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Thursday, March 31, 2005

President Bush reacts to Terri's Death

President Bush said millions were saddened and was no doubt a tad depressed himself.


Pope being administered Last Rites, death within hours

END OF TIMES UPDATE: If Ward Churchill and these Moonbats don't fit the bill, then WORSE will scare us to death....

These are some sick sick people. These moonbats and squishies are apparently using Ward Churchill to justify their anarchist bookfair, anti-American crapfest, and perverse exhibitionism to a new form of disgusting that God is probably steaming over.



END OF TIMES UPDATE: Gay Radicals Will Hold Meetings/Festival In Jerusalem. Get Ready....

OK, just when you thought the End of Times may be stalled, it's been put into full gear with a tank of gas into the Express Lane.....

First, the Pope slipping into illness, get ready for his Liberal Replacement....
Second, Terri Schiavo and the ongoing abortion and euthanasia craze in the world.
Now this.....

Homosexual Radicals will hold festivals and public 'activities' in Holy City of Jerusalem....
Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders condemned this, and the mayor for 'bending over' backwards on this one. Get ready for that overdue storm of fire and brimstone. It's gonna be bad.


Pope's Condition Worsens, Could Be Grave....

Pope John Paul's health has gone from poor to critical in just a few days since his Easter Service. The Pope may be rushed to a hospital soon.


Iraqis Caught at US Mexico Border, Are Terrorists Far Behind or did they already get through?

US Homeland and Immigration Security Officials stopped several Iraqis at the US Mexico Border.

That makes me wonder a few things about this event:

1. Is this commonplace now?
2. Are there terrorists with them?
3. Did they distract us so the terrorists could slip in?
4. Where the f#ck did all of our Border Security and funds go to?
5. How long before the next catastrophic terrorist attack?

Read, you'll know what I mean.


Traitor Tries Escape and Is Caught

Sergeant Akbhar, the grenade rolling rat who killed his own, our troops in 2003, tried to escape yesterday and got pounced.....



OK, President Vicente Fox is mobilizing over 1000 Mexican federales near our Arizona border in response to the Minutemen we will have..... OK, George W, get some balls and get our Marines down there! And why is John McCain so silent on this? Arizona is his frickin state right?



Disgustingly, some are gloating and reveling in Terri's death. I don't dare say Schiavo anymore, due to her scumbag husband carrying that name. Well, some champagne corks have been popped within hours. What vultures.

First, the obvious liberal Satanists at

And then, the gloating arrogant punks at Planned Parenthood.

What no names? Come on, liberals, be proud of your handiwork. Make yourself know so we know how to avoid you and rear our kids NOT TO BE LIKE YOU EVER!

Aryan Nation and Al Qaeda want to join forces


What do Aryan Nation and Al Qaeda have in common?

1. They hate all JEws and want Israel gone.
2. They hate the US Government and all law-abiding citizens.
3. They vow to kill George W Bush, Ariel Sharon, Tony Blair and all who stand up to them.
4. They are violent extremists.
5. They are inside the US- this is scarier than the first 4 points.

If think this is a bad plot from 24, then think again.

God help us if this ever gets off the ground. You can forget profiling if the Al Qaeda and Nazis band together. Expect terrorists to be white and clean cut also....

This is not the first time Islam and Nazis ever joined forces.

1. In 1939, at the outbreak of war, Al Hamid Haj Husseini, the Grand Mufti fo Jerusalem pledged to kill all of the British and their Jews in Palestine and all of Arabia.
The Mufti was a guest of Hitler, in BErlin and even stayed in the Reich Chancellory. The Mufti later fled after the war, with Nazi officers.

2. Hitler recruited Bosnian and Albanian Muslims and Kosovars into the SS. The Skandberg and Handschar SS Divisions were unleashed on Yugoslavia and Russia. These Muslims were so bloodthirsty that the Nazi officers complained about them and had to jail their own troops. These troopers killed hundreds of thousands of Jews, Croatian Catholics, Serb Orthodox, Gypsies, and Muslims who did not share Der Fuhrer's vision. Many escaped after the war.

