home
Despite the success of Prussian Blue and bands like Max Resist within the White Nationalism movement, most Americans don't accept their racist message.
Like many children across the country, Lamb and Lynx decided to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina — the white ones.
The girls' donations were handed out by a White Nationalist organization who also left a pamphlet promoting their group and beliefs — some of the intended recipients were more than a little displeased.
After a day of trying, the supplies ended up with few takers, dumped at a local shop that sells Confederate memorabilia.
Last month, the girls were scheduled to perform at the local county fair in their hometown. But when some people in the community protested, Prussian Blue was removed from the line-up.
But even before that, April had decided that Bakersfield was not "white" enough, so she sold her home, and hopes that she and the girls can find an all-white community in the Pacific Northwest.

They're in California and they hate diversity? WTF are they on? California is NOT the place to go to be a white supremacist. And no, Texas, is not a place either. Houston would probably be non white enough, since we have a large Hispanic and black population. These two kids are sick.....

Sick, I tell ya.....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Able Danger Military Group: Stopped from Preventing 9/11, Cole Bombing, etc.


"Able Danger" & 9/11 Foreknowledgeby William F. JasperOctober 31, 2005The ongoing coverup concerning the secret Able Danger operation provides further evidence that the "war on terror" is a farce.
There was nothing in outward appearance to draw attention to the four-bedroom apartment at 54 Marienstrasse. Nonetheless, the attention of the intelligence services of Germany, the U.S., Israel, and other Middle Eastern and European countries had been drawn to the nondescript flat in Hamburg, Germany, as early as 1998. That was when Mohammed Atta signed the lease and he and Ramzi bin al Shibh moved in. Soon thereafter, it was identified by intelligence agencies as a target of interest. It became known as the hub of al-Qaeda's "Hamburg Cell."
Over the next two and a half years, dozens of al-Qaeda operatives, including Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the reputed 9/11 "mastermind," passed through the 54 Marienstrasse apartment. Twenty-nine al-Qaeda recruits from the Middle East or Northern Africa listed it as their registered address. Mohammed Atta would later be labeled, after the fact, as the "ringleader" of the 9/11 terrorists who hijacked four jetliners to use as missiles against targets in New York City and Washington, D.C. Atta is believed to have been the suicide pilot who flew American Airlines Flight 11 into the north tower of the World Trade Center. His Hamburg roommate, Ramzi bin al Shibh, captured in Pakistan in 2002, has been described by U.S. officials as the al-Qaeda "coordinator and paymaster" for 9/11. In the months leading up to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terror network were under intense scrutiny by intelligence services worldwide.
Cover Story Wearing Thin
Over the past several years, as more and more evidence has come out, it has grown more and more difficult for U.S. government officials to sustain the cover story that they had no way of anticipating the attacks. As it turns out, U.S. intelligence agencies and their foreign counterparts were almost tripping over each other as they shadowed the al-Qaeda network across the face of the planet. The FBI and CIA were tracking al-Qaeda operatives and their activities in the U.S. and overseas. The National Security Agency (NSA) was intercepting and recording the telephone calls of many al-Qaeda operatives, including Osama bin Laden himself. More recently, it has come to light that a super-secret Pentagon operation, known as "Able Danger," was also tracking and monitoring al-Qaeda. Using advanced computer "data mining" capabilities, the Able Danger team reportedly identified Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Khalid al-Midhar, and Nawaf al-Hazmi as members of an al-Qaeda cell code-named "Brooklyn" because of its connections to New York City.
According to Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), in September 2000 the Able Danger team initiated at least three separate efforts to get its information on the hijackers to the FBI "so they could bring that cell in and take out the terrorists." That was one year before 9/11. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Schaffer, one of the principal members of Able Danger, has stated in interviews given this past August that Able Danger had identified five al-Qaeda cells, including two of the three cells that ultimately would be used to pull off the 9/11 terror attacks. Lt. Col. Schaffer set up one Able Danger/FBI meeting in the fall of 2000. It was canceled — as were all other efforts to inform the FBI — per orders from higher-ups in the Department of Defense.
