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Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman: Truth, Justice and the (Not American) Way

Well, now Superman is even being PC-ed to the Nth. No longer, Truth Justice and the American Way. But, now Truth Justice and some other PC Crap. Stop revising every damn thing, Hollywood! What's next, Jesus was gay and had kids to throw off the scent? Wait, that was done in theater already.

To quote Brodie in Mallrats: "What the f-ck are you doing? Superman wasn't kind and gentle all the time, he kicked Apocalypse's Ass! He bitch slapped Lex Luthor countless times! Sh-t! Stop f-cking with the art form, you Douche!"

Jerry Siegel has to be rolling over in his grave at this crap. And no doubt the late Christopher Reeve may be disappointed.

Superman may even be gay, or that's the new rumor and revision on the Man of Steel.

Gotta wonder about Batman and the Boy Wonder, two lonely guys, sharing a mansion and a cave with an old prissy butler. See how easy it is to infer the ridiculous.

Let the Israelis Clean House

OK, OK, we know this isn't the first time the Paleswineians have kidnapped an Israeli. Nor is it rear for them to kill a settler and butcher them. However, at this time, Prime Minister Ohmert is showing the spirit of King David in rolling into Gaza and the West Bank and nailing the Swines. Good for him and good for the Israelis. Enough is enough. Let them take care of the thorn in their side. Let them move these bastards out of the land once and for all. Let the Israelis do what we decided to try and stop and mediate for the past 20 years, and that's kicking terrorist ass.

Weather forecast for Ramallah and Gaza is as follows....

In a freak storm front, temperatures soared to record highs of 500 degrees today, with fierce winds, and scorching heat storms. It may only last a few minutes.

The Palestinians have two options, Well done or extra crispy.

Bringing a Pomeranian to the other guy's Dogfight

bringing a Pomeranian to the nastiest dogfight, sounds ludicrous right? Well, it's not ludicrous according to the US Supreme Court.

They have officially muzzled any form of justice against terrorists. They have sided with the New World Order types, who demand everyone follows the Geneva and Hague Conventions, but will conveniently overlook the Muslims and their Nazi-like and Attila the Hun rampages in this day and age.

Yes, in a 5-3 vote, the Majority, including moderate swinger Kennedy decided we ought not bring any terrorists to trial under the Geneva and Hague Conventions. Those protect countries, not a bunch of stateless terrorists, you fruits. So, now, if we get attacked, do we get to file grievances and write our Senators hoping the Moors will play by the rules? That's what our naive and stupid court says.

The Chief Justice did not opine, as he recused himself for hearing a similar case on this, and felt legally bound not to create a conflict of interest. Thanks for pussying out, your honor. And thanks to Souter, Breyer, Stevens, Gindsberg and turncoat Kennedy for ensuring terrorists get more rights than their victims do.

Any further deaths occur, may you face the blame and shame for your piss ant rulings. Any beheadings after this, let the blood be on you and never washed off. Any cities are reduced to rubble, look to the black robes of death as accomplices. Thanks for nothing.

This is the umpteenth example of why our judges have a god complex and it will get us all killed. That or we'll be enslaved under the Muslims or Godless Eurotrash that the libs seem to emulate.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Islam will dominate Europe's Future

In France, Islam and secularism spread as Christianity lapses

In France and in almost every other European country, Christianity appears to be in a free fall. Although up to 88 percent of the French identify themselves as Roman Catholic, only about 5 percent go to church on most Sundays; 60 percent say they "never" or "practically never" go.

Hate to sound end of times like, but I read a verse, "and many will fall from God's graces. Many will flee Him to false gods in the final days....." This all rings too dang true. And yes, even our British Friends are in the abyss. The Anglican Church is outstripped in attendance by Muslims 10 to 1. Figures since atheism thrives over in the UK, France, and elsewhere. Who do you blame? The atheists and humanists for spreading their philosophy or the Christians for not trying, or both? I don't blame God, as what happens happens, as bad as it may get.

But Islam is a thriving force. The 12 million to 15 million Muslims who live in Europe make up less than 5 percent of the total population, but the vitality of their faith has led some experts to predict that Islam will become the continent's dominant faith.

Dominant in attendance, hopefully not in conversion or even influence. But, you never know. France will cow tow to the mooselimbs like we do to the illegals, seeling their fate. While Islam has smaller persons and attendees than overall Europe, most in Europe won't go to church except for funerals, wakes, weddings, and holidays. Eerily like some parts of the US. Personally, I think atheism and agnosticism are more dominant in Europe and won't go away. They'll just uncaringly give their lands up. Why hold onto to something God gave you, if you won't believe in God, one man asked.

