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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grandpa Doyle, Family Prayers

On a personal note. I will be visiting my grandad this weekend in Tulsa. He's got a few weeks left. A month or so, tops. So, pray for his time left, for a minimum of pain. He also wants to go with some dignity, which is why he's chosen home care and being around family and not in a nursing home with strangers. Doyle is his name. He's 85, and if he makes it, turns 86 at the end of March. However, he had a second massive stroke last year which marred any progress he made from his 2005 first and debilitating stroke. I think, suspect, he is tired of not being a full man. He is one of the last of 8 or 9 kids, in his fam, and was one of the youngest. So, he may be ready to be reunited with his family. However, he is hanging in to see the rest of us, here, for a while. He is a shadow of himself, but I will see him soon. It maybe for the last time, until my own passing comes. So, pray for him and his state, that he can recognize us. Pray for my aunt and grandmother as they head up and help with the care and have done so since 2005. Pray for my mom, cousins, sister, etc. We're a Christian group, not perfect, but we're trying to make sense and reconcile this. It's hard to be certain of God, when someone we know dies, yet the body has only so much time and endurance here. Pray for me as I drive up there. Texas and Oklahoman drivers, good God. Well, I'll let you all know how it goes. Off to work I go. Thanks.


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