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Friday, January 27, 2006

Motzart turns 250

Well, I am sure you music lovers will know this factoid. Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart turned 250 today. He was burn on this day,Friday January 27, 1756.


Motzart brought us such classics as

The Marriage of Figaro
Elvira Madigan
The Requiem

and others.

Herr Motzart vus gut.

Canada Goes Conservative

How do you like them apples, ay? Bunch of hosers!

Paul Martin, this did not happen in a vaccum.

Last year, the conservatives took power in Parliamentary Elections in Canada.

This year, the conservatives run and get no-confidence to oust Martin for a new PM.

Does anyone else think the US ought to adapt some of the Parliamentary rules and tradiations?

No confidence votes.

The President must speak before his Congress often.

Opposing leaders and legislators must debate, and give real answers not BS. Course explain that to the likes of UK's George Galloway, and Canada's now ousted Carolyn Parrish.

Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

Holocaust Remembered, Not a Myth


Holocaust Remembered 61 Years Later
Friday, January 27, 2006

WARSAW, Poland — European leaders remembered the Holocaust on Friday, the 61st anniverary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, with commemorations shadowed by concern over anti-Israeli remarks by Iran's president.
Several leaders used the occasion to reject President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement that Israel should be wiped off the map and his description of the Holocaust — the murder of 6 million Jews by Adolf Hitler's forces — as a "myth."
Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz was to place a wreath at the foot of the main Auschwitz memorial in honor of the some 1.5 million people who died at the Nazi-run camp.
Marcinkiewicz was joined by the Israeli ambassador to Poland, camp survivors and local leaders and representatives of the Jewish community.
Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz and the neighboring Birkenau camp on Jan. 27, 1945. Some 1.5 million people, most of them Jews, died there from gassing, starvation, exhaustion, beatings and disease. Other victims included Soviet prisoners of war, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals and political opponents of the Nazis.
In Germany, parliamentary president Norbert Lammert said the lessons of the Holocaust must influence national policy, referring to Ahmadinejad in warning of the danger of anti-Semitism.
Lammert stressed that the need to commemorate the millions of Jews and other victims murdered by the Nazis will not diminish with time.
"We want to — and we must — continue to be prepared to learn from our history," Lammert said at a special session of parliament.
"The past weeks have shown us how much not only we Germans need this (Holocaust) Remembrance Day," Lammert said. "With dismay we were forced to accept that today even presidents insist on describing the Holocaust as a "myth" and go so far as to make anti-Semitic remarks."
Germany has joined other nations in expressing concern about Ahmadinejad's comments.
In a statement released at the U.N. European headquarters in Geneva, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said it was imperative the world remember the unique tragedy of the Holocaust and reject all attempts by "bigots" to deny the extermination of the Jews during World War II.
"It must be remembered, with shame and horror, for as long as human memory continues," Annan said in the statement, released to mark the first international day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust.

I Rant on Iran

OK, this has been brewing for a while. But let me say this. Some of you calling for our troops to leave Iraq may be right. Pull em out, because they're gonna be needed against Iran. Why do I say this?

Well, Iran has a mad-ass dictator, who is posturing less subtly about the annihilation of the Jews, than Hitler did on his worst days. The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a throwback of the Ayatollah, the pogrom leaders in Russia, and the SS. This so-called President expressed his support for Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Syria, and is no doubt eccstatic that Hamas has been elected as the majority party in the Palestinian Territories. Ahmadinejad had said that the Holocaust never happened. Yeah, that's why today people around the world are remembering the Holocaust that ended 61 years ago at the end of WWII. Did it end, or will Ahmadinejad start back up, where the Nazis left off. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem declared in 1946 that the Jews would be driven into the sea and out of Palestine. Iran's head of state and government made comparable hisses, saying the Israelis ought to go live in Austria or Germany. This guy was also a terrorist who helped plan and execute the taking of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979, which resulted in close to 50 Americans being held hostage for 444 Days. Thanks a heap for doing jack, Jimmy Carter. Carter, incidentally said that this President of Iran was elected fairly. Yeah, this from the guy who backed Hugo Chavez, but not a recount in recent and very fishy elections. Carter also let the moderate government of Iran fall. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Peanuts. Jackass.