3. Ex-Nazis and fugitives fled to the corners of the earth after WWII. Many officers helped the Mufti train his troops to slaughter the Israelis on the eve of independence.... They failed, like they did in WWII. The surviving officers and SS troopers from Yugoslavia fled to South America and even the US.

4. SS Captain Alois Brunner, Eichmann's number two fled to Syria in the 1960s. He helped set up and organized President Afaz Assad- Bashir Assad's father, his regime and the Syrian Secret Police. Brunner even helped the Syrian Baathist troops goose step and train their guns on Israel and their allies. Brunner died in Syria, never to face justice for his part in The Holocaust. The anti-Jewish Syrians liked their Nazi friend.

5. Nazi scientists were employed by Egypt to build missiles to hit Israel before the Six Day War. The Nazi scientists and their rockets were intercepted by the Mossad and all disposed of or sent to the US.

6. No recorded terrorist ties, but that may be a matter of history yet to be declassified.

Nazis and Muslim extremists are at work against all of us, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and just plain human.




Terri is Gone, What Happens Next?

OK, Terri has passed away. We will grieve for her and her family. We will feel anger and rage at those who did nothing to help her and those who let her die.
After all is said and done, what will really happen?

Well, I hope there will be some reform of our judicial branch. They acted as though the Executive and Legislative Branches did not exist. BUT WORSE, THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WAS STIFLED BY THESE BLACK ROBED TYRANTS. The 11th Circuit had the balls to lecture the Schindlers, yelling that "The Founding Fathers would be horrified that you DARE bring this to us! This is not their intent. Case denied!" Whoever this judge is, he's lucky he wasn't shot in Atlanta also. That judge is the poster boy for federal arrogance and complacency. Judge Greer, is the poster boy for imcompetence and liberal activism. If the judiciary doesn't change, we can expect more of these tragic cases. Expect more people to get Schiavoed by the supposed do-gooder liberals.

We also need to get leaders that will act and not make a token gesture. Many of you will whine and moan about the letter of the law. The law should change, otherwise it gets broken and someday discarded altogether. In Russia, the laws were ironclad and judges were corrupt, in czarist and Communist Russia, both times the governments were tossed out for doing too little or even helping the judges and government renegades..... Take note, or you may be fleeing to another country to avoid having your grandparents euthanized here.

Truly, what else can be done within the letter of the law and within all moral reason after this? Is there any standard worth preserving, since they were passed over OR even manipulated?

Answer that one, if you dare.....

I'll try and get back to you later.

Howard Dean wants Rick Santorum Targeted for Smear Campaign, Removal

Typical of the Mad Doctor Evil, wanting the only moral conservative left to go away.

Well, Howie, Rick ain't going anywhere, you quack.



OK, for those of you who have watched this case. You know Terri Schiavo is now dead. She lasted 14 days without a feeding tube. Sadly, we knew she was a gonner. Worse, it could have been prevented.

The most tragic part is that Michael Schiavo REFUSED to let Terri's family into the room to see her during her last minutes. Michael Schiavo, George Greer, and George Felos. May you all roast in hell.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

CBS News: Premature Obituary on Terri Schiavo

Here's the link to obituary CBS has read when Terri dies.
Do they know something we don't? As in she's gonna die sooner than expected?

Who knows.




The Indiannapolis Naval Memorial in their downtown was horrifically vandalized. They need to catch these turds and flog them all. Then send them to Zarqawi for a crew cut with a sarisscan sword.

Here's the link:



OK, this week was kind of blah, but kind of interesting. (3/28/05)

First, the blah. Blah- Audrey being weepy over Paul Raines, her husband, but also pining over Jack Bauer. Chloe and Edgar are at it again, territorial and screaming like kids. Blah, Tony and Michelle interactions.

