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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another One Bits The Dust....

Well, well, there is some justice in the world. Huntsville executed itself another convicted murderer. It only took 14 years to do it. However, the axe murderer, a crack addict, killed his live in girlfriend, took her car, and was caught. Oh, and he did it high, which exonerates him right? Not in Texas it doesn't.

So, one down, several thousand to go.

14 years. Try 14 months, 14 months to re-investigate the case and prove a substantial doubt. Otherwise, fry em.

Or to quote Walton & Johnson, put them in a room, no windows, bound so they can't escape, and let the next of kin of the victims go in with a bat or a dull axe, like this killer used.

Save us a crapload of tax money we could use on education and roads rather than coddling these death row types.....


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