Princeton University historian Bernard Lewis, the dean of American Middle East scholars, flatly predicts that Europe will be Islamic by the end of this century "at the very latest."

Scary and very very realistic predictions.....

God Help us all.

Monday, June 26, 2006

NY Times Head makes Ironic Comments

The NY Times, and its stuck up editors and owners are lashing out. But, who could blame them since their subscriptions are down, they have plagarists and liars on the payroll who claim to be journalists, and now may face prosecution for leaking intel info.

Some of the venom is too ironic to describe.....

Former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines has leveled a shocking charge against Fox News: The leading cable news network makes up its stories.
In his new autobiography "The One That Got Away,” Raines – who, ironically, resigned over made-up stories at the Times – writes: "Fox, by its mere existence, undercuts the argument that the public is starved for ‘fair’ news, and not just because Fox shills for the Republican Party and panders to the latest of America’s periodic religious manias. The key to understanding Fox News is to grasp the anomalous fact that its consumers know its ‘news’ is made up.
"It matters not when critics point this out to Foxite consumers because they’ve understood it from the outset. That’s why they’re there.”
"Fox Television showed us the future - outright lies and paranoid opinions packaged as news under the oversight of Rupert [Murdoch], a flagrant pirate, and Roger Ailes, an unprincipled Nixon thug.”
After the conservative Web site Newsbusters ran several excerpts from Raines’ book, one e-mailer wrote:
"Fox may have a conservative slant but it is usually quite clear when they go from straight reporter mode to giving their own two bits worth.”
Another e-mail says: "I guess if there’s anyone who should recognize ‘made-up’ news when he sees it, it would be Howell Raines.”
Raines was executive editor at the Times when the Jayson Blair scandal erupted in 2003. Blair, it was revealed, had fabricated stories, inventing quotes and even entire interviews. Raines resigned about a month later, after less than two years at the job.

Patriot Games

Well, as if Iraq and Iran weren't enough. North Korea is now rattling its sabres in anticipation of conflict with the USA.

Read and look.,2933,200945,00.html

Ah, the Chia Dictator strikes again.

PC-Police State: Valedictorian after thanking God in speech


The G-Word

A Nevada high schooler who tried to use the G-word during her valedictorian speech had her microphone cut by school officials worried about what they said was possible proselytizing during a school sponsored event, reports the Associated Press.
Officials from the Clark County school district cut off Foothill High School valedictorian Brittany McComb as soon as she began deviating from a pre-approved speech and reading from a version that mentioned God and made references to the Bible.
The local branch of the ACLU said the school did the right thing, but some of the 400 people attending the event disagreed and jeered when the ceremony went silent. McComb herself said it was a free speech issue.
"I went through four years of school at Foothill and they taught me logic and they taught me freedom of speech," she said. "God's the biggest part of my life. Just like other valedictorians thank their parents, I wanted to thank my Lord and savior."

Monday, June 19, 2006

Abortion Survivor Gets Chilly Reception


Sounds strange, but read this....

Planned Parenthood Celebration Jolted by Abortion Survivor
by Ted Harvey, assistant minority leader, Colorado House

