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Monday, June 19, 2006


OK, normally Monday is a politics kind of day, but let's go for a change of pace.

I took in a movie this weekend. Nacho Libre. If you liked or sat through Napoleon Dynamite, you will like this better than Napoleon. Though it's from the same creators, this one has Jack Black as Ignacio. Ignacio was an orphan taken into a monestary to cook for the monks and teachers and fellow orphans. He liked wrestling since childhood and while becoming an adult tinkered with it. Finally, Ignacio gets tired of serving up slop and scrounging for second hand and stale food to use for the orphans, he takes to wrestling to earn $$ and feed his flock better. Sounds noble and dramatic.

NOOOOOOOOO! It's Jack Black, so expect odd accents, glares, and plenty of Jack showing off his gut and man-boobs. It's sick, it's odd, and it was hilarious. And some of you may think it insults Mexico. No, not by any means. It slams wrestling big time. And Jack the monk wannabe falls in love with a nun, Incarnacion. Were it not for his vows, he says.......

Along the way Ignacio meets a feral guy who does not believe in God, only science. In the end, Jack gets him in a quick-sneak baptism, and the friend prays to God before their biggest wrestling match.

It's juvenille, it's twisted, but it's worth a watch.

And the soundtrack is pretty cool also.



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