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Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Prize For Piece of Sh.....

Oh Great, now that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize, we'll never have any hope of him just shutting up. Gore will now be bellowing and huffing and puffing, without Tipper for a change, and of course about global warming. The same Gore who got an Oscar for Power Point. Hey, I bet I can get an Oscar if I do a power point and include phrases like America is to blame, technology is evil, Kyoto Accord, and Bush's fault, also. Back to Gore's Peace prize. Argh. I bet old Alfred Nobel is perplexed to see the Prize given to someone who DID NOT end a war, or fight hunger or landmines or any of that. Of course it figures, since the Europeans hold that show, and probably decide their favorites...... So, congratulations Al, you've joined such luminaries for peace as Yasser Arafat (terrorist!), Jimmy Carter (pansy ass Jew hater, Arab lover), and Neville Chamberlain (godfather and mentor of appeasers everywhere).

Thanks for nothing, Stockholm! Dumb friggin Swedes.


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