Was the intelligence developed by Able Danger of sufficient quality, specificity, and credibility that it could have and should have been used to prevent the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., that claimed almost 3,000 lives? We don't know the answer to that question since the executive branch has been blocking efforts by Congress and the public to gain access to information about Able Danger. This much we do know: first, the Clinton administration in 2000 and then the Bush administration in 2001 failed to heed the Able Danger warnings on al-Qaeda. Moreover, Clinton administration officials ordered the main Able Danger files destroyed in 2000; Bush administration officials ordered Lt. Col. Schaffer's duplicate Able Danger files destroyed in 2004. Both the Clinton administration and the Bush administration have attempted to cover up the existence of Able Danger and its findings. The official, bipartisan 9/11 Commission also covered up the existence of this operation and its findings. In recent months, members of the Able Danger team who have spoken out have been subjected to official harassment and intimidation. Considerable effort is being expended by Donald Rumsfeld's minions in the Defense Department to keep all information about this operation under wraps.
The first major exposure of Able Danger came on June 27 of this year, when Rep. Curt Weldon, who is vice chairman of the Armed Services Committee and the Homeland Security Committee, delivered a 45-minute speech on the House floor outlining the nature of the operation and the data it had developed on al-Qaeda prior to 9/11. Since then, Operation Able Danger has been the subject of growing controversy and intense international interest. Congressional hearings on Able Danger were scheduled, postponed, and rescheduled. Finally, on September 21, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a long-awaited hearing on Able Danger. It was a letdown; the Pentagon blocked the star witnesses from testifying. Able Danger team members James D. Smith and Lt. Col. Schaffer sat mute in the audience, prevented from testifying by the Bush/Rumsfeld Defense Department. Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and other committee members, both Republicans and Democrats, angrily accused the Defense Department of obstructing the Senate's investigation.
Stung by the congressional criticism and the unfavorable public and media reaction to its stonewalling and obstruction, the Pentagon suddenly became cooperative — or so it seemed. On September 23, Senator Specter announced that new Able Danger hearings had been rescheduled for October 5 and that now the Pentagon would allow the witnesses to testify. However, Mark Zaid, the attorney for Schaffer and Smith, said the Defense Department had told him that his clients would not be allowed to testify. Mr. Zaid turned out to be correct. The October 5 hearings were canceled. When THE NEW AMERICAN contacted Mr. Zaid on October 5, he expressed the hope that there would still be hearings before the end of the year, but he had no idea when they might be.
Unfettered hearings in which Able Danger members are allowed to testify freely might provide useful information about al-Qaeda as well as about who was responsible — in both the Clinton and Bush administrations — for failing to heed the warnings of the Able Danger staff. However, there are some false assumptions underlying the arguments of Rep. Weldon and other advocates of Able Danger. Chief among these is the assumption that if only the FBI and the CIA had been given Able Danger's data on the al-Qaeda cells, they would have "taken out" the terrorists — either overseas or in the U.S. — prior to 9/11.
This line of argument dovetails with the standard conclusion of virtually every other official "investigation," to wit, 9/11 was an "intelligence failure" that demonstrated "lack of coordination and cooperation" among U.S. agencies. And the solution to this problem, we have been told, is to reward incompetence by giving the agencies involved still larger budgets and more manpower, and to combine them all together in a new gargantuan super-bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security.
However, as we noted above and will detail further below, the failure to "take out" the al-Qaeda cells before the deadly 9/11 attacks was not due to a lack of information. Whatever useful data Able Danger might have been able to offer concerning Mohammed Atta and his associates would have been superfluous. The FBI and CIA had been tracking the al-Qaeda 9/11 conspirators very closely for years — both in the U.S. and overseas, using both technical means and human intelligence. Dedicated FBI and CIA field operatives had warned their superiors repeatedly and had urged them to authorize the arrest of the terrorists. Those sensible pleas by agents in the field were rejected repeatedly by decision makers at the top levels of the federal government. Even worse, as we will show, co-conspirators with the 9/11 terrorists have been allowed to remain free and roaming at large in the United States. Many U.S. decision makers, instead of being penalized for their failures (or worse) in regard to 9/11, have received promotions! The agents who tried to warn and protect the country have been muzzled.
Disturbing Pattern
The continuity of coverup and conspiracy from the Clinton administration to the Bush administration to suppress Able Danger follows a disturbing pattern that is demonstrated in these cases directly related to 9/11:
• Hamburg Cell. Mohammed Atta, Ramzi bin al Shibh, and their roommates in Hamburg came under surveillance by German intelligence and the CIA in 1998 because of their association with al-Qaeda operatives in Hamburg who had been linked to the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Those operatives included Mamoun Darkazanli, Mohammad Haidar Zammar, Said Bahaji, and Mounir al-Motassadek. The CIA station chief in Hamburg, Tom Volz, who posed as a U.S. embassy employee, actually tried to recruit Darkazanli as an informant in late 1999 and 2000. CIA agent David Edger shadowed the Hamburg Cell for several years, before returning to the U.S. in 2001 to take a professorship of political science at Oklahoma University at Norman, coincidentally, just a few blocks from an apartment where an al-Qaeda cell operated that included 9/11 terrorists Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Zacarias Moussaoui.
