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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Million Less March: Farrakhan falls short of his pledged Revolution


WASHINGTON Oct 15, 2005 — Shane Barge watched the Million Man March on television from a hospital bed, under a doctor's care for alcoholism and feeling the burden of not being a father to his two children.
"It showed me how much of a detriment I was to our race and what I was doing to my family," Barge, 45, of Richmond, Va., said Saturday as he and thousands of others gathered at the National Mall for the 10th anniversary commemoration event, the Millions More Movement.
In 1995, the Million Man March and its message urging black men to take responsibility for improving their families and communities spurred Barge to give up drinking and renew his bonds with his children. "I was grateful to them for putting that together and letting me see what I was," he said.

Sadly, Barge and others are being exploited. They are to make this march look great. However, look at the ex Black Panthers, current Nation of Islam terror baiters and other radicals mixed in with John Q Public and the others who were invited in under lesser pretenses....

Women, whites and other minorities had not been invited back then, but men and women of all ethnicities were welcome to the new gathering, which intends to build on those principles and push people to act for change locally and nationally.

More non-blacks invited to inflate the march numbers. And they say military recruitment is falling short....

"Anytime we as a people can come together it's a beautiful thing," said rapper Ryk-A-Shay, 24, who joined relatives from North Carolina for the drive to Washington.
After the event, some experts will be invited to craft public policy guidelines and collaborate on a book tentatively titled "The Black Agenda," which will serve as a "roadmap for black Americans to address the problems in their communities," said Linda Boyd, a march spokeswoman.
"We did the march in 1995 and it was wonderful, but we see that our people are still in the same position we were in 10 years ago and in some cases worse off," Boyd said. "So while a march is important, we'd like to see a movement."

And where has that roadmap led? Did that help shore up levees and responsibility before the storms? Apparently not. We still have crime, illiteracy, and death, in many other ethnic groups....

Dozens of prominent speakers, most of them black, from across the political, religious and social spectrum were attending the daylong Millions More Movement, organized by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. He wants the black elite to devote their talents to building a movement to work for greater change.

Sounds like a call for a cecession from the USA, be careful...

"We have been taught how to serve others, but we have never been trained how to serve one another," Farrakhan, who also put together the original march, said Friday. "I'm hoping that this Millions More Movement will make the learned of us a servant of the unlearned."

YEs, let's get unity advice and culturalism from this Anti-Semitic and his gang of terror backers. Let's learn truth from a man claiming that the US Government blew up levees to kill off as many blacks as possible. Servant of the unlearned? More like strict teacher to those who don't know any better.... And Minister Farrakhan is willing to educate them....


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