She sings the anthem to applause, then her secret is revealed to stunned silence.
I want to share with you an awesome experience I had in the Colorado House of Representatives on May 8. It is a humbling experience to look back and realize that God used me to play a role in His divine orchestration.
I was leaving the House chambers for the weekend when our Democrat speaker of the House announced that the coming Monday would be the final day of this year's General Assembly. He went on to state that there were still numerous resolutions on the calendar which we would need to be addressed prior to the summer adjournment. Interestingly, he specifically mentioned that one of the resolutions we would be hearing was being carried by the House Majority Leader Alice Madden, honoring the 90th anniversary of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.
As a strong pro-life legislator I was disgusted by the idea that we would pass a resolution honoring this 90-year legacy of genocide. I drove home that night wondering what I could say that might pierce the darkness during the debate on this heinous resolution.
On Saturday morning, I took my 8-year-old son up to the mountains to go white-water rafting. The trip lasted all day. As we were driving home, exhausted and hungry, I remembered that I had accepted an invitation to attend a fundraising dinner that night for a local pro-life organization. One of my most respected mentors had personally called me several weeks earlier and asked me to attend, so I knew I'd have to clean up and head over.
After our meal, the executive director of the organization introduced the keynote speaker. I looked up and saw walking to the stage a handicapped young lady being assisted to the microphone by a young man holding a guitar.
Her name was Gianna Jessen.
Gianna said "Hello," welcomed everyone, and then sang three of the most beautiful Christian songs I have ever heard.
She then began to give her testimony. When her biological mother was 17 years old and seven and a half months pregnant, she went to a Planned Parenthood clinic to have an abortion. As God would have it, the abortion failed and a beautiful 2-pound baby girl was brought into the world. Unfortunately, she was born with cerebral palsy and the doctors thought that she would never survive. The doctors were wrong.
Imagine the timing! A survivor of a Planned Parenthood abortion arrived in town just days before the Colorado House of Representatives was to celebrate Planned Parenthood's "wonderful" work.
As I listened to Gianna's amazing testimony, the Lord inspired me to ask her if she could stay in Denver until Monday morning so that I could introduce her on the floor of the House and tell her story. Perhaps she could even begin the final day's session by singing our country's national anthem!
To my surprise she said she would seriously consider it. If she were to agree, she wanted her accompanying guitarist to stay as well. A lady standing in line behind me waiting to meet Gianna overheard our conversation and said that she would be willing to pay for the guitarist's room. Gianna then said that she would think about it.
As I was driving home from the banquet, my cell phone rang. It was Gianna, and she immediately said, "I'm in, let's ruin this celebration." Praise God!
When Monday morning came, I awoke at 6 a.m. to write my speech before heading to the Capitol. As I wrote down the words, I could sense God's help and I knew that this was going to be a powerful moment for the pro-life movement.
Following a committee hearing, I rushed into the House chambers just as the opening morning prayer was about to be given. Between the prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, I wrote a quick note to the speaker of the House explaining that Gianna is an advocate for cerebral palsy. I took the note to the speaker and asked if I could have my friend open the last day of session by singing the national anthem. Without any hesitation the speaker took the microphone and said, "Before we begin, Representative Harvey has made available for us Gianna Jessen to sing the national anthem."
Gianna sang the most amazing rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that you could possibly imagine. Every person in the entire chamber was completely still, quiet and in awe of this frail young lady's voice.
Due to her cerebral palsy, Gianna often loses her balance, and shortly after starting to sing she grabbed my arm to stabilize herself, and I could tell that she was shaking. Suddenly, midway through the song, she forgot the words and began to hum and then said, "Please forgive me; I am so nervous." She then immediately began singing again and every House member and every guest throughout the chambers began to sing along with her to give her encouragement and to lift her up.
As I looked around the huge hall I listened to the unbelievable melody of Gianna's voice being accompanied by a choir of over 100 voices. I had chills running all over my body, and I knew that I had just witnessed an act of God.
As the song concluded the speaker of the House explained that Gianna has cerebral palsy and is an activist to bring awareness to the disease. "Let us give her a hand not only for her performance today, but also for her advocacy work," he said. The chamber immediately exploded into applause -- she had them all in the palm of her hand.
The speaker then called the House to order, and we proceeded as usual to allow members to make any announcements or introductions of guests. For dramatic effect, I waited until I was the last person remaining before I introduced Gianna.
As I waited for my turn, I nervously paced back and forth praying to God that he would give me the peace, confidence and the courage necessary to pull off what I knew would be one of the most dramatic and controversial moments of my political career.
While I waited, a prominent reporter from one of the major Denver newspapers walked over to Gianna and told her that her rendition captured the spirit of the national anthem more powerfully than any she had ever heard before.
Finally, I was the last person remaining. So, I proceeded to the microphone and began my speech.
Members, I would like to introduce you to a new friend and hero of mine -- her name is Gianna Jessen. She is visiting us today from Nashville, Tennessee, where she is an accomplished recording artist.
She has cerebral palsy and was raised in foster homes before being adopted at the age of four.She was born prematurely and weighed only 2 pounds at birth. She remained in the hospital for almost three months. A doctor once said she had a great will to live and that she fought for her life. Eventually she was able to leave the hospital and be placed in foster care.
Because of her cerebral palsy, her foster mother was told that it was doubtful that she would ever crawl or walk. She could not sit up independently. Through the prayers and dedication of her foster mother, she eventually learned to sit up, crawl, then stand. Shortly before her fourth birthday, she began to walk with leg braces and a walker.She continued in physical therapy and after a total of four surgeries, she was able to walk without assistance.
She still falls sometimes, but she says she has learned how to fall gracefully after falling for 29 years.
Two years ago, she walked into a local health club and said she wanted a private trainer. At the time her legs could not lift 30 pounds. Today she can leg press 200 pounds.
She became so physically fit that she began running marathons to raise money and awareness for cerebral palsy. She just returned last week from England where she ran in the London Marathon. It took her more than eight-and-a-half hours to complete. They were taking down the course by the time she made it to the finish line. But she made it, nonetheless. With bloody feet and aching joints, she finished the race.Members would you help me recognize a modern-day hero -- Gianna Jessen?
At this point the chamber exploded into applause which lasted for 15-to-20 seconds. Gianna had touched their souls.
Ironically, Alice Madden, the majority leader and sponsor of the Planned Parenthood resolution, walked over to Gianna and congratulated her.
As the applause began to die down, I raised my hand to be recognized one more time.
Mr. Speaker, members, if you would allow me just a few more moments I would appreciate your time.
My name is Ted Harvey, not Paul Harvey, but, please, let me tell you the rest of the story.
The cause of Gianna's cerebral palsy is not because of some biological freak of nature, but rather the choice of her mother.
You see when her biological mother was 17-years-old and 7-and-a-half months pregnant, she went to a Planned Parenthood clinic to seek a late-term abortion. The abortionist performed a saline abortion on this 17-year-old girl. This procedure requires the injection of a high concentration of saline into the mother's womb, which the fetus is then bathed in and swallows, which results in the fetus being burned to death, inside and out. Within 24 hours the results are normally an induced, still-born abortion.
As Gianna can testify, the procedure is not always 100 percent effective. Gianna is an aborted late-term fetus who was born alive. The high concentration of saline in the womb for 24 hours resulted in a lack of oxygen to her brain and is the cause of her cerebral palsy.
Members, today, we are going to recognize the 90th anniversary of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood…"