Now, the interesting. Jack is held hostage by Habib Marwan and is offered to be freed, for the life of Behrooz Araz. Araz is the only one left of the family of terrorists and is brought to a rendevous by Curtis and other CTU staff, with 2 GPS trackers on him, one placed in his neck. The trade goes down and a sniper shoots at both. CTU kills the sniper, but the bad guys get away with Behrooz. Both trackers are disposed of.

Marwan is phoning his sleeper terrorist, "Captain Anderson." Anderson easily gets into a USAF base and is out to take his F-117 Stealth for flight. That plane is to meet up with Air Force One, not known by CTU, Secretary Heller, or anyone else who can stop Marwan and his Al Qaeda types.

At CTU Edgar and Chloe are buried in memos and alerts and discs. Edgar finds an LAPD Alert on family found dead, that of USAF officer killed by Anderson last week. Edgar was about to get info to Tony and Michelle, but Tony says drop it (not knowing what it is) and Edgar has to, thus the end......

The Week Before:(3/21/05)

Audrey and Jack meet again, after Paul is brought back to CTU. Paul was shot the week before, well 2 weeks ago. Jack is interrogating Dina Araz and she is used to get to Marwan. Marwan singles her as a traitor but lets her take a gun. She tries to use it on Marwan, and no bullets. Marwan has Dina execued and Jack is taken.

All the while, at CTU, Audrey and Secretary Heller are talking about Jack and how different he is. Heller says for Audrey to deal with it. Audrey gets weepy. Tony and Michelle agree to send Bauer on the mission with Dina. Dina tells Behrooz she will see him again.....

The USAF Officer whom is abducted by an imposter, Captain Anderson is killed. Finger and eye cut out to use retinal and finger scans..... Family of USAF officer was taken hostage so the officer could take Anderson to his base. The family and the officer are all murdered, as Anderson goes into a hangar to get a plane.


Go to: for more info.


This is why our current First Lady rocks and why I shudder at Hillary getting into office, EVER.
Laura is graceful but witty enough in deflecting some questions while taking others by the horns.
Laura Bush, you rock!

She defends husband George's stance and Congress acting for Terri Schiavo's behalf. And of course, elevates our troops and their families. Classy lady.

(Defends Congress intervention for Terri) (On Progress in Afghanistan)




