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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Alright, I've tried to stay out of the political frey, but it's gotten stupid to say the least.

First, Hamas being elected. Can we say, Hitler elected 1933? WTF are these so-called peace loving Palestinians thinking? Are they on friggin hash or huka? WTF?!?! Hamas is about as moderate as the Communists were! Sure, they'll play nice, but when the public ain't looking it'll be purge and cleansing time for the opposition, and war for their sworn enemies, namely Israel. Some say Hamas will be a good force. For whom? I think Hamas isn't going to be that keen on peace. Those bastards will be as bad as the PLO, say they renounce terrorism, but let the new extremists do their dirty work. This time, I doubt Israel will sit down and take it. If they get anyone besides Benjamin Netanyahu, aka Bibi, as their PM, then Israel may become Palestine's bitch. Otherwise, Israel gets a strong leader and they repeat their victories of 1948, 1956, 1967, and later 1973 against their multinational Arab protagonists. While we expect Hamas to hit us for supporting Israel, that will only make Americans more pissed off and keen to keep an ally who WILL NOT raise our oil prices on a whim. Let me say this. Folks thought Hitler was going to tone down the JEw talk after he was elected in Jan 1933. In summer of 1933 he built Dachau, 1935 there were the Nuremburg Laws, and in 1938, Kristallnacht. We now where this ended, in the ovens and camps in Auchwitz, Russia and elsewhere.

Second, Alito. How many times must we hear that blubbering blowhard Ted Kennedy, that stupid bitch Diane Feinstein, and Dickhead Durbin drone on how Alito will tip the balance of the court too far to the right. They had no fuckin problem when they put Ruth Bader Gindsburg, former ACLU boss in as a justice. They had no biggie about Souter and others sliding our courts to Europe's liking. Don't like it when the tables are turned, Democrats? Too fuckin bad! It's our turn to get some reasonable folks on the court. And one thing about abortion, you whine and bitch about the woman's right to abort. How about the unborn kid? Where the fuck is your compassion on them? I know fuck's a bad word, but you're making me fucking say it!


Third, is anyone else sick of this Brokeback Mountain crap? Why is America being forced to turn gay? Did anyone hear the big snip signalling the de-balling of America? I sure as shit didn't! Brokeback Mountain! More like Bareback Mounting! More like Barenaked Mounties! Sick, sick, sick! And who writes the lines in that film? I hear sound bites making fun of it. "God, I wish I knew how to quit you,"? That's worse than Titanic! You know what, stop. We're not making you watch straight porn, so enough with the gay cowboy BS. And since Will and Grace is off the air, the gayest thing on TV has to be Ryan Seacrest and American frickin Idol! You boys or girls wanna stick with the same gender, fine, you made your choice. Stop making us embrace it as normal! Enough's enough!

Fourth, the polls on Bush being impeached are a fuckin pipe dream! From the crack pipe of the lefties. Bush may have some impeachment proceedings filed, but newsflash. The House won't pass it! And the way you Democraps are shooting yourselves harping on Alito, Hurricane Katrina, and letting Joel Stein bash the troops, I'd say the Senate will go more GOP by November 2006. That's right, the election is gonna go bad, and it's your fault and the stupid polls you flaunt aren't helping. Polls said Bush would lose to Kerry by millions of votes. Bush won by 5 Million votes. Take your polls and shove em in the same place the Brokeback Mounting Boys stuff.... nah, gotta stop.

There's my rant.

To quote Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part III- "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"


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