BANG! The gavel came down.
Just as I was finishing the last sentence of my speech -- the climax of the morning -- the speaker of the House gaveled me down and said, "Representative Harvey, I will allow you to continue your introduction, but not for the purposes of debating a measure now pending before the House."
At which point I said, "Mr. Speaker, I understand. I just wanted to put a face to what we are celebrating today."
Deafening silence.
I then walked back to my chair shaking like a leaf. The Democrats wouldn't look at me. They were fuming. It was beautiful. I have been in the Legislature for five tough years, and this made it all worthwhile.
The House majority leader wouldn't talk to me the rest of the day.
Was it because I introduced an abortion survivor, or was it because we touched her soul? She could congratulate an inspirational cerebral palsy victim and advocate, but was outraged when she discovered that the person she congratulated was also an abortion survivor.
The headline in The Denver Post the next day read "Abortion Jab Earns Rebuke." The majority leader is quoted as saying, "I think it was amazingly rude to use a human being as an example of his personal politics."
Yes, Representative Madden, Gianna Jessen is a human being. She was when she was in her mother's womb, and she was when she sang the national anthem on the floor of the Colorado House of Representatives.
The paper went on to quote Gianna, stating she was glad I told her story.
"We need to discuss the humanity of it. I'm glad to be able to speak up for children in the womb," she said. "If abortion is about women's rights, where were my rights?"
All I can say is, "Glory to God!" He orchestrated it all, every minute of it, and I was so honored to have been chosen to play a part. May we all continue to be filled with and to fight for the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ!

FOR MORE INFORMATION:If you'd like to contact Ted Harvey, you may e-mail him at


OK, normally Monday is a politics kind of day, but let's go for a change of pace.

I took in a movie this weekend. Nacho Libre. If you liked or sat through Napoleon Dynamite, you will like this better than Napoleon. Though it's from the same creators, this one has Jack Black as Ignacio. Ignacio was an orphan taken into a monestary to cook for the monks and teachers and fellow orphans. He liked wrestling since childhood and while becoming an adult tinkered with it. Finally, Ignacio gets tired of serving up slop and scrounging for second hand and stale food to use for the orphans, he takes to wrestling to earn $$ and feed his flock better. Sounds noble and dramatic.

NOOOOOOOOO! It's Jack Black, so expect odd accents, glares, and plenty of Jack showing off his gut and man-boobs. It's sick, it's odd, and it was hilarious. And some of you may think it insults Mexico. No, not by any means. It slams wrestling big time. And Jack the monk wannabe falls in love with a nun, Incarnacion. Were it not for his vows, he says.......

Along the way Ignacio meets a feral guy who does not believe in God, only science. In the end, Jack gets him in a quick-sneak baptism, and the friend prays to God before their biggest wrestling match.

It's juvenille, it's twisted, but it's worth a watch.

And the soundtrack is pretty cool also.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gee, I Wonder If They're gonna Cut and Run?

Let's see, um, no!