Why Christians are Divided on Terri!By Al Ruechel 03-30-05
The story is troubling enough without the statistics painting an even more confusing picture. According to nearly every poll on the Terri Schiavo saga, between 65 and 80 percent of Americans feel the government has no business getting involved in this case. Fine. Now it gets gritty. Fully two-thirds of those surveyed by the New York Times, The Gallup organization, ABC News and USA Today, who call themselves Evangelicals, do not think President Bush or the government should be involved in this family battle. What happened to Christian unity? Aren’t we all pro-life? Don’t we all read the same Bible?
I personally know perhaps hundreds of born again Christians who are completely vexed by this story. They are praying for some kind of clarity from the Holy Spirit and are open to having their hearts changed. They search the scriptures looking for those absolutes that will draw them into a position of compassion and understanding. They pray for the families involved in this case. And mostly, they listen when folks express their positions afraid they will be misunderstood if they express their own.
Case in point, last week the pastor of Calvary Baptist in Clearwater, Florida told his congregation that he had written a letter asking Judge George Greer not to return to the church. Judge Greer is the presiding judge in the Terri Schiavo case and has ruled in Michael’s favor on nearly every occasion. Many members of Calvary told me how shocked they were and appalled that their pastor would pass judgment on Greer this way. I asked them if they had registered a complaint with their pastor. No, they weren’t sure that was appropriate.
Judge Greer is a sinner like all the rest of us. It’s not his fault he’s the judge who was assigned the Terri Schiavo case. He’s a judge who happens to be a Christian, not a judge who was placed in his position because he is a Christian. His job is to enforce and uphold the laws of the United States of America, not to make rulings based on what his own particular wants and beliefs may demand. Can you imagine what a mess we would have in this country if every judge had to consult with his religious guide before he ruled on a case? Yes, I want them to be Godly and answer to a higher power but I don’t want them making up laws or bending them to fit their theological doctrine! That is extremely dangerous.
Christians are also divided in this case because of all the protesters. They see all those signs and extreme hatred on display for the world to see and transpose that on Bob and Mary Schindler. Operation Rescue’s Randall Terry is a publicity freak who generates interest because of his strong-armed tactics and semi-professional sign carriers that seem to follow him from crisis to crisis. His job is to stir up the pot and that’s a turn-off to a lot of Christians.
Many Christians do not buy the starving to death argument. Terri is alive because doctors surgically placed a tube into her stomach. Isn’t that a medical procedure? Could she survive without that level of medical intervention? Based on our understanding of this case as determined in the courts the answer is no.
Many Christians do not see this as precedent setting. They do not think the state will come rushing in and pull the plug on all disabled persons. They also do not think this is the right case to be arguing right to life or right to die. It’s too messy and complicated.
Many Christians don’t like Congress or politicians getting involved in personal family matters. They believe disagreements are matters to be resolved in the courts in the opinion polls, or in front of TV cameras at the Hospice in Florida.
Many Christians see the incredible level of distortions reported in this story. It makes it difficult to side with the family when the level of accusations against Michael seems to increase as the family and supporters became more desperate.
Yet here is the main reason I think Christians are divided. We are products of what we experience. Our faith, though founded in the word and the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ, is a product of what has happened to us in our lives with our families and friends and relationships. My friend Glenn Beck is pouring out his soul with the Schindlers because he knows first hand what it is like raising a disabled child. He knows the power of miracles and prayer and doctors blowing their diagnosis. He can see his daughter in Terri’s eyes.
However, there may be thousands, perhaps tens of thousands who have experienced the death of a loved one from cancer, a tragic accident, a stroke or heart attack. They have stood by the bedside of a dying loved one as they took their final breath. They have seen a once vibrant body lying lifeless or paralyzed. They know the pain of letting go and the despair of not being able to do one simple solitary thing. They have spent hours with God begging the inevitable be postponed. They have measured their faith against their doubts. They have had to settle for a quiet “no”, and then the confident reassurance the Holy Spirit brings that our loved one is a breath away from a better life beyond the body.
I know what you’re saying, “This has nothing to do with Terri. Her story is different.” Not in the minds of many believers who can’t paint Michael as the devil, Terri as the abused wife screaming inside her body to live, the suffering parents as Saviors, nor the courts as orchestrators of the greatest injustice since the crucifixion of Christ. This is about the decisions many Christians have had to make on their own praying their faith guided them according to God’s will.
Finally, by in large Christians want to be compassionate and follow the will of Christ in their life. They would like nothing better for Michael to give in and let the parents care for Terri. Yet, in the end, many born-again Evangelical Christians are humbling waiting for the Holy Spirit to change their notions about what is right and wrong in this case. Since there has not be this huge outpouring from all levels of Christianity I can only conclude that the Holy Spirit has been unable to separate us all from our experiences, or doesn’t want to separate us from those forces that have molded us into the Christians we are today; flawed, vexed, divided and still seeking the truth in this Schiavo mess, and more dependant on Christ then ever before.

George Felos: Obsessed With Death And Spirits

George Felos said that Terri Schiavo looked beautiful as she was starving to death. WTF?
How could anyone with sanity come to that conclusion?

Read this article and figure out how he did:

Canada Lifts Seal Clubbing Ban, Expect Enviro Freaks to Go Ballistic

OK, I don't like people being cruel to animals, BUT who else here thinks that the enviro nuts will freak out more over this THAN they will Terri Schiavo?

Although, I heard one saying: Save a sandwich, Club a Seal.

Not nice, but worth a chuckle for some.



Interesting NY Post Editorial- Says Let Terri Schiavo Die in Peace. Stop the Circus and all that.

It's thoughtful and different than most, some of I agree and disagree with:

Denver Liberals Escorted Out Of Meeting by Secret Service

They say it's just because of their "No Blood for Oil" sticker.

