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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tom DeLay to be booked

Well, since the liberal crybabies, wanted this. Here's Tom DeLay, being sworn a warrant against him. And that's as far as this circus will go. Remember, innocent til proven guilty, you presumptuous bunch of liberal poodles....


Texas Court Issues Warrant for DeLayOct 19 2:27 PM US/Eastern Email this story

By SUZANNE GAMBOAAssociated Press Writer
A Texas court on Wednesday issued a warrant for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's arrest, and set an initial $10,000 bail as a routine step before his first court appearance on conspiracy and state money laundering charges.

And of course, OJ, Robert Blake, and others were given higher bail. This is gonna go nowhere, fast....

Travis County court officials said DeLay was ordered to appear at the Fort Bend County, Texas, jail for booking, where he'd likely be fingerprinted and photographed. DeLay's lawyers had hoped to avoid such a spectacle.

Fingerprinted, booked, does not make a man guilty. That's up to trial jury and the judge. This is America, til the libs get their way.

The warrant, known as a capias, is "a matter of routine and bond will be posted," DeLay attorney Dick DeGuerin said.
The lawyer declined to say when DeLay would surrender to authorities but said the lawmaker would make his first court appearance Friday morning.

Well, DeLay will not dodge this like Clinton did his impeachment. Unlike say, some congressman who killed their intern, DeLay left his seat rather than disgrace it.

The charges against the Texas Republican stem from allegations that a DeLay-founded Texas political committee funneled corporate money into state GOP legislative races through the National Republican Party.

Led by DNC stalwart, and victim of redistricting, Chris Bell, former Congressman, and sour grapes advocate. Reap what you sew, you Democrats, ya!


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