Second, Iran has supported terrorists. Their government has been linked to funding and training Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel, and other areas. These Muslim theocrats envision a world where only their brand of Islam will reign and all opposition will be killed. If President Ahmadinejad's support for the terrorists the same day as a bus bombing in Tel Aviv isn't a connection, could the millions of dollars they send overseas be a clue?

Third, Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Yeah, so did Saddam, but sadly these chimps are closer to the bomb than Saddam was. Makes you wish the Israelis would launch a massive airstrike on these reactors like they did Otsirak in 1981, against Iraq. Israel knows it is in the cross hairs of a nuclear strike. Not Jerusalem, but Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa, and any of the "Jewish Cities" are fair game for these scum. Iran has threatened to use force and make America, Britain, and others pay for supporting Israel and hampering the terrorists efforts for death and destruction. Iran is more of a threat than Iraq was. If we went in after Iraq, before they had nukes, why not go in while Iran is trying to assemble them, before they complete one and light it off over Israel, the US, or over Cent Com's troops in the Middle East?

Fourth, Iran is run by fundamentalist Muslims. These ayatollahs and mullah's were a freer form of government, said certain Democrats in 1979, when they took over. These same freedom lovers had the Pasdarin Guards rape, beat, and mutilate any women who wore western clothes and did not wear a head to toe Glad Bag over their whole body. If they see eyelashes, you're dead girls, sorry you're whores if you dare show the bridge of your nose or face in this Islamic Paradise. The Ayatollah Khomeni also sentenced dissidents and writers like Salman Rushdie to death, and put out hits on them, even when they lived outside of Iran. These people issue a fatwah over someone saying Allah is not supreme, but they know Jesus and Yaweh are. And you guys complain about Christians and Jews? No, this is the real enemy. A crazy minority holding its land hostage and going drag a whole region of the world into war.

Iran needs to be stopped before it's too late. Do something before the Iranian Von Ribbentropp concludes a non-aggression pact with Israel and the fledgeling Republic of Iraq. Do something before they make a land grab for lebensraum, or to free their suppressed Palestinian terrorist underkind. Do something, before the US must endure another sneak attack worse than Pearl Harbor or September 11. Do something, before they strike.

"Those who do not remember their history are condemned to repeat it."- George Satayana.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Alright, I've tried to stay out of the political frey, but it's gotten stupid to say the least.

First, Hamas being elected. Can we say, Hitler elected 1933? WTF are these so-called peace loving Palestinians thinking? Are they on friggin hash or huka? WTF?!?! Hamas is about as moderate as the Communists were! Sure, they'll play nice, but when the public ain't looking it'll be purge and cleansing time for the opposition, and war for their sworn enemies, namely Israel. Some say Hamas will be a good force. For whom? I think Hamas isn't going to be that keen on peace. Those bastards will be as bad as the PLO, say they renounce terrorism, but let the new extremists do their dirty work. This time, I doubt Israel will sit down and take it. If they get anyone besides Benjamin Netanyahu, aka Bibi, as their PM, then Israel may become Palestine's bitch. Otherwise, Israel gets a strong leader and they repeat their victories of 1948, 1956, 1967, and later 1973 against their multinational Arab protagonists. While we expect Hamas to hit us for supporting Israel, that will only make Americans more pissed off and keen to keep an ally who WILL NOT raise our oil prices on a whim. Let me say this. Folks thought Hitler was going to tone down the JEw talk after he was elected in Jan 1933. In summer of 1933 he built Dachau, 1935 there were the Nuremburg Laws, and in 1938, Kristallnacht. We now where this ended, in the ovens and camps in Auchwitz, Russia and elsewhere.

Second, Alito. How many times must we hear that blubbering blowhard Ted Kennedy, that stupid bitch Diane Feinstein, and Dickhead Durbin drone on how Alito will tip the balance of the court too far to the right. They had no fuckin problem when they put Ruth Bader Gindsburg, former ACLU boss in as a justice. They had no biggie about Souter and others sliding our courts to Europe's liking. Don't like it when the tables are turned, Democrats? Too fuckin bad! It's our turn to get some reasonable folks on the court. And one thing about abortion, you whine and bitch about the woman's right to abort. How about the unborn kid? Where the fuck is your compassion on them? I know fuck's a bad word, but you're making me fucking say it!


