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Thursday, February 28, 2008

William F Buckley 1926-2008

As you may know, I've taken hiatus from here, due to family and other commitments. However, I'm back.

First off, Mr. Buckley, RIP. William F Buckley, agree with him or not, was highly influential on the conservative movement that transformed then was discarded by the Republicans. Buckley, a long time foil of Gore Vidal and other progressives, was a force to be reckoned with by some. Some will rejoice in his death, no doubt. Some will mourn. However, while I do mark his passing, he did profess God and now he is with God. Buckley was very very merciless in attacks on liberals, but he also had unkind words and what he hoped was constructive criticism for conservatives who were mucking around. Mr. Buckley was not always Reagan's biggest cheerleader, but did pay respects to Ronald W Reagan in 2004, and was a powerful voice as the country changed hands from Republicans to Democrats. Mr. Buckley's conservatism does live on through the National Review, and has no doubt been carried to other areas. You fought the good fight sir, so enjoy your well earned rest.



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