Even the most vocal critics were shouted down. Withdrawing the troops by years end is not feasible. It won't happen, and lemme add, since they are making headway now, let's let em do their thing.....

And one more thing....the vote was 93 to 6 in the Senate to keep our troops in.

Keep em there til the job is done.

Anne Coulter Number 1 Best Seller

Wow, not bad for a mean spirited evil conservative. About time something besides Bush bashing and God bashing makes the NY Times List.....

And apparently, impressed Jay Leno's audience. Not bad for The Left Coast, huh?

Keep em coming, conservatives....


Well, here's some sad sad news, if you are terrorist sandal kisser. The Terrorists are being hit and hit HARD.

And shockingly, this all came from documents found in Al Zarqawi's terrorist group by some deep cover operatives.....

God bless those spooks, they did gerrrrrr-eat.

And oh yeah, 452 raids and counting......

Thursday, June 08, 2006

U.N. Arrogance

Wow, this couldn't more clear than if Dorian Gray delivered the speak with a mirror next to him.....

The arrogance of these Euro trash is unbelievable. No reprimand, of course, except by Ambassador Bolton, who had the guts to take these patronizing turds to task.

"The prevailing practice of seeking to use the U.N. almost by stealth as a diplomatic tool while failing to stand up for it against its domestic critics is simply not sustainable," said the deputy, Mark Malloch Brown. "You will lose the U.N. one way or another."
In a highly unusual instance of a United Nations official singling out an individual country for criticism, Mr. Malloch Brown said that although the United States was constructively engaged with the United Nations in many areas, the American public was shielded from knowledge of that by Washington's tolerance of what he called "too much unchecked U.N.-bashing and stereotyping."
"Much of the public discourse that reaches the U.S. heartland has been largely abandoned to its loudest detractors such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News," he said.
Richard A. Grenell, the spokesman for John R. Bolton, the United States ambassador, said Mr. Bolton had not had time to read the speech to react to it fully on Tuesday evening. "Mr. Malloch Brown did not extend to us the courtesy of a copy of the speech," Mr. Grenell said. "We need to read it and will certainly have to respond."
Mr. Malloch Brown is a Briton who became deputy secretary general in March and will leave office when Mr. Annan's term ends on Dec. 31. He made his remarks in a lunch speech at a Midtown hotel to a conference on global leadership co-sponsored by the Center for American Progress and the Century Foundation.
The speech reflected frustration in Mr. Annan's office with a looming crisis over the United Nations budget, which, under a six-month gap agreed to under pressure from Washington in December, will pay the bills only until the end of June.
The deal was struck to link budget approval with achievement of significant management reforms, and Mr. Bolton made frequent mention of Congressional impatience with the United Nations and legislation that would authorize Washington to start withholding its dues. The United States is the largest contributor to the United Nations, paying 22 percent of its budget.

Blah, blah, they want more money. Care to pay off your parking tickets, first, boys? Piss off, you limey prick. Oh, who's footed most of the money of any country in the UN, us. Who's sacrificed troops on botched UN missions? Us, remember Somalia, Lebanon, Kosovo? F-ck you, Brown.

He noted that the United Nations was fielding 18 peacekeeping operations abroad at lower cost and higher effectiveness than "comparable U.S. operations." Yet, he said, that fact has been ignored or underplayed by policy makers and opinion shapers in Washington.
"To acknowledge an America reliant on international institutions is not perceived to be good politics at home," he said.
Mr. Malloch Brown did not mention Mr. Bolton by name, but he criticized the working strategy that many diplomats have associated with Mr. Bolton since his arrival last August. "Exacerbating matters is the widely held perception, even among many U.S. allies, that the U.S. tends to hold on to maximalist positions when it could be finding middle ground," Mr. Malloch Brown said.

Effective peacekeeping missions? Like what? UN peacekeeping troops raping and killing in the Ivory Coast and in The Congo? The UN pussying out of Rwanda? The tsunami relief still hasn't gotten everywhere, you asshat.

Here's our response, get out of New York, get out of the US since you hate us so much. Go move to Switzerland or somewhere, where you'll feel more at home. Remember this, next war or mission, count us out.

Zarqawi Joke, 72 Virginians?

Al Zarqawi just died and he’s walking to the Pearly Gates. He is met by St. Peter who says, walk on through, but you have some answering to do for what you did on earth, bucko. Zarqawi shrugs it off and walks ahead.