• San Diego Cell. Even the 9/11 Commission Report, which whitewashed federal government failures, acknowledged that the failure to identify hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Midhar when they entered the U.S. was one of the biggest "lost opportunities." The CIA had tracked both men to the "secret" al-Qaeda planning meeting for 9/11 in Malaysia, where they and other participants were photographed and videotaped by the CIA and Malaysian intelligence. The FBI claims that the CIA didn't inform them about the two men, so they had no way of knowing about them.
That won't wash. Available evidence shows the FBI had multiple tails on the duo in San Diego, where Hazmi and Midhar lived with former San Diego State professor Abdussattar Shaikh, an acknowledged longtime undercover asset of the FBI! What's more, the two terrorists had regular contacts with several other area jihadists who had long been under FBI surveillance, including Omar al-Bayoumi, an agent of the Saudi government whom federal authorities acknowledge as a primary financial conduit for Hazmi and Midhar. Hazmi worked (illegally) at a San Diego convenience store/gas station owned by Osama Mustafa, a militant who had been under FBI surveillance since 1994 because of his violent threats and his membership in the PLO and PFLP terrorist groups.
These and a host of other red flags had caused FBI Agent Stephen Butler to press his superiors to take action against Hazmi and Midhar, but they refused. "He saw a pattern, a trail, and he told his supervisors, but it ended there," said one congressional investigator of Butler's predicament. FBI officials have blocked Butler from testifying before any of the 9/11 investigations.
• Phoenix Cell. FBI informant Aukai Collins, who monitored Middle East terrorist suspects for the FBI for four years in Phoenix, claims to have told the FBI about 9/11 hijacker Hani Hanjour while Hanjour was in flight training in Phoenix. Collins said the FBI knew Hanjour lived in Phoenix, knew his exact address, his phone number, and even what car he drove. "They knew everything about the guy," Collins claims. In July 2001, Phoenix FBI agent Ken Williams sent an electronic memo to FBI headquarters in Washington outlining his investigation into area flight schools that led him to believe al-Qaeda may be using U.S. flight schools to train terrorists as pilots. He recommended that the FBI should conduct an investigation of flight schools nationally to see if this was happening. His memo was never acted on.
• Brooklyn Cell. The official 9/11 Commission Report has this to say about Ali Mohamed and his terrorist cell: "As early as December 1993, a team of al Qaeda operatives had begun casing targets in Nairobi for future attacks. It was led by Ali Mohamed, a former Egyptian army officer who had moved to the United States in the mid-1980s, enlisted in the U.S. Army, and became an instructor at Fort Bragg. He had provided guidance and training to extremists at the Farouq mosque in Brooklyn, including some who were subsequently convicted in the February 1993 attack on the World Trade Center." Known as "Al Qaeda's California connection," Mohamed worked for the FBI's Sacramento office, while training terrorists and escorting top al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on a fundraising tour of the Golden State in 1995.
Mohamed pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in 2000 and was held in U.S. custody. Incredibly, he has been released and is now again on the streets. He can hardly be anything except a government agent provocateur.
• Minnesota. Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called "20th hijacker," would have gotten away scot-free if FBI officials in Washington had had their way. Thanks to FBI field agents like Coleen Rowley, who tenaciously dug in their heels on the issue, he was not released and was still in custody when the 9/11 attacks occurred.
• Norman Cell. In addition to Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Zacarias Moussaoui, the al-Qaeda cell that operated out of Norman, Oklahoma, included convicted felon Melvin Lattimore, a convert to militant Islam who now goes by the name Majahid Abdulquaadir Menepta.
Mr. Lattimore/Menepta's credit card was used to help finance the 1993 World Trade Center bombing masterminded by Ramzi Yousef. He was identified by an FBI informant as a top suspect in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and was identified by witnesses interviewed by this magazine as being in the company of Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. Menepta's roommate Hussain al-Attas drove Moussaoui to Minnesota. According to FBI documents, 9/11 hijacker Salem al-Hazmi was also seen at Menepta's apartment, and when FBI agents visited the apartment three weeks before 9/11, they saw several men fleeing through the back door of the apartment. The airline ticket for 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah (United Airlines Flight 93) was purchased from an Oklahoma University computer terminal just a few blocks from Menepta's apartment.
