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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Not so Quick Response to a Critic

Admin said...
I thought I'd leave you a quick post since it doesn't look like you get much traffic these days ND.I have some suspicion as to why, but I'll keep that to myself for the moment.I don't think people have forgotten what happened 6 years ago, and it's unlikely that they will. However, I'd encourage you to read through your blog.

Read my blog? Well, gee, I haven't done so, due to my new niece, lots of work, ill grandad, and just life......

I know you've got a few years of history on it now. Take a look at what the arguments have been regarding everything this administration has said/done/etc.I think you'll find that even some of the most hard-nose Bush supporters have finally conceded that we've approached this the wrong way.

Wrong Way? And what's the right way, do elaborate. Wrong to hit an enemy so they don't kill? Wrong to stop genocide? Kurds would agree. Wrong to say, I dunno, remove a dictator or two or three? No, most hard nose Bushies have conceded due to the illegal invasion hitting here, and him allowing the Congress to micromanage, undermine, and basically sabotage our troops and their efforts overseas. Jack Murtha, Dick Durbin, and others come to mind. I won't defend all Dub has done, but let's not toss out everything for sack of you being right. Just my own two cents here......

...that the war was based upon fabrications at very best. ...that having absolute power is not what the executive branch is about. ...

Fabrications? Really? So did the Brits fabricate their intel? Were the Egyptians and Jordanians wrong in alerting us of the threat of chemical and bio weapons? Wow, could they have been in on this also? Egypt and Jordan both warned against massive deployment by the Coalition, but had the same warnings and assessments that Dr. Blix and Al Beradi had. Blix was certain there were weapons, then said there were none. Hans, if you give someone 12 years they can hide or spirit away anything. Also, Iraq is BIG, there's lots of areas to hid stuff. Also, what did Saddam kill those Kurds with? And why is everyone in Kuwait still with a gas mask to this day? I doubt WMDS are fabricated, rather we ought to have waited for one to go off apparently......

Executive Power? Clinton exercised plenty of it, let's not forget. Pardons, gag orders on testimonies during the impeachment, claiming his own privileges, and firing more federal attorneys than Bush 41 and Dub combined. Some here, not saying you, but some thought Clinton being king was fine. But, as long the king is not outside the DNC, apparently. Again, not you.... others say this.

etc, etc.I'm also fairly certain that you sit in a VERY small minority if you somehow think we should even CONSIDER using force against Iran. Not only would this be a political mistake, we would lose - outright. And not like we're losing in Iraq, we'd really be losing.Hope some more people start getting back on here for ya.

Alright, so we just wait for good ole Achmeddemonjob to fire off nukes and take out them pesky Jews, don't we? Since Israel just starts every f-in war, and since Christ, they're to blame? Sounds ludicrous and divisive. Those are the sounds of many who say don't hit Iran, don't do a thing. If the French and Germans, known backbiters, are clammoring for something beyond UN Sanctions, then how about the other Superpower? No, I don't mean China. I mean the US.

And how do you know we would lose? What military prowse and expertise is there that has told you this? Are you fearful we'll expand Iraq's War into Iran? Well, sorry, but Iran has aided the terrorists, they've sent weapons into Iraq, and in fact their troops are fighting US and British troops in some border skirmishes. Yeah, let's wait and see. Back in December 1944, the troops sat down, waited and relaxed, then boom, a massive attack hit, and it took close to a month and a half ro recover from the Bulge.

Different times and wars, yes, but waiting and complacency did more to spurn casualties than stop it. I don't want war, I'm sick of it, but Iran with ICBMS, and their President threatening to off the US, Israel, Britain, France, etc.... but not Russia- good ole arms broker to Iran, cannot be ignored. But, right now, it's a hold pattern and we have to play Missile Crisis, and hope Iran blinks. I hope you're right that this can be resolved without a war, or maybe Iran may have a sudden uprising against the mullahs and the Revolutionary Guard led by Ahmedenajad.

Thanks for some of the criticism, but let's not split hairs here. And please, don't tell me I'm in the minority. Remember, I did say Ole G Dub is not my favorite right now. However, let's not forget some stuff has gone right. Don't look for the wrong all the time. Just my own retort.

Also, if I'm in the minority, I wants some gubment cheese, and some special consideration. Actually, I won't get gubment cheese. Seeing how the new order will go, it's gonna be queso and flan....


  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger ludlow said…

    Well, sorry, but Iran has aided the terrorists, they've sent weapons into Iraq, and in fact their troops are fighting US and British troops in some border skirmishes.

    Umm, so did we [the US]. We provided the Iranians, the Iraqis, various other influential powers in the area, and sure as shit Israel with countless arms over the last 20-30 years. Should we annihilate ourselves too?

    and their President threatening to off the US, Israel, Britain, France, etc...

    Nobody cares about their fucking president. For some reason the American media likes to make him out to be something. He a) is NOT revered by his people and b) does NOT have very much power over his country. That is NOT how Iran works.

    They have a modern (albeit conservative) government with a mostly educated populous.

  • At 12:58 PM, Blogger ludlow said…

    From Wiki:

    Unlike many other states, the executive branch in Iran does not control the armed forces. Although the President appoints the Ministers of Intelligence and Defense, it is customary for the President to obtain explicit approval from the Supreme Leader for these two ministers before presenting them to the legislature for a vote of confidence.

    So if you want to be complaining about anyone, at least complain about Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, NOT Ahmadinejad.


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