Awwww, call the waaaaaaaaa-ambulance!

Probably got rude and disorderly and needed to leave.
Just goes to show, we're not taking their crap anymore.


Minutemen on Border are NOT Vigilantes

Recently you have heard about the President of the US and PResident of Mexico calling on the vigilantes of the US to stop enforcing their own brand of justice. Excuse me? George, WTF are you thinking man? We're not vigilantes, pal.

Here's why:

1. Americans are having to defend their property due to piss poor border security guards. They don't care and likely paid to look the other way as violent felons and drug gangs sneak into the US. These guards are our friends? Hate to see our enemies. Oh wait, our enemies are here in our borders!

2. Americans were killed in their own homes near the border, time we defended ourselves. Many of the illegals are not violent, BUT some like the M-13 Gang and Matamoros Cartel are. They kill US citizens and cops on a regular basis. Only the US military has put a halt to some of this, but now they are being deployed elsewhere. If you lived at the border, wouldn't you wanna live and not die a violent death due to some drug dealer or serial killer from South of The Border? I wanna live, so bite my ass El Presidente Fox. George, I got words for you pal.

3. Americans are guaranteed the 2nd Amendment Right to bare arms against foreign invaders and also domestic criminals and threats. We're baring our arms, since the dealers and gangs are armed better than Vicente Fox's army. "Say hello to MY Little Friend!"- says the American with an M-16 and grenade launcher.

4. These vigilantes aren't going out and shooting everyone. They are keeping eye for violent types and will shoot THEM if they threaten any American lives. I say, you cross into our country, like you do a person's home, anything the habitant does to protect themself is legal. Go for it boys.

Before you liberal idiots call everyone on the border a vigilante moron, think what they live with and why our fellow citizens are taking arms, since they are TARGETED by these vicious drug lords and killer gangs.

Just something to think about.

"Man's got to know his limitations..."-Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force

Jerry Falwell wished dead by tolerant liberals.

OK, before you click on this link, count to 30 and take your BP Pills.

Supposedly enlightened and charitable liberals are gloating over Jerry Falwell's near death condition.

I personally thought him overbearing, although motivated by his interpretation of The Bible, but no reason to wish him a fate worse than Hitler's....

  • Some feel much differently, and want him in pain.....
  • HAT TIP: VRWC#1member
  • Jerry Falwell and The Pope on "Life Support" Also

    If these two did not have so much light around them, media and other exposure, their tubes and respirators would have been pulled.

    Yesterday, Reverend Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority and head of Liberty College in Lynchburg Virginia is in hospital. He is suffering from respiratory failure. Many liberals want him to die, in pain, but Jerry is holding on. Falwell, whether you agree with him or not, is a minister and said one person, needs prayer regardless of past hurts he may have inflicted. This was one exceptional liberal who said take the high road. Wish there were more like you pal.

    Pope John Paul II, age 84, is on a feeding tube, like Terri Schiavo. Recently the Pope has been afflicted with Parkinson's Disease, respiratory problems, and had a tracheotomy inserted due to throat and windpipe problems. The Pope is still fighting and was seen at his apartment window, in the Vatican. The Pope is ill but not going quietly.

    Now some may argue that their quality of life is poor and they should just drop dead. Those voices are welcome to take a nice cup of shut the hell up. If these guys' quality of life is soooo poor how come they are fighting like heavyweights? If they're supposed to just slip away, why do they hang around?

    I'll tell you. God is why. These guys feel a connection to all of their fellow Believers and non-Believers and are hanging around until they are assured someone will continue their work so they can pass OR that their work is done and all the rest is left in God's hands.

    Pulling the plug means cutting off God's Work. Don't do it.

    Tuesday, March 29, 2005

    Kofi Annan At Fault, BUT Not Guilty

    Final Word in the UN Inquiry into the Food For Oil Scandal.

    Kofi Annan was negligent for any faults and problems in the UN Food for Oil Program.
    However, he is INNOCENT of any wrong doing..... HOW? Is this the classic "I was following orders" or "I didn't know they took it that far" crap? Probably and more.