Third, is anyone else sick of this Brokeback Mountain crap? Why is America being forced to turn gay? Did anyone hear the big snip signalling the de-balling of America? I sure as shit didn't! Brokeback Mountain! More like Bareback Mounting! More like Barenaked Mounties! Sick, sick, sick! And who writes the lines in that film? I hear sound bites making fun of it. "God, I wish I knew how to quit you,"? That's worse than Titanic! You know what, stop. We're not making you watch straight porn, so enough with the gay cowboy BS. And since Will and Grace is off the air, the gayest thing on TV has to be Ryan Seacrest and American frickin Idol! You boys or girls wanna stick with the same gender, fine, you made your choice. Stop making us embrace it as normal! Enough's enough!

Fourth, the polls on Bush being impeached are a fuckin pipe dream! From the crack pipe of the lefties. Bush may have some impeachment proceedings filed, but newsflash. The House won't pass it! And the way you Democraps are shooting yourselves harping on Alito, Hurricane Katrina, and letting Joel Stein bash the troops, I'd say the Senate will go more GOP by November 2006. That's right, the election is gonna go bad, and it's your fault and the stupid polls you flaunt aren't helping. Polls said Bush would lose to Kerry by millions of votes. Bush won by 5 Million votes. Take your polls and shove em in the same place the Brokeback Mounting Boys stuff.... nah, gotta stop.

There's my rant.

To quote Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part III- "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

Monday, January 16, 2006

24 is Back

Well, well, friends, and adversaries. 24 is back.

Last night 24 hit hard.


First, 24 starts and we see Jack Bauer, aka Frank, now an oil worker. This is 18 months after the Marwan attacks and the Chinese attempt to extradite Bauer to their country and President Logan botching Bauer's murder. Bauer escaped, thanks to President Palmer, Tony, Michelle, and Chloe. He's part-time, not rich, but now dating a nice lady (Connie Britton from SPIN CITY), who has a rebellious teenager son. Life seems fine, right?


In LA, former President David Palmer is writing his memoirs at brother Wayne's penthouse apartment, and when peering near a balcony, Palmer shot in a manner reminiscent of Dr. Martin Luther King. Palmer is dead, and he's not coming back. Surely this will get Jack Bauer's blood pressure up, tears out, and just plain old pissed off.

There's more.

Tony Almieda and Michelle Dessler left CTU, and are now starting a small business. They being good Americans and friends of their colleagues are about to go to CTU, when Michelle starts her car and it blows up. Tony sees Michelle burned, thrown from the car, when the bomb goes off a second time, burning Tony and incapacitating him. When Jack hears this, he will go through the roof.

And now, Chloe is being hunted by terrorists.

Jack's back and he's pissed.

However, there is a wrinkle. President Logan is holding a groundbreaking Arms Summit with the Russians, which is a threatened target. Nil happens, just to keep you in suspense. However, Logan's wife, Martha (Jean Smart from Designing Women) is on her meds, paranoid, and sputters nonsensical material. However, oddly enough Martha spoke with Palmer before his assassination. Logan hears a telephone conversation, which results in nothing. However, the current National Security Advisor, slimeball from Season 4 who put the hit on Jack at CTU, doctored the original and is working for some unknown shady interests. Thank God Mike Novick is around and hopefully Mike will put an end to some of the nonsense. Is Martha Logan just an unhappy doped up wife of a weasel President, or does she know something and is being sidelined? Watch and see.....

Jack manages to get to LA, but also has his girlfriend's son tag along, like Penny and Brain or even Kim Bauer used to. So Jack and the son save Chloe from some assassins. Bauer finds out from the dying head assassin that he is being set up to take the fall (disgruntled CTU agent goes buck). Bauer also finds out this guy shot Palmer, and promptly ends that assassin's breathing.

Back at CTU, Jim Buchanan, the acting director, buys into the Bauer gunman theory and orders him arrested. Chloe is apprehended when her and Jack go to Wayne Palmer's residence to find evidence. Jack and Palmer talk, and Wayne wants to help Jack, after some preliminary doubts. Jack is then hunted by the FBI, LAPD, Secret Service, and CTU. Wayne is not the only one who backs Bauer, Edgar the fat guy is doubtful of the theories, as is Audrey Raines, Jack's ex from last season and daughter of Secretary Heller.