George Washington ran up and blindsides Zarqawi with a right hook. Washington, pissed off, yells, “How dare you kill those countrymen of mine, defending what I built!”
Washington starts beatin that ass.
Zarqawi gets his bearings just in time for Thomas Jefferson to deliver a roundhouse kick to the face. Jefferson, even more pissed off, “How dare you support those who killed my Americans and rammed a plane into Virginia!” Jefferson starts wailing on the guy with nunchucks.
Then 70 other Virginian Continental men join in the beating.
Zarqawi starts yelling, “Wait a minute, I thought I was going to get 72 Virgins?”Washington responds, “72 Virginians you filth!” Pounding on Zarqawi with brass knuckles.
“Wait, I want to talk to Jesus Christ! Where is Jesus Christ? I need Jesus Christ!!!”, Zarqawi pleads.
St. Peter grins, nudges Paul and says, “Hey, do you think Jesus ordered a cab or something?”

Zarqawi's Favorite Songs

1. Hot Blooded.
2. I Go to Pieces.
3. Ring of Fire.
4. Bombshell
5. Where There's Smoke There's Fire.

Zarqawi Enters the Gates of Hell

Yesterday Al Zarqawi went to meet his 72 virgins..sheep in Mooselimb Paradise.

We can thank:

Our kick ass troops.
The Iraqis who were brave enough to infiltrate his cell and get the info.
The pilots who dropped the big ass cluster bombs.
And we can thank Jesus, for the Daisy Cutter and the MOAB bombs were an ironic twist. I dunno if those were used, but it would be cool, right?

Well, we have a long ways to go, buuuut killing this bastard adds some sweetness to a gruelling week.,,30000-1224102,00.html

This won't the end the war today, but it will sure as hell help. Good work boys, I owe you fine men and women in uniform who did this a round of beers or drinks, or something.

Good luck boys, it's a long road, but you may have turned a key corner.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another One Bits The Dust....

Well, well, there is some justice in the world. Huntsville executed itself another convicted murderer. It only took 14 years to do it. However, the axe murderer, a crack addict, killed his live in girlfriend, took her car, and was caught. Oh, and he did it high, which exonerates him right? Not in Texas it doesn't.

So, one down, several thousand to go.

14 years. Try 14 months, 14 months to re-investigate the case and prove a substantial doubt. Otherwise, fry em.

Or to quote Walton & Johnson, put them in a room, no windows, bound so they can't escape, and let the next of kin of the victims go in with a bat or a dull axe, like this killer used.

Save us a crapload of tax money we could use on education and roads rather than coddling these death row types.....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How does He Do it?

How does he do it? How does God have room for love in his heart for people who spit in his face?

A simple well wish for the troops, and the Democratic Underground shows its nasty and intolerant colors.

Read this, and be appalled by the "champions of enlightenment."

If D-Day was covered by today's media

Excellent post from another esteemed blogger.

OK, we seem to have survived the over-hyped Devil Day. Now let’s look at the real significance of today.

The Battle of Normandy was fought in 1944, starting on June 6 and lasting to August 25, between the German forces occupying Western Europe and the invading Allied forces as part of the larger conflict of World War II. Over sixty years later, the Normandy invasion, codenamed Operation Overlord, still remains the largest seaborne invasion in history, involving almost three million troops crossing the English Channel from England to Normandy in then German-occupied France.

The Normandy invasion began with overnight airborne paratrooper and glider landings, massive air attacks and naval bombardments, and an early morning amphibious assault on June 6, “D-Day”. The battle for Normandy continued for more than two months, with campaigns to establish, expand, and eventually break out of the Allied beachheads. It concluded with the liberation of Paris and the fall of the Falaise Pocket.

Although the Normandy landings were costly in terms of men, the defeat inflicted on the Germans was one of the largest of the war. Strategically, the campaign led to the loss of the German position in most of France and the secure establishment of a major new front. By September, Allied forces of seven field armies were approaching the German frontier.
Imagine how today’s media would have handled the operation. For all its success, there were errors, and casualties were horrendous.

Today’s New York Times would be denouncing the incompetence of General Eisenhower. “Pandemonium, shock and sheer terror predominate today’s events in Europe. In an as yet unfolding apparent fiasco, Supreme Allied Commander, General Dwight David Eisenhower’s troops got a rude awakening this morning at Omaha Beach here in Normandy. Due to insufficient planning and lack of a workable entrance strategy soldiers of the 1st and 29th Infantry as well as Army Rangers are now bogged down and sustaining heavy casualties inflicted on them by dug-in insurgent positions located 170 feet above them on cliffs overlooking the beaches which now resemble blood soaked killing fields at the time of this mid-morning filing.”

