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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Democrats Cancel Veterans Day



Veterans Day event canceled in Berkeley; political concerns cited
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - (KRT) - Berkeley's Veterans Day ceremony, scheduled for Nov. 11, was abruptly canceled on Monday because the volunteer organizing committee split over the political content.

Someone was too pro-USA. Apparently, good call from the Communists in Berkley, CA.

At issue was a proposal by the chairman, singer/songwriter Country Joe McDonald, to have Bill Mitchell, a co-founder of Cindy Sheehan's organization, Gold Star Families for Peace, as the keynote speaker.

Oh no, a veteran or the next of kin of one of our slain may speak, Good God No!

Mitchell's and Sheehan's sons were killed in Iraq the same day.
Some committee members worried that Mitchell would inject an unwelcome note of partisanship into the event, which has been scrupulously non-political in years past.

Non political, they say. Was it that non-partisan in the Vietnam War Era? How about on the eve of the Iraq War? Someone's not telling the truth here....

"If you want to have an anti-war rally, count me in," said Linda Perry, an aide to City Councilman Laurie Capitelli. "But not on Veteran's Day. It's neither the time nor the place."

And here's the big give away. Laurie Capitelli, a cut from the Nancy Pelosi death shroud, is using her personal politics to get in the way. And you Democrats call us Nazis. I don't recall you all getting this up in arms at Mike Wallace, when he ranted on Memorial Day 2004, that Iraq is not a good war and it's evil.....

Edwin Harper, adjutant of the local Disabled American Veterans chapter, which has participated in past Berkeley Veterans Day observances, threatened that his group would pull out.
"They have the other 364 days and 23 hours to make their political point," he said. "This one hour should be reserved for honoring veterans, period."

Agreed, but why not let someone speak. Could it be too pro-war or too-anti-war? What's Mitchell have to say....

McDonald, backed by other members of the committee, disagreed, saying that not permitting Mitchell to express his point of view would be tantamount to censoring free speech.


"Their position was that no matter what he said, because he was a member of Gold Star Families, he wouldn't be allowed to speak," McDonald said. "I've been doing this for 10 years, and this is the first time content and affiliation ever came up for discussion. I was shocked to find this kind of narrow-mindedness in my own hometown, in Berkeley, the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement."

And that sums up this whole stupid debate. The Free Speech founders are only for their kind of free speech. If it adds to vets, who cares, it skirts political borders... Well, Von Clausewitz said war is politics by other means, you schmucks. Hate to say it, but war and politics are joined closer than Siamese twins. Berkley, what a joke they have become. Free Speech means, our speech that we approve. Movement, our movement, and if you can't jive with us, you're out!

Last week it appeared that a compromise had been reached, with McDonald agreeing to drop another proposal to include anti-war songs by the group Annie and the Vets.
But on Monday, McDonald, a U.S. Navy veteran, circulated an e-mail among the committee reading, "The disagreement over the participation of Gold Star Families, with their anti-war reputation, in our 2005 ceremony has made it impossible to continue. Without consensus we have no program. The event is cancelled."

And of course, this will be blamed on the free thinkers. Expect the evil conservatives to get thrashed for this....

This would have been Berkeley's fourth annual Veterans Day ceremony, but the event has its origins in a memorial ceremony nine years ago, when McDonald and then-Mayor Shirley Dean sponsored a visit of the traveling Vietnam Wall - aka "The Wall That Heals" - to Berkeley.
"There was no dispute over political content back then," said Perry's husband, Tim, another committee member. "But you have to consider the context: There was no war in Iraq going on back then."

No, there wasn't a war in Iraq. We had one in 1991, and this one is the result of unfinished business from the UN. Now, no one had a problem when Clinton was President, and his draft dodging self plunged the US into many window-dressing peacekeeping missions, but forgot to mind the store against the terrorists.

How the earth at Arlington National Cemetary and in other graveyards must be groaning over this. Did these vets live, fight, and die for this type of crap?

I thought Nazism was buried with Hitler's remains.....

The evil that men do lives after them;The good is oft interred with their bones. -William Shakespeare.


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