Not So Young But Angry Conservatives Unite

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Monday, September 10, 2007

A Message from W&J

Here it Comes AgainAs the Sept 11th anniversary approaches once again the media has done it's job. They have instructed the Sheeple how hurtful to Muslims it is when we all stand at attention getting chill bumps and teary eyes to Proud to Be An American. They have taught you how racist it is oppose thousands of Mexican trucks (containing God knows what) streaming across the border and going wherever they want. They have taught you to applaud Obamma when he says that he will negotiate with radical Islam and convince Iran to put away their bombs because he says so. They have taught us that we should ban all traces of our founding fathers Christianity in our schools while opening a new public school (your tax dollars) to teach Islamic law and culture to American students. They have taught us how wrong we were to fight for our culture and our safety. They have taught that we will never have to fear the terrorists again if we only surrender. There, see how easy it is to give up everything our fathers and grandfathers died for ? Was that so hard ? Thank you NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN we know see how stupid fighting back has been.

Thanks Radio Gawds.

Tomorrow 9/11

Well, apparently tomorrow is a day that was indelable for most of us, but the fools at and others have forgotten that we're fighting terrorists worse than any of their paranoid suspicions of 75% of the US.

Try and remember what happened six years ago tomorrow..... please don't forget.

Why MTV Sucks

OK, back in the day, I loved my MTV. Then, MTV spiralled into the toilet. When you have Britney Spears double-wide trailer trash ass shakin it for entertainment, you've hit rock bottom. When your golden boy Kanye West bitches and moans that a black man can't get a break (50 cent and Snoop would beg to differ, yo!), you've hit rock bottom. When the awards show draws less of an audience, but the fist fight between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee draws s spike in rating, you know you've hit rock bottom. Sorry to drone on like Jeff Foxworthy, but MTV suuuuuuuuuuucks now. And the VMA is just another nail in the coffin for this archaic, insignificant network.

How many times do they have to re-air Jackass to save their ratings? Plenty, apparently.