Today’s LA Times would be calling on FDR to fire Eisenhower. “Things appear to be going so poorly that Lt. General Omar Bradley has been rumored to be considering breaking off the attack entirely. As we go to press embattled U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s spokesman has not made himself available for comment at all, fueling fires that something has gone disastrously awry. The government at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is in a distinct lock-down mode and the Vice President’s location is presently and officially undisclosed. Whether the second in command should have gone into hiding during such a crisis will have to be answered at some future time, but many agree it does not send a good signal.”

Wouldn’t the talking Heads at MSNBC be apologizing for the “misunderstood” SS officers simply wanting freedom for their oppressed people? “Underlining the less than effective Allied attack, German casualties - most of them innocent and hapless conscripts - seem not to be as severe as would be imagined. Errant US and British paratroopers have been hung up in trees, breaking arms and legs, rendering themselves easy targets for those defending this territory from Allied aggressors. A German minister who requested anonymity stated categorically that ‘the crusaders were being driven back into the sea amidst heavy casualties, the German people seek no wider war.’ ‘The news couldn’t be better,’ Adolph Hitler said of the occupying Allied force when he was first informed of the D-Day assault earlier this afternoon. ‘As long as they were in Britain we couldn’t get at them. Now we have them where we can destroy them.’ German minister Goebbels had been told of the Allied airborne landings at 0400 hours. ‘Thank God, at last,’ he said. ‘This is the final round.’ “

The Times and Guardian in the UK would provide headlines such as “Roosevelt, with only his poodle Churchill backing him up, escalates total war in Europe”, “Rather than finding work for them Roosevelt sends thousands of underprivileged Americans to their certain deaths”, “This is too heavy a price to pay; bring the troops home now!”

After all the liberation of Europe was simply a way for the US war machine to make millions, right? “Military spending has skyrocketed the national debt into uncharted regions, lending another cause for concern. When and if the current hostilities finally end it may take generations for the huge debt to be repaid. Today’s costly and chaotic landing compounds the President’s already large credibility problem. On the home front, questions and concern have been voiced. A telephone poll has shown dwindling support for the wheel-chair bound Commander In Chief, which might indicate a further erosion of support for his now three year-old global war based on lies.”

What about the liberal blogs? What would they be screeching today from their bully pulpits? “US Soldiers Desecrate French Church by Killing Sniper in Tower”, or “D-Day Protesters in New York: No Blood for Brie!”, or “Sanctions Would Have Worked, Says League of Nations”, or “Unified Europe faces threat from US-led Assault”.

Then comes media stalwarts, like Newsweek, that show their true colors through the words they choose to print. “Newsweek has learned from a reliable source that American troops tried to ‘rattle’ German POWs by abusing copies of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf - the Bible of the Third Reich. Lawyers from the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Master Race Legal Foundation have filed emergency briefs with a federal judge in an effort to end the psychological torture of German prisoners. Our source described how a blond, blue-eyed, 19-year-old Waffen SS captive wept and curled his body into fetal position as sadistic GI guards tore pages from the Nazi holy book and flushed them down a toilet. Older German POWs were also reduced to tears. ‘This is a blatant abuse of the prisoners’ First Amendment constitutional rights,’ said attorney Heinz Gesundt, of the Aryan Justice League. Meanwhile, rioting against American abuse of Mein Kampf broke out in the European cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Bremen.”

What would has-been politicos, like Al Gore, be saying about Operation Overlord? Would they respect the office of the President, or would they launch agenda diatribes high on emotions but low on facts? “The invasion also caused severe environmental damage. American troops, tanks, trucks, and machinery destroyed miles of pristine shoreline and thousands of acres of ecologically sensitive wetlands. It was believed that the habitat of the spineless French crab was completely wiped out, threatening the species with extinction. A representative of Greenpeace said his organization, which had tried to stall the invasion for over a year, was appalled at the destruction, but not surprised. ‘This is just another example of how the military destroys the environment without a second thought,’ said Christine Moan-more. ‘And it’s all about corporate greed.’ “

How about Perky Katie, now at her new desk at CBS News? “The highly controversial amphibious landings on the French coast today were preceded by aerial bombing runs and a massive naval bombardment that took the lives of an unknown number of French civilians. Estimates of civilian deaths run as high as 100,000, according to German authorities. ‘The world will want to know why Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill made no effort to warn these innocent people,’ said Germany’s Minister of Information, Herr Josef Geobbels. ‘We surely would have evacuated them, had we known this cowardly sneak attack was coming. Their blood is on the Allies’ hands.’ ]

