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Friday, October 12, 2007

5 Years Ago

Well, 5 years ago, Al Qaeda hit Bali in Indonesia, killing 202 people, and maiming hundreds more. I doubt this will get as much press as Al Gore, but hey, it's just terrorism. It's just unarmed people getting blown to pieces while on vacation.....

The fifth anniversary follows a decision by the Indonesian Supreme Court in August to reject an appeal by three key bombers against their death sentence.
The men -- who have shown no remorse -- have reportedly decided not to seek clemency from the president, their last hope of avoiding the firing squad.
The bombings shocked the world, but were not the last -- a triple suicide bombing in 2005 in Bali, also blamed on key JI members, killed 20 people.
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said that Indonesia had been successful in curbing Jemaah Islamiyah since the bombings and he praised other Asian countries for also improving security in the region.

No remorse from the Religion of Peace and Tolerance, but thank God Indonesia is set to remove these scum from society.

This is what some in the world think we can sit and drink tea and negotiate with. People who yell boom in court, to taunt witnesses, survivors and the victims next of kin. I think most people know that this type of thing cannot be talked out or even ignored.

Fight these bastards there, or expect em to take their war to here.


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