The hunt is on, and so is Season 5 of 24.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

MUNICH: More Than The Reviews and Blogs can even touch

Today, I saw the film, Munich, directed by Steven Spielberg. Yes, Spielberg does have liberal tendencies, yes he voted for John Kerry, but guess what, he's still a hell of a director. I had to put politics aside to see this film, and let me tell you, this is one for those on both sides of the aisles to watch.

Here's why. The film accurately portrays the Palestinian murder of 11 unarmed Israeli athletes, and the hostage rescue that led to 9 of those 11 dying, along with 1 German police officer. The terrorists are shown for what they were. Cold, calculated, and very much motivated. The Israeli hostages have little airtime. This film is mainly about the Israeli response to the Munich Attacks by Black September, but also the affect of this war on terror through the eyes of one agent.

The agent, Arie Kaufman, played very well by Eric Bana, leads a team including Daniel Craig (new 007), Ciaran Hinds, and other European actors to kill 11 of the top heads of Black September and the attack in Germany. Bana is a gung ho Israeli, a good Jew, and a recent father. However, he is also torn. He wants to retain his humanity, but he wants to do his duty to make sure his family will have a safe world to live in. His team, is an interesting lot. One is a voice of reason, albeit very much against sensless killing, odd for an assassin. Another is a pacifist bomb maker, and the other two, a gunman and a cleaner are there. The team is not divided to the point it will fracture, but they are differing in experience and life.

Geoffrey Rush makes an interesting turn as the Mossad boss who sends Arie across Europe and to Lebanon and other parts to kill the Black September terrorists. They accomplish most of their missions, but lose some of their team. Arie is a wreck, but Rush still wants more out of him. Does this make the Israelis evil? Not necessarily. Rush is a commander, following his orders, and making sure Bana follows his as well. Bana's character is an interesting one.

A more interesting turn in a French father and son team, they trade and sell info to those willing to pay for it, regardless of the use. They say they do not work for countries. They don't, rather shady men who are free-lancers or contractors for other states. Michael Lonsdale, from Day of The Jackal and Moonraker is the senior Frenchman, and has some interesting views on politics and mindless patriotism. Mindless as in following without the facts, or without making your own choices.

Some said this film overhumanized the terrorists. Not really. There are some who talk and express their thoughts and bloodlust, and others just rationalizing recclaiming their homes to take the Jews homes. The terrorists were flesh and blood, albeit their motives and actions disgusting and denegrating to humans in general. The terrorists get some airtime, right before Team Bana cuts them down, blows them up, or shoots them with a zip gun.

The team is not all cold blood. They have families and loved ones. They try not to kill any civilians, not even the terrorist's children. No women, no kids. At least one side of the war is trying to follow the rules.

Munich is an interesting and gripping tale based on facts, and a book called VENGEANCE. Some material from ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER.

Munich is worth the watch, albeit a hard and graphic one......

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sharon in Serious Condition, May Not Recover

As you all know Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the 77 year old former general and Israeli leader suffered a debilitating stroke this past Sunday.

Sharon is incapacitated, and no doubt will never be able to recover enough to re-assume his post as PM. Sharon is likely to be an invalid, and a new PM will be chosen to fill in, until the next elections. Election time in Israel could result in Benjamin Netanyahu as PM again, and a more forceful time.

Now, we all know the stories about Ariel Sharon as general in the 6 day and Yom Kippur Wars. There's the allegations of him ordering the slaughter of Palestinians and Lebanese in refugee towns in 1982. There's the killing of Hamas Leader Sheikh Yassim. There's the tanks, the helicopters. However, why did Sharon have to respond in such a way? Could it be the terrorists threatening his citizens? Could it be descendants trying to fulfill the late Grand Mufti's pledge to drive the Jews into the sea and make them bleed?

Whatever Sharon's track record or controversial decisions were, Sharon did stand against terrorists, he did try to keep peace and broker some deals.

Sharon was one of a kind, and sadly, his time is at an end.

Here's some of the latest on Sharon, and the Israeli political reaction.

Sharon's successor may be apparent.

Pat Robertson opens his yap again, and is soundedly rapped for hit.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a joyous holiday season. Also, I hope New Year's was great for everyone.

Here's to the start of another year in Blog World.