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Friday, January 06, 2006

Sharon in Serious Condition, May Not Recover

As you all know Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the 77 year old former general and Israeli leader suffered a debilitating stroke this past Sunday.

Sharon is incapacitated, and no doubt will never be able to recover enough to re-assume his post as PM. Sharon is likely to be an invalid, and a new PM will be chosen to fill in, until the next elections. Election time in Israel could result in Benjamin Netanyahu as PM again, and a more forceful time.

Now, we all know the stories about Ariel Sharon as general in the 6 day and Yom Kippur Wars. There's the allegations of him ordering the slaughter of Palestinians and Lebanese in refugee towns in 1982. There's the killing of Hamas Leader Sheikh Yassim. There's the tanks, the helicopters. However, why did Sharon have to respond in such a way? Could it be the terrorists threatening his citizens? Could it be descendants trying to fulfill the late Grand Mufti's pledge to drive the Jews into the sea and make them bleed?

Whatever Sharon's track record or controversial decisions were, Sharon did stand against terrorists, he did try to keep peace and broker some deals.

Sharon was one of a kind, and sadly, his time is at an end.

Here's some of the latest on Sharon, and the Israeli political reaction.

Sharon's successor may be apparent.

Pat Robertson opens his yap again, and is soundedly rapped for hit.


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