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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


What does 06-06-06 mean?

Is the mark of the beast, 666 from Revelations 13? If so, is that when either the Anti Christ is born or is it when he is revealed to the world? Or is it just a tie in for a remake of a decent old school horror movie?

It's a tie in, but today is interesting because on this day, June 6 many thing occurred.

June 6, 1944- the Allied Forces- US, British, Canadian, French, Dutch, etc. stormed the beaches of Normandy or parachuted into Fortress Europe to free an enslaved continent. Oddly enough, there were more casualties on that day than in the 3 years of war in Iraq. Had D-Day been covered by today's press, would we have persevered, or would we speaking German today?

June 6 1980- Urban Cowboy opened in theaters. The movie with John Travolta and Debra Winger playing two blue collar types. Houston was shown to the public, and was regarded as the white trash capital of the US. Thanks, Travolta, you twerp! Although, Gilley's was put on the map after that. Damn shame Gilley's burned down about 15 years ago.

June 6, 1844- the Young Men's Christian Association was formed in England. Little did they know the song that was in store for their group in the 1970s, oy.

June 6, 1918- The Battle of Belleau Wood in WWI, US Marine Forces begin combat against German forces in this key battle.

And also today is the birthday for Robert Englund, Harvey Fierstein, Sandra Bernhard, Paul Giamatti and Levi Stubbs.

Carl Jung died on this day in 1961, and last year 2005, Anne Bancroft also died.

A lot happened on 6-6, and not just cheesey movie premieres.....


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