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Friday, September 24, 2004


Kerry Oompa Loompa Song

(Think of the Willy Wonka Oompa Loompa Guys song- purple faced guys)
Flip flop flip flop, flippity larry
What do you think of John F Kerry?
Flip flop flip flop flippity resa
His campaign could be hurt by Teresa.
What do you we do when she opens her mouth?
Will our polls go up or south?
What do we do when she tells someone "shove it?"
Tell them she forgot to take her Zanix.
Off her meds.
Losing her head.
Flip flop flip flop flippity rink,
It looks like this campaign will sink
Flip flop flip flop flippity spaces
It's hard to pick a guy who has two faces.
What do you we do with his 3 Purple Hearts?
Bush and Swifties accusations sure do smart.
What do we do with the info we gather?
Just let some make it up, like Dan Rather.
Flip flop flip flop, Flippity picturey'
At this rate, Bush will have an easy victory.
Flip flop flip flop, flippty four
Hear for Bush Cheney in 04.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kofi Annan Said US War with Iraq Illegal.

Kofi Annaan, the UN Secretary General declared the US led war against Saddam Hussein Illegal. The US and its allies have responded that it was not. Even inquiries in the UK and US said there was no illegal actions. HEre's an article:
Now the main question could be- When can we fight a war? After we get attacked and lose thousands, when we could have prevented it OR before we get attacked and we have intent and some credible info? Should we fight an enemy before they attack us or wait until the blows and wounds have been inflicted? Shall we also get a permission slip to defend ourselves and in fact defend others from the same aggressor? WSY?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

War on Terror: After 3 Years Where Are We

The War on Terror as we knew it was initiated on 9-11-01. According the the September 11 Official Report, it was launched/planned back in the 1980s and maybe further back. In 3 Years there have been no major terrorist attacks. The President and his Agents seem to be doing their jobs. Although, the President mentioned that this will be a different kind of war, maybe a longer one. In 3 years we have come from near national collapse, but are just as divided as ever. What has been done that worked? What more needs to be done? What Say You?


Alright, let's keep this civil if we can. There is an Election in about 48 Days. The positions seem clear, well for one candidate anyway. Senator John F Kerry is seaking to unseat President George W Bush. There are rumors of Vietnam service, disservice, bad voting records, a checkered past, and inconsistency (aka Flip Flopping). For Bush, there are questions on the Iraq War, War on Terror, the economy (though turning upward per Greenspan), healthcare, and the National Guard Issue. Most have their minds made up, it's just a question which side will cast more votes for one. Ruling out all of the hype, the overseas voters/non Americans wanting Kerry over Bush about 80%, and constant anti-American sentiment, how close will this get? Will this be like 2000 by a razor's edge, or will the incumbent repeat Reagan's 1984 blow out? It's up to the voters. WSY?

Crosses, Commandments, and God's Name All Disappearing from Public

Recently the name of God has been under siege. Last year Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument was removed by State and Federal Orders. Moore was also removed from his post shortly there after. Rumors no swirl of those same ACLU and other plaintiffs demanding his removal and those who helped put in the monument. How virtuous and tolerant of these leftists. There was a suit where the phrase One Nation Under God was to be removed, but the Federal Courts declined that case. It was not over the words that the decline was issued, just the unclear parent relationship between the atheist father and the child he was suing for, in name only some said. Then this week, the LA Council removed the Cross and a Roman Godess from it's seal. They said they removed most references, but this is a clear laying down and concession to prevent legal action from the ACLU, again. Is it just me or is God a bad thing to say, unless you add damn or two other expletives to it? Is there something I missed about the Establishment clause. Freedom of religion, not freedom from it! Anyone else have thoughts on this!

Favorite Quotes

Any favorite quotes, scriputres, or other sayings worth sharing?

Here are a few.


Every man dies, but not every man lives.-Mel Gibson in Braveheart

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.-Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Let's Roll- Todd Beamer, Passenger on United Flight 93.

Blessed is the nation whose God is The Lord.- Ps. 33:12


Most of our imports come from other countries-George W Bush

I voted for the $87 Billion, before I voted against it.-John Kerry

Snootchie Bootchies.-Jay from Clerks


I hope our troops encounter a 100 Mogadishus in Iraq.- Columbia Prof in 2003

If Tuna is a fish, why do they call it Chicken of the Sea?- Jessica Simpson

MEL GIBSON, Why He Rocks

Another Op-Ed, suprise suprise. But, Mel Gibson has been a rather prolific and known figure in Hollywood, and now in the realm of religion. Gibson made The Passion Of The Christ, which was panned and raved by many different critics, politicos, and even Bill O Reilly. However, behind that film, which is the highest grossing religious film in years, $300 Million and counting, is an interesting actor and man. Mel was known for Braveheart and before that The Lethal Weapon Films, but Mel is now producing and doing other films. What makes Mel such a controversial and likable figure? Some say his faith is God adds to being hated and hailed. Others say his acting. Many say he is genuine. What Say You? Try and keep it clean folks. And don't get too personal. It's the internet after all.

America's Threats

Well this is my first post, so here it goes. It's my blog, so deal with it. What is threatening America? Well first, there is Terrorism. Terrorism has been a sword of Damocles that is dangling over our collective head since the 1960s. Others feel our economy is a major threat, despite a healthy recovery of over 1 million jobs since 9-11, and unemployment hitting a 12 year low. Many feel the threat to America is runaway illegal immigration. And some still feel that America is threat to itself by alienating old allies and gaining new enemies at the same time. This is for discussion. I think all of the above weigh heavily and differently as threats. What Say You?