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Sunday, January 08, 2006

MUNICH: More Than The Reviews and Blogs can even touch

Today, I saw the film, Munich, directed by Steven Spielberg. Yes, Spielberg does have liberal tendencies, yes he voted for John Kerry, but guess what, he's still a hell of a director. I had to put politics aside to see this film, and let me tell you, this is one for those on both sides of the aisles to watch.

Here's why. The film accurately portrays the Palestinian murder of 11 unarmed Israeli athletes, and the hostage rescue that led to 9 of those 11 dying, along with 1 German police officer. The terrorists are shown for what they were. Cold, calculated, and very much motivated. The Israeli hostages have little airtime. This film is mainly about the Israeli response to the Munich Attacks by Black September, but also the affect of this war on terror through the eyes of one agent.

The agent, Arie Kaufman, played very well by Eric Bana, leads a team including Daniel Craig (new 007), Ciaran Hinds, and other European actors to kill 11 of the top heads of Black September and the attack in Germany. Bana is a gung ho Israeli, a good Jew, and a recent father. However, he is also torn. He wants to retain his humanity, but he wants to do his duty to make sure his family will have a safe world to live in. His team, is an interesting lot. One is a voice of reason, albeit very much against sensless killing, odd for an assassin. Another is a pacifist bomb maker, and the other two, a gunman and a cleaner are there. The team is not divided to the point it will fracture, but they are differing in experience and life.

Geoffrey Rush makes an interesting turn as the Mossad boss who sends Arie across Europe and to Lebanon and other parts to kill the Black September terrorists. They accomplish most of their missions, but lose some of their team. Arie is a wreck, but Rush still wants more out of him. Does this make the Israelis evil? Not necessarily. Rush is a commander, following his orders, and making sure Bana follows his as well. Bana's character is an interesting one.

A more interesting turn in a French father and son team, they trade and sell info to those willing to pay for it, regardless of the use. They say they do not work for countries. They don't, rather shady men who are free-lancers or contractors for other states. Michael Lonsdale, from Day of The Jackal and Moonraker is the senior Frenchman, and has some interesting views on politics and mindless patriotism. Mindless as in following without the facts, or without making your own choices.

Some said this film overhumanized the terrorists. Not really. There are some who talk and express their thoughts and bloodlust, and others just rationalizing recclaiming their homes to take the Jews homes. The terrorists were flesh and blood, albeit their motives and actions disgusting and denegrating to humans in general. The terrorists get some airtime, right before Team Bana cuts them down, blows them up, or shoots them with a zip gun.

The team is not all cold blood. They have families and loved ones. They try not to kill any civilians, not even the terrorist's children. No women, no kids. At least one side of the war is trying to follow the rules.

Munich is an interesting and gripping tale based on facts, and a book called VENGEANCE. Some material from ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER.

Munich is worth the watch, albeit a hard and graphic one......


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    I have created a section called, "Worthy Opponents Blogs" and you have been added.

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    Graci, buuuuut, what made you decide on my as a Worthy Opponent versus a Right Wing Crank with no redeeming value? Just curious. I did check yer blog, Ran!

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