    Well Kofi and his son got off Scott Free. What a shock!


    Schiavo Autopsy will be allowed

    Terri Schiavo, expected to pass away anytime now, will be given an autopsy.
    this will either prove or disprove the extent of Terri's injuries and their origins. Amazingly enough, Michael Schiavo and Attorney George Felos agreed to this? Is the guilty man admitting fault or this too going to be "doctored?"



    WTF Moment 1,569,100...... oh hell, it's bad.


    Colorado Judges Overturn Death Sentence, because Jurors referred to Bible

    WTF is this?

    Colorado Supreme Court commuted a death sentence of a killer, and might as well have released him. Why did they do this? Well, apparently the liberal defense attorneys said that the juror's using Biblical Texts was prejudicial and insured a more harsh punishment than deserved. He killed and raped and mutilated the victim. That killer needed stoning.

    But the court now says you better not get religious in the courtroom, you may go in a killer's place while they go scott free.


    Monday, March 28, 2005


    Hits too close to home to be funny, but crack a laugh if you can.....

    It may be all that's left for now....


    Intolerant Libs almost give away stance on TV, heaven Forbid.

    Good work to Michelle Malkin and Curt for this one:

    LINKS: Malkin-

    TOO LITTLE TOO LATE: Now Hollyweird gets mad at China Arms Ban Lift by EU

    Good work, you Hollyweird Celebridiots.


    Where the hell were they with Iraq and the failed resolutions?

    A BRAVE NEW WORLD after Schiavo Case?

    God I hope not, but here's some analysis on how we may be going down a terrible path.

    "The only thing evil men need to succeed is for good men to do nothing...."- Edmund Burke.