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., peace organizations were mobilizing to protest the operation. ‘A truce must be obtained as soon as possible, to facilitate the immediate withdrawal of Allied troops back to Britain,’ said Cindy Sheehen, executive director of International Mothers for Peace (IMP). ‘Roosevelt is guilty of war crimes against the French and German people - but it is American mothers and wives who pay the price for his decisions.’ “
Would CNN be covering the facts from an unbiased position, or would they flavor everything with an anti-US and pro-Germany tilt? “Shortly after the invasion began, reports surfaced that German prisoners had been abused by Americans. There are reports of massacres of entire German-controlled villages, with the unwarranted deaths of innocent men, women, and children. This would not be the first time that uncontrolled Allied forces wantonly murdered those that had the simple misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. ‘We are dying for no reason,’ said a Frenchman speaking on condition of anonymity. ‘Americans can’t even shoot straight. I never thought I’d say this, but life was better under Adolf Hitler.’ Elsewhere, mistreatment of imperialistic Jews by Germans at so-called ‘concentration camps’ has been rumored, but so far, remains unproven.”

Fortunately, today’s news media weren’t around in 1944. Had they been the war might have turned out very differently.


What does 06-06-06 mean?

Is the mark of the beast, 666 from Revelations 13? If so, is that when either the Anti Christ is born or is it when he is revealed to the world? Or is it just a tie in for a remake of a decent old school horror movie?

It's a tie in, but today is interesting because on this day, June 6 many thing occurred.

June 6, 1944- the Allied Forces- US, British, Canadian, French, Dutch, etc. stormed the beaches of Normandy or parachuted into Fortress Europe to free an enslaved continent. Oddly enough, there were more casualties on that day than in the 3 years of war in Iraq. Had D-Day been covered by today's press, would we have persevered, or would we speaking German today?

June 6 1980- Urban Cowboy opened in theaters. The movie with John Travolta and Debra Winger playing two blue collar types. Houston was shown to the public, and was regarded as the white trash capital of the US. Thanks, Travolta, you twerp! Although, Gilley's was put on the map after that. Damn shame Gilley's burned down about 15 years ago.

June 6, 1844- the Young Men's Christian Association was formed in England. Little did they know the song that was in store for their group in the 1970s, oy.

June 6, 1918- The Battle of Belleau Wood in WWI, US Marine Forces begin combat against German forces in this key battle.

And also today is the birthday for Robert Englund, Harvey Fierstein, Sandra Bernhard, Paul Giamatti and Levi Stubbs.

Carl Jung died on this day in 1961, and last year 2005, Anne Bancroft also died.

A lot happened on 6-6, and not just cheesey movie premieres.....

Friday, June 02, 2006

Armchair Marshal Murtha speaks

John Murtha, a US Congressman, and former Marine (now he's an expert) says that US Troops massacred Iraqi civilians in cold blood. Murtha now demands a very public trial of the men. If Murtha bothered to read his own Uniform Code of Military Justice, he'd know these men, if guilty fall under military law, not civilian. Now, sad as it may seem, the Iraqi courts cannot handle this.

Some of you liberals want A Few Good Men to be brought to life, and make sure another Marine gets grilled.


Colonel Jessup in AFGM was a corrupt and vindictive officer. The Marines who were in Haditha, we don't know who they are or what they thought. Wait for the hearings or trial.
Another difference, Tom Cruise won't be prosecuting this, likely another Marine JAG or Naval Prosecutor may.
And another one, military justice is handled outside regular courts, and rarely publicized, minus My Lai, Abu Ghraib, and a few others. But, this being the day of instant news and online leaks, who knows.

Here's what is known,

The event happened in November 2005
Between 15-24 Iraqis were killed or died after the attack
and the officers in command may be charged or subpoenad.

Here's what is NOT known,

What went through the troops minds.
Were they bloodthirsty and vengeful for comrades slain a few days prior to Haditha?
Or were they frantic and committed a terrible mistake?
Or possibly, were there some terrorists using these people as human shield and they too died?

Wait for the trial.

Don't jump to conclusions just yet. That goes for you Murtha, Mr. Presumptuous. And to you President Bush for presuming their guilt and hanging them out to dry prematurely, some troop supporter.

Now, thankfully military justice handled Lt. Col. Allen West's trial fine, he was vindicated. Also, fellow Marine Lt. Illario Pantano was found not guilty. For those of you who forgot- West shot at but did not wound an Iraqi to get him to reveal locations of terrorists before they ambushed and killed more Americans. Pantano, shot and killed two Iraqis, who were going for weapons to kill more Marines.

To the Marines over there, and our troops, be careful.