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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

George Bush Kills The Smurfs!

Well, if you wanna see how ridiculous Europe is getting, read the following article:


UNICEF Bombs Smurfs to Highlight PlightOct 11 12:19 PM US/Eastern Email this story

By HELENA SPONGENBERGAssociated Press Writer

Smurfette is left for dead. Baby Smurf is left crying and orphaned as the Smurf's village is carpet bombed by warplanes _ a horrific scene and imagery not normally associated with the lovable blue-skinned cartoon characters.

They killed the Smurfs? You're Smurfin Me! That's mothersmurfin' horrible! The Smurfs were smeared.... Ahahahahahaha.....About time.....

These are the scenes being shown as part of a new UNICEF ad-campaign on Belgian television.
"It's working. We are getting a lot of reactions and people are logging on to our Web site," UNICEF Belgium spokesman Philippe Henon said Tuesday.

And for once, The Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane did not do this irreverant take on society. I bet they'll make fun of it though......Reactions? Like what, Eat Sh#t and Die....Fuque Le UNICEF De Belgium.....What?

The Belgian office of the U.N. children's fund said it has decided to use the creations of late Belgian artist Peyo to shock a complacent public into backing its fund-raising efforts for ex-child soldiers in Africa.
The 20-second video commercial clip now being shown on Belgian TV aims to show that war can happen in the most innocent of places, Henon said.

In Cartoonland? At least get terrorists like COBRA and Destro to kill em, sheesh. Keep it closer to reality, oh wait, you're all off in Never Never Land....My bad.....

"We get reactions from all over the place," said Henon. "People are shocked and want to know the reasons behind this cartoon image."

Bush bash! Bush bash! Bush bash! USA Sucks Today! USA Sucks Today! There's your reasons from yet ANOTHER COUNTRY we saved in WWII.....

The appeal is meant to raise money for UNICEF projects in Burundi, Congo and Sudan, Henon said. However, due to its graphic and disturbing scenes, this cartoon is not for everyone. The advertisement is aimed at an adult audience and is only shown after 9 p.m. to avoid upsetting young Smurfs fans.

And the Europeans say they're braver on TV. Wusses! Show it on a weekend, during Cartoon Time! Go for it, you sick bunch of bastards! You've screwed your Continent, why not the next Generation also?

The video is peacefully introduced by birds, butterflies and happy Smurfs playing and singing their theme song when suddenly out of the sky, bombs rain down onto their forest village, scattering Papa Smurf and the rest as their houses are set ablaze.

Is Papa Smurf a muslim priest or are the Smurfs supposed to be the Sunni Triangle Inhabitants?

The bombs kill Smurfette leaving Baby Smurf orphaned and crying at the edge of a crater in the last scene of the video and finishing of with the text "don't let war destroy the children's world."
It calls on viewers to donate.

Good way to donate, when people are calling to sue your asses! And Europe says we're stupid.....

UNICEF traditionally uses real life images of playing and laughing children but decided to change it for something that would shock people, Henon said.
"We wanted to have lasting effect of our campaign, because we felt that in comparison to previous campaigns, the public is not easily motivated to do things for humanitarian causes and certainly not when it involved Africa or children in war," he said.

Backpeddling, backpeddling, digging out of a hole. Digging out of a hole.....

Henon added that UNICEF would never cross the line and film real-life war scenes in its appeals.
The UNICEF campaign was launched Friday with the Smurf TV spot and will last until April.
"We see so many images that we don't really react anymore," said Julie Lamoureux, account director at Publicis, an advertising agency that drew up the campaign for UNICEF Belgium. "In 35 seconds we wanted to show adults how awful war is by reaching them within their memories of childhood."
The Smurf ad will be followed by similar ad in November to promote UNICEF's "let children live in peace" campaign.
French children's program Martine and the children's song "Au Clair de la Lune" will be presented with changed lyrics.

If they wanna kill off a cartoon series via bombs? Let it be The Simpsons, they jumped the shark years ago....Let Homer, Marge and others die with as much dignity as or the other lunatics will let them die with, as long as they can take a shot at their own country.....

Belgium, Les Idiots....


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