    Some Creditors Make Illegal Demands on Active-Duty Soldiers
    Sgt. John J. Savage III, an Army reservist, was about to climb onto a troop transport plane for a flight to Iraq from Fayetteville, N.C., when his wife called with alarming news: "They're foreclosing on our house."
    Sergeant Savage recalled, "There was not a thing I could do; I had to jump on the plane and boil for 22 hours."
    He had reason to be angry. A longstanding federal law strictly limits the ability of his mortgage company and other lenders to foreclose against active-duty service members.
    But Sergeant Savage's experience was not unusual. Though statistics are scarce, court records and interviews with military and civilian lawyers suggest that Americans heading off to war are sometimes facing distracting and demoralizing demands from financial companies trying to collect on obligations that, by law, they cannot enforce.
    Some cases involve nationally prominent companies like Wells Fargo and Citigroup, though both say they are committed to strict compliance with the law.
    The problem, most military law specialists say, is that too many lenders, debt collectors, landlords, lawyers and judges are unaware of the federal statute or do not fully understand it.
    The law, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, protects all active-duty military families from foreclosures, evictions and other financial consequences of military service. The Supreme Court has ruled that its provisions must "be liberally construed to protect those who have been obliged to drop their own affairs to take up the burdens of the nation."
    Yet the relief act has not seemed to work in recent cases like these:
    ¶At Fort Hood, Tex., a soldier's wife was sued by a creditor trying to collect a debt owed by her and her husband, who was serving in Baghdad at the time. A local judge ruled against her, saying she had defaulted, even though specialists say the relief act forbids default judgments against soldiers serving overseas and protects their spouses as well.
    ¶At Camp Pendleton, Calif., more than a dozen marines returned from Iraq to find that their cars and other possessions had been improperly sold to cover unpaid storage and towing fees. The law forbids such seizures without a court order.
    ¶In northern Ohio, Wells Fargo served a young Army couple with foreclosure papers despite the wife's repeated efforts to negotiate new repayment terms with the bank. Wells Fargo said later that it had been unaware of the couple's military status. The foreclosure was dropped after a military lawyer intervened.
    Little-Known Legislation
    The relief act provides a broad spectrum of protections to service members, their spouses and their dependents. The interest rate on debts incurred before enlistment, for example, must be capped at 6 percent if military duty has reduced a service member's family income.
    The law also protects service members from repossession or foreclosure without a court order. It allows them to terminate any real estate lease when their military orders require them to do so. And it forbids judges from holding service members in default on any legal matter unless the court has first appointed a lawyer to protect their interests.
    The law is an updated version of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, which was adopted on the eve of World War II and remained largely unchanged through the Persian Gulf war of 1991. But in July 2001, a federal court ruled that service members could sue violators of the relief act for damages. And the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 prompted Congress to take up a long-deferred Pentagon proposal to update the old act. The revised statute, clearer and more protective than the old one, was signed into law in December 2003.
    But the news was apparently slow in reaching those who would have to interpret and enforce the law.
    "There are 50,000 judges in this country and God knows how many lawyers," said Alexander P. White, a county court judge in Chicago and the chairman of one of the American Bar Association's military law committees. "Are people falling down on the job - the judges, the bar, the military? Probably." And broad understanding of the law "is not going to happen overnight."
    Military lawyers, credit industry organizations and some state courts and bar associations have also tried to spread the word about the new law. But these efforts are not enough, said Col. John S. Odom Jr., retired, of Shreveport, La., who is a specialist on the act. "What we need is a way to reach Joe Bagadoughnuts in Wherever, Louisiana," he said. "Because that's where these cases are turning up."
    One reason they are surfacing in unlikely places is the Pentagon's increased reliance on Reserve and National Guard units that do not hail from traditional military towns, said Lt. Col. Barry Bernstein, the judge advocate general for the South Carolina National Guard. When these units are called up, he said, their members find themselves facing creditors and courts that may never have dealt with the relief act.
    As a result, some service members heading off to war have confronted exactly the kinds of problems the law was supposed to prevent. The Coast Guard alone handled more than 300 complaints last year; military law specialists say the numbers are probably higher in the branches sending troops abroad.
    Financial Difficulties
    Sergeant Savage's lender eventually dropped its foreclosure against him after receiving repeated warnings from military lawyers at Fort Bragg, N.C. But damage was done. The foreclosure dispute remained on his credit history, hurting his ability to revive his struggling wireless Internet connection business when he returned home to Asheboro, N.C., he said. By then he had retired on full disability after being seriously injured while working on a sabotaged electrical system at the former Baghdad Convention Center.
    Sergeant Savage has not let the matter end. Represented by Colonel Odom, he has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Greensboro, N.C. He says the EverHome Mortgage Company, a unit of the EverBank Financial Corporation in Jacksonville, Fla., violated the relief act by failing to cap his mortgage at 6 percent, wrongfully initiating foreclosure and, after dropping the foreclosure, failing to remove information about it from his credit history.