Like Ali Mohamed, Mr. Lattimore/Menepta is almost certainly a federal agent provocateur. As we have reported in a previous article ("Al-Qaeda's OKC-9/11 Ties," July 26, 2004), it is almost impossible rationally to explain his record in any other way. When Menepta was picked up and prosecuted, it was for only a minor weapons violation. He was sentenced to a few months in prison and is now back on the streets. Thus, a man who has been tied to the three most important terrorist attacks in U.S. history — 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC, and 9/11 — has been purposely set loose.
The current coverup of the terrorist bombing in Norman, Oklahoma, outside the stadium during the Oklahoma University-Kansas State football game on October 1 is yet another wake-up call. The 85,000 fans inside the stadium — and a national television audience — were the intended targets. Fortunately, the suicide bomber was unable to get inside the stadium and took only his own life. However, federal authorities have rushed to cover up all evidence that the bombing was a terrorist effort involving foreign nationals.
The official story is that the bomber was a mentally unstable student, Joel Henry Hinrichs III, with no ties to Islamic jihadists. However, news organizations and confidential sources in Oklahoma have challenged that account, producing contradictory evidence showing that Hinrichs was indeed involved with a ring of Pakistanis who were Islamic fanatics. (See article on page 19.)
Time for Truth, Not Partisan Politics
Predictably, Republicans and Democrats are both trying to use the Able Danger revelations for partisan purposes, to portray the opposition as weak and irresponsible on terrorism and national security. But like the Oklahoma football bombing and a number of other incidents, the ongoing Able Danger stonewalling demonstrates a continuity of pernicious policy that transcends party lines.
According to Rep. Weldon, two weeks after 9/11 he was provided with data from Able Danger that included "an extensive analysis chart of Al Qaeda, which I immediately took to the White House and personally delivered to then-Deputy National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley. Mr. Hadley was extremely interested in the chart and said that he would take it to the President."
During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 21, Rep. Weldon said: "And I can tell you this — I talked to Mr. Hadley three months ago when I briefed him on another issue, and I said, remember that chart that I gave you? And he said, yes, I remember it." However, Mr. Hadley, who has since been promoted to national security adviser, has been mum on the issue of that meeting.
One of the peripheral issues that has become a main bone of contention in the whole matter is whether or not the chart provided to Hadley actually included a photo of Mohammed Atta. According to Lt. Col. Schaffer and other Able Danger team members, the chart (roughly four-and-a-half feet by five feet) included a photo of Atta and showed his linkage to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the blind sheik Omar Abdul-Rahman, who was convicted and sent to prison on bombing conspiracy charges.
The Pentagon's story on the chart evolved through several stages. Initially, Defense Department officials claimed that there was no evidence that a chart ever existed. Then the chart's existence was acknowledged, but it was alleged that the data on it was non-specific. Then it was asserted that the chart had not included a photo of Atta. But on September 2, Rep. Weldon announced that on the previous day he had been to a Pentagon briefing in which officials "confirmed that five credible witnesses did see the 9/11 ringleader, Mohammad Atta, in data produced by Able Danger prior to the 9/11 attacks."
That "official" line could change again, of course, if an investigation proceeds. But Lt. Col. Schaffer and other Able Danger members are being pressured to drop the matter.
Likely as a penalty for not keeping silent, Schaffer's security clearance has been revoked. In October 2003, while stationed in Afghanistan, Schaffer briefed Philip Zelikow, the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, and other Commission staff members on Able Danger. According to Schaffer, Zelikow stated that this was very important information, gave Schaffer his card, and told him to get back in touch when he returned to Washington, D.C. However, Schaffer says that when he called Zelikow's office in January 2004 to set up an appointment, he was given the brush off. When he called again, he was told Dr. Zelikow had all the information he needed on Able Danger and there was no need for a meeting. Shortly thereafter he was hit out of the blue with charges that he had run up unauthorized telephone charges, to the tune of $67. According to Schaffer, the Pentagon spent "in our estimation $400,000 to investigate all these issues simply to drum up this information." That fits a pattern of retaliation against other government whistleblowers who have been faced with similar charges.
Many additional examples could be cited to amplify this pattern. It is a pattern that reflects not incompetence or "lack of coordination" but something much worse. It is a pattern of conscious, purposeful action aimed at thwarting those who are tasked with defending America in the "war on terror." It is a pattern that is being carried out by policymakers at the highest levels of our government, and it is time to ask why.

