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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ted Zepplin Endorses Horseface!

Code talk: Ted "The Swimmer, aka Cappy Chappy" Kennedy is already throwing his weight (damn that's girth!) behind John Kerry (aka Horseface, the Scarecrow, Mr. Tennis Elbow....etc...)


Ted Kennedy: Proof on how sh-t floats to the top. Ted Kennedy: Where you can be a ladykiller. Ted Kennedy: He's bigger than a Macy's float! Ted Kennedy: One liver, two liver, three liver, four!

Kennedy: I'll Support Kerry in 2008 Race

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 16 minutes ago

BOSTON - Sen. Edward Kennedy (news, bio, voting record) said Wednesday he would back fellow Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.

"If he runs, I would support him," Kennedy told The Associated Press in an interview at his Boston office.

Of course you will! Did they interview during Happy Hour? How off the scale was Tubby Kegstand's brethalizer?

While Kennedy has frequently entertained the New York senator and her husband, former
President Clinton, he said his loyalty is to Kerry. Early polling shows Clinton and Kerry among the favorites for their party's nomination in 2008, but neither has said for sure whether they'll run.

Polls... (raspberry noise). There's lies, there's damned lies, there's statistics, and then there's polls and their data. The most random sampling of LIBERALS ever. No conservatives, that may show a broader cross section of the US. These are the same dumb butts that predicted Kerry to win by over 55% of the vote. HA!

Kennedy called Kerry, the 2004 nominee, an "able, gifted and talented political leader."

Kerry, so able and gifted that he lost 49% to 51%. So talented that he lost by 4-5 Million votes. Kerry, so multi-talented, his speeches put coffee to sleep....

He criticized President Bush's leadership and said of the American people: "Every day, I think they regret that John wasn't elected."
"We haven't had accountability and we haven't had real leadership in dealing with these issues and problems," he said, "and that's what I hear more than anything else."

Ted is just pissed because he never became President. The public wasn't that stupid. He sunk his chances, along with his Oldsmobile off Chappaquidduck. Teddy is also proof that some moms should quit after a certain amount of kids. The late Rose Kennedy, had a lobotomy, and SHE was more coherent than this drunken, slobbering, slathery bag of pigcrap.... Ted Kennedy, I think America regrets some of Bush's stuff, but we do not regret passing up Frenchy French Kerry over a red-blooded American, unashamed of his country or faith. We're getting moral lecturing from Cappy Chappy? WTF is up, you got blacklisted by the current pope for being a craptacular Catholic! Yeah, Cardinal Ratzinger had your number, along with Scarecrow. Should have excommunicated both of you queens. Accountability Ted? You still have yet to own up to Mary Jo Kopechne. Leadership is not sniping at the commander in chief during a time of war. Nixon did not snip at your brother during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which he completely caved in during.....

The White House had no immediate comment.

Why respond to the grunts of this drunken sow? Good move, stay focused on important stuff, like The War On Terror, Oil, Hurricane Relief, Our Courts, etc.... Oh yeah, Ted Zeppelin, stop holding up our judicial nominees! Putz!

There was friction between Kennedy and Kerry in 2000, when Kennedy appeared to favor then-Sen. John Edwards, Al Gore's running mate, even though Kerry was also under consideration. Yet Kennedy campaigned vigorously for Kerry last year, especially before the candidate staged a come-from-behind victory in the Iowa caucuses.

There's always friction between Kennedy and Kerry. These two bullscheisse expresses cannot occupy the same tracks. One will chug (a lug) on, and the other will derail. Of course, the DNC is on a crash course to oblivion. That come from behind victory mattered so much, (scoffing).... Did they get the corn and dead farmers to vote? You know, like brother like brother? Eh Teddy? You call Mayor Daley Jr. this time? Hmmmm?

God Help us if this yutz makes it into a national position of authority.....


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    UPDATE: Senator Kennedy plays race car game at bar, and strangely careens into the bar and a fishtank. The bar is called Captain Chappy's pub.

    Kennedy was quoted as slurring, "Hey, did I do that? (buuuuurp) Where's my date? Where is she? Dammit, not again! Gotta call my lawyer (hiccup) again...."

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