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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year Iraq, Guess what's gonna swing from a rope....

Saddam Hussein, sentenced to die, back in November, is set to be executed, at 10 pm EST, US Time, which is morning over there.

Well, Saddam, since you killed millions, endangered and ruined even more lives, enjoy your eternity in hell.

By the way, your funeral is gonna make the Mussolini corpse pinata bash look like a state funeral. Enjoy it, sucka!

Say hi to your two depraved sons and Al Zarqawi when you enter the 7th Circle of Hell.

Ding Dong, That Sumbitch is dead!

Now, back to other scumbag terrorists....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Danny Bonaduce: Don't Interrupt him at lunch

Here's what happens when a stupid and thoughtless liberal, like Moonshine, interrupts a former child star at lunch. Notice Danny doesn't strut around like Hollyweird, but he has the guts to tell off this prick at Resistence Manifesto.

Remember, Former Child Stars, are people too, they're just the same as you and you and you...... (Dickie Roberts song- Former Child Stars starts playing)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Funny bit of wisdom

From Da Ali G Show: So, if this show teach you anything, it should teach you how to respek everyone: animals, children, bitches, spazmos, mingers, lezzers, fatty boombahs, and even gaylords. So, to all you lot watching this, but mainly to the normal people, respek. West side.

that was Ali G

Next, we have Borat......

In U.S. and A. they treat horses like we in Kazakhstan treat our women. They feed them two times a day. They have them sleep on straw in a small box. And for entertainment, they make them jump over fences while being whipped.

American wine is like Kazahkstani wine, but not made from fermented horse urine.

Very sorry to interrupt politic. Might I make a shit in your house?

I'd like to thank my brother in law and sister for getting me Da Ali G Show for Christmas. It's pretty darned funny, if you're a sick and twisted freak. I'm not seeing Borat til I finish the first 2 seasons on DVD.

Other cool stuff I got for early Christmas, since I'll be out of town:

24 Season 5

World Trade Center on DVD

Collectors Coins

The 40 Year Old Virgin (frickin hilarious)





How's everyone's Christmas been so far?

Thursday, December 14, 2006


30 Days, 9 hours, 45 minutes, and something seconds til Season 6 of 24 premieres.....

That's Houston Time, adjust for you area accordingly.

Just to let you know, the newest trailer rocks......

Or try the official Fox Site.....


And 24 has been nominated for at least 2 Golden Globes. 1 for Kiefer Sutherland for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama. The other Best TV Series Drama.

Heck yea!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Democrats fly to Syria to hold Assad's hand

They call it negotiating. Anyone with half a brain knows it's something else involving Bill Nelson's mouth and Bashir's zipper.......

And of course, John Kerry is flying over shortly. He wants to make up for missing out on Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark's Hanoi Hilton Tour. Kill any troops lately, Jane?

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago, December 12, 2003, US Army Soldiers of the 4th ID captured tyrant and dictator Saddam Hussein. Was he in Der Bunker, as his role model Adolf was? Was he in a dacha like Stalin was in his last days? Was he the brave fearless leader?

Nope, he was caught cowering in a spider hole with a loaded gun, and $750K in US money. Real leader, hiding til he could sneak out. Well, he was caught, tried, and sentenced to death.

Thank you soldiers of the 4th ID for your endeavour.

For more info, check the following link....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh Hohohohoho, Look Who Grew a Pair!

SeaTac I apologize and retract my earlier statements.....

Kudos to you.....

Christmas Trees are back up and it looks like the Grinch saw the light....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmastime is Grinchtime, says SeaTac Airport

Well, well, well, rather than put up a menorah next their Christmas tree or brave litigation, Seattle Tacoma International Airport removes ALL of the Airport's Christmas Trees. The original complaint, by a rabbi, was that there was no Menorah or Hannukah decore next to the Christmas decore. He threatened to sue unless they put up his stuff also. Who's to blame? The Jews, again? Or rather spineless airport officials who may instead fear acquiesing to Jews and Christians, and a stupid fear of floodgates being opened? I blame the airport.

Thanks a lot, you Sons of Grinches.... Merry Freakin Christmas.... Argh.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Deck The Halls: Fala-Allah-la, La Allah La......

Well, thank you terrorists for making the malls into armed camps and shopping more complicated than the cage fight spectacle it already is.

Ya bunch of bastards.....,2933,235620,00.html

Well, since they wanna Deck The Halls with bombs and get their jollies, we ought make fun of Fall Allah La Allah La La...... Religion of Peace, right? Riiiiight?

Mark my words. If these goat fellating bunch of ass punks screw with Christmas, it will be on.

Jihadist Mall Massacre foiled by FBI

Well, tis the season to be a motherf-ckin excuse for a human being for some people.....,2933,235518,00.html

A man has been arrested by federal agents on charges of planning to set off hand grenades at an Illinois shopping mall on Dec. 22 as part of his plan to commit "violent jihad" against civilians.

Yes the mooselimb targeted unarmed civilians. Women, kids, old folks, and probably a few department store Santas. Thank God this piece of grabastic amphibian Shiite got apprehended. WTF are you so mad about that you wanna bomb a mall days before Christmas? Didn't get that copy of Muslims Gone Wild on DVD? Awww, poor baby.....

Derrick Shareef, 22, of Rockford, was arrested when he carried out a rendezvous with an undercover agent in a parking lot to trade a set of stereo speakers for four grenades and a handgun.

Grenades and a HANDGUN. I wonder what he wanted to do? Do an episode of punk'd? Nooooo, he intended to spread death and destruction in the name of the religion of pieces. And the silence from his fellow Muslims is defeaning......

Federal officials said he planned to place the grenades in garbage cans at the CherryVale shopping mall in Rockford, about 90 miles northwest of Chicago.

Shareef was charged with one count of attempting to damage or destroy a building by fire or explosion and one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Officials say he was acting alone and there was never any real threat.

Send him to Oz, send him to prison to die a miserable death. Execution is too good, hand him over to a mob of pissed of Midwesterners, or better yet drop his ass in Brooklyn with a 9/11 Plotter sign. See the Italians give him a hands on welcome.


Yeah, we're still at war, libs.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Iranian Von Ribbentropp sullies December 7 in NYC with 'speech',2933,235279,00.html

More or less, the Nazi rewrites history to make the Jewish Holocaust as the catalyst for worse and more evil atrocities against the Arabs.....

No response from the Democrats or Chamberlain types as usual.

Someone forgot their history. And now we may have to repeat it.

Pearl Harbor Day

December 7, 1941- 65 years ago Japan attacked the US Naval installations at Pearl Harbor, along with Army, and Marine installations in Hawaii, Guam, Midway and other bases in the Pacific. That day over 2300 Americans died at Pearl Harbor. That was a Day of Infamy.

60 years later, September 11, 2001 another Day of Infamy hit the US. Time over 2700 were killed, mostly civilians, non-military.

This year will not be the last year we ever commemorate Pearl Harbor, but many Survivors Groups are calling it a finale after this year. 65 years, and age have dwindled the group numbers. A Generation is almost gone. To that Generation who endured a sneak attack, and fought back, and did not care about polls and pundits, our undying gratitude goes out to you. The Greatest Generation indeed.