Plame's Flame: US is Another Imperialist Country

Joseph Wilson, husband of outed CIA agent, speaks at SF State
Says U.S. troops should only be used for training and air support

By Brian Babcock, Tribune CorrespondentInside Bay Area
SAN FRANCISCO - American troops should be taken out of combat and used in limited ways only, such as training Iraqi troops and giving air support, Joseph Wilson, husband of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame, said Tuesday night at San Francisco State's McKenna Theatre.

Can't wait to hear his military expertise. His years in the field. Medals he got. Weapons he's fired. Oh wait, Moron Boy, never did any of that. Joe, take a nice cup of Shutthehellup....

Wilson has found himself in the center of a Washington, D.C. investigation into who leaked the fact Wilson's wife was an undercover CIA agent. He believes that information was leaked to the press in retaliation for an article he wrote in the New York Times saying the Bush administration lied about Saddam Hussein's efforts to buy uranium from Niger.

And this watchdog, couldn't find yellow cake, if he followed Michael Moore through a buffet line. Retaliation? Hardly.

``It is in the DNA of the people in (the Bush) administration to go after anyone who questions them,'' Wilson told the audience of about 200 people. During his speech Wilson outlined what he said were lies that the Bush administration fed to American citizens as a way to sell the idea of going to war with Iraq.

Waaaaaah. It's in their blood? Are we a biologist also? Let me think, no.

``(Neo-conservatives) wanted to turn this country into an empire,'' Wilson said of intentions by those who pushed for war on Iraq after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Name the colonies we occupy. Name the people we're enslaving. Name the colonial governors..... Wait, that was the British Empire, the French Empire, and others who DREW UP Iraq after WWI. The US is not an empire, no matter how much this conspiracy theorist would love it to be. Prove it, Joe. Otherwise, taken another cup of Shutthehellup.

Wilson, a former ambassador to Iraq and 23-year veteran in foreign diplomacy, told how he had been called a hero by the first President Bush. He was subsequently asked by the Bush administration in 2002 to check intelligence reports that Niger had sold uranium to Iraq for use in nuclear weapons. Wilson's investigation into those allegations showed they were false, a conclusion that other high-intelligence investigators also came to.

And later disproving something, means leaving it unturned would be safer in the future? What if they had the nuke material? Care to comment Embassador Wilson?

However, in 2003 President Bush gave a State of the Union address that said the British government had found evidence that Iraq had tried to attain uranium from Africa. In defiance of the administration, Wilson wrote the op-ed piece for the New York Times stating that he knew of no evidence for the claim.

