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Friday, June 30, 2006

Bringing a Pomeranian to the other guy's Dogfight

bringing a Pomeranian to the nastiest dogfight, sounds ludicrous right? Well, it's not ludicrous according to the US Supreme Court.

They have officially muzzled any form of justice against terrorists. They have sided with the New World Order types, who demand everyone follows the Geneva and Hague Conventions, but will conveniently overlook the Muslims and their Nazi-like and Attila the Hun rampages in this day and age.

Yes, in a 5-3 vote, the Majority, including moderate swinger Kennedy decided we ought not bring any terrorists to trial under the Geneva and Hague Conventions. Those protect countries, not a bunch of stateless terrorists, you fruits. So, now, if we get attacked, do we get to file grievances and write our Senators hoping the Moors will play by the rules? That's what our naive and stupid court says.

The Chief Justice did not opine, as he recused himself for hearing a similar case on this, and felt legally bound not to create a conflict of interest. Thanks for pussying out, your honor. And thanks to Souter, Breyer, Stevens, Gindsberg and turncoat Kennedy for ensuring terrorists get more rights than their victims do.

Any further deaths occur, may you face the blame and shame for your piss ant rulings. Any beheadings after this, let the blood be on you and never washed off. Any cities are reduced to rubble, look to the black robes of death as accomplices. Thanks for nothing.

This is the umpteenth example of why our judges have a god complex and it will get us all killed. That or we'll be enslaved under the Muslims or Godless Eurotrash that the libs seem to emulate.


  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Bushwack said…

    Another example of halfwits destroying our country. If we released these "POW's" into their hometowns I'd bet they would rethink this opinion.

  • At 7:47 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    OK, here's a question. You have a terrorist, they know where future attacks are, and one of those attacks is in proximity to where your family and most of your friends live. Do you....

    A. Wholeheartedly embrace the black robes ruling and wait for everyone to die, rather than defy their all powerful edict and try and stop a disaster.

    B. Stop anyone who tries to interrogate the terrorists and think those that die would rather die in an attack than watch the US take the low road, as Ted Kennedy said in saying no torture/interrogation ever.

    C. Go Jack Bauer on their ass. Use a hacksaw, a towel shoved down their throat, thumbs, electrical shock, and other methods. All means necessary to save your friends, your loved one and others you know.

    D. Go Jack Bauer, save the day, then bitch slap a liberal judge for daring to put us into this situation.....


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