And the NY Slimes is all over this, probably let Jayson Blair do the fact checks....

He said his decision to ``tell the truth'' was not heroic, but what any good American would do. ``This is what democracy is all about. We have to be vigilant in holding our government responsible for what it does in the name of the American people. Don't let anyone tell you that the U.S. government believed the bullshit they were dishing out.''

What an educated man you are Joe! Wow, couldn't use boulderdash, hogwash, chicanery, or so on? Way to use your vocab there, Joe! Of course, it's fine for libs to swear, but God forbid a conservative ever slip up in public.

Wilson was at times sentimental; at other times angry and even funny. He characterized himself as a ``patriotic American'' who worked 18-hour days in the weeks before the Persian Gulf War, making sure that Americans were safe and that Saddam Hussein knew that America would wage war against Iraq if he didn't get out of Kuwait.

Really? Care to tell us what you did and for how long?

America then had the support of the world, a support that grew after 9/11 when ``we had the support of the entire planet.'' Now, he said, he was ``ashamed'' to see his country had turned into ``just another imperial power who has unleashed the dogs of war.''

Wilson is sad that the Eurotrash and sheikh park trash aren't inviting Americans to their suares. Dogs of War? And he even rips of Shakespeare. How poetic.

Besides pulling troops out of Iraq, Wilson said Americans should stop killing Sunni Arabs and bring in other countries to form a coalition to solve the Iraqi situation as peacefully as possible to prevent the country from further devolving into civil war, stabilizing the entire area.

Yes, Joe, let's stop killing terrorists. Let's let the headcutters and bombers go free. I'm sure they'll change on your say-so. Stabilization takes more than a couple of years. Anyone recall The Marshall Plan, or rebuilding Japan?

He said he hoped that the Iraqi constitution vote had failed, not because he wanted to see the administration fail but because he believed a negative vote would cause America and others to rethink their strategy and ``go back to the drawing board.''
``I fear what the administration will do is declare victory and move on,'' Wilson said. ``That will just institutionalize the violence in the country.''

Yada yada yada....

Some in the audience urged him to run for political office. But Wilson said he'd been a true child of the 1960s and had ``too many wives and taken too many drugs. And, yes, I did inhale.''
But he said he remained fueled by the optimism of the 1960s and the belief that America could ``once again become a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.''

And this guy is a beacon of hope? How? What office would take this liar?


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


And for those of you who stayed up to watch, HOUSTON IS GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!


Tom DeLay to be booked

Well, since the liberal crybabies, wanted this. Here's Tom DeLay, being sworn a warrant against him. And that's as far as this circus will go. Remember, innocent til proven guilty, you presumptuous bunch of liberal poodles....


Texas Court Issues Warrant for DeLayOct 19 2:27 PM US/Eastern Email this story

By SUZANNE GAMBOAAssociated Press Writer
A Texas court on Wednesday issued a warrant for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's arrest, and set an initial $10,000 bail as a routine step before his first court appearance on conspiracy and state money laundering charges.

And of course, OJ, Robert Blake, and others were given higher bail. This is gonna go nowhere, fast....

Travis County court officials said DeLay was ordered to appear at the Fort Bend County, Texas, jail for booking, where he'd likely be fingerprinted and photographed. DeLay's lawyers had hoped to avoid such a spectacle.

Fingerprinted, booked, does not make a man guilty. That's up to trial jury and the judge. This is America, til the libs get their way.

The warrant, known as a capias, is "a matter of routine and bond will be posted," DeLay attorney Dick DeGuerin said.
The lawyer declined to say when DeLay would surrender to authorities but said the lawmaker would make his first court appearance Friday morning.

Well, DeLay will not dodge this like Clinton did his impeachment. Unlike say, some congressman who killed their intern, DeLay left his seat rather than disgrace it.

The charges against the Texas Republican stem from allegations that a DeLay-founded Texas political committee funneled corporate money into state GOP legislative races through the National Republican Party.

Led by DNC stalwart, and victim of redistricting, Chris Bell, former Congressman, and sour grapes advocate. Reap what you sew, you Democrats, ya!