    The mortgage company denied that it violated the act or treated Sergeant Savage unfairly. His case "has unique and extenuating circumstances" that will be raised when the dispute comes to trial, Michael C. Koster, EverHome's president, said in a written statement.
    "We are confident that court documents will reveal that EverBank treated Mr. Savage equitably and worked diligently to resolve this matter," Mr. Koster said.
    Extent of Coverage
    When Sgt. Michael Gaskins of Fort Hood, Tex., was sent to Iraq last April, his wife, Melissa, was left to cope with a dispute over a delinquent loan from the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital credit union; the couple took out the loan just before Sergeant Gaskins enlisted in November 2001. When the credit union took the couple to court in Texas last year, a military lawyer at Fort Hood alerted the local judge that the new relief act required that the case be deferred because Sergeant Gaskins was abroad.
    But on Feb. 18, a county court judge in Gatesville, Tex., ruled that Mrs. Gaskins had lost the case by default. She was ordered to pay the credit union more than $6,000 and turn over the family truck, which secured the loan. Colonel Odom, who is also representing the couple, is trying to have the default judgment overturned, in part on the ground that the relief act protects spouses as well as service members.
    The credit union in Tallahassee, Fla., disputes that. "It's our position the act does not protect her," said Palmer Williams, a lawyer for the organization. Judge Susan R. Stephens, the county judge who signed the default judgment, said she did not think that Mrs. Gaskins had ever invoked the relief act but said she would review the matter when it came before her.
    The relief act was also supposed to prevent the kind of situation that the marines returning to Camp Pendleton faced when they discovered that their cars and other possessions had been sold to cover towing and storage fees.
    "The act says you need a court order to do that, and you can't get a court order without notice to the service member," said Maj. Michael R. Renz, director of the joint legal assistance office there. "I've got six attorneys here, and each one of us has handled at least two or three of these cases within the last eight months."
    'I'm Not Sleeping'
    Stephen Lynch, a civilian lawyer for the Coast Guard in Cleveland, said he had stepped in repeatedly over the past year to help service members invoke their rights under the act.
    One of them is a young soldier sent to east Asia, leaving a wife and two children at home in northern Ohio. His periods of unemployment and the death of a newborn daughter last July left the young family struggling financially. Their situation was aggravated by delays in the processing of his first military paychecks, said Mr. Lynch, who asked that the couple's name not be used because their debt problems could hurt the soldier's career.
    The soldier's wife said she had tried for months to renegotiate their mortgage with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. But on March 8, just three weeks after paying the bank $3,000 that the U.S.O. had raised on her behalf, she was served with foreclosure papers.
    "I'm having anxiety attacks," the wife said in an interview that night. "I'm not sleeping." She said she was especially worried about how much to tell her husband. "The other military wives I've spoken to all say, 'Don't let them know you're upset; don't let them hear you cry.' "
    Kevin Waetke, a spokesman for Wells Fargo, said the foreclosure action was dropped as soon as Mr. Lynch contacted the bank's lawyers. The bank had not known the couple was eligible for relief, he said.
    Different Experiences
    A Coast Guardsman, Kevin Cornell, was baffled by his experience with Citigroup's credit card unit. When he enlisted, he had a Citibank card and another from Sears, whose credit card operations Citibank acquired in late 2003. When he applied last fall to have the interest rates on both cards capped at 6 percent, Citibank did even better: it cut the rate on his pre-enlistment balance to zero.
    But the Sears card was another story; a different Citibank employee refused to make the interest rate cut on that card retroactive to his date of enlistment, as the new relief act requires. Again, Mr. Lynch intervened. But he said he wondered how many other service members had been misinformed.
    Janis Tarter, a spokeswoman for the bank, said the company's policy was to go beyond the requirements of the relief act on all its credit cards. "We regret the difficulty that our customer encountered," Ms. Tarter said. "It is not representative of the level of service we work to provide."
    Burden of Enforcement
    Some problems that military personnel are confronting suggest that the new law may need more work by Congress. For example, although mandatory arbitration clauses are becoming increasingly common in credit agreements, arbitration is not even mentioned in the relief act.
    But the biggest problem, both bankers and military lawyers say, is that the enforcement of the act rests initially on the shoulders of the service members themselves. They must notify their creditors or landlords of their military status to invoke their rights under the act. It is one more chore for a soldier getting ready for overseas duty, and it often does not get done properly.
    And if a landlord or creditor, out of ignorance or intransigence, refuses to comply with the act, the service member may not have the time or money to fight back, said Capt. Kevin P. Flood, a retired Navy lawyer.
    "Sure, if you take them to court and win, you can even collect damages," Captain Flood said. "But most of our people are not in that position. They are just regular Joes, and they don't have the money to hire a lawyer.


    This is sad, but actually too funny not to post..... If anyone saw Mallrats, you may remember Jay and Silent Bob beating the crap out of the Easter Bunny. The kid that beat this rabbit, oughta use that as his defense....


    Judge Greer's Profile and Changed Status

    This is the Judge Greer we do not fully know about.

    Apparently he was a middle of the road, conservative leaner. Could have fooled many of us.....


    Selective Activism, Selective Liberalism

    Anyone remember when Bill Clinton and Janet Reno sent in the US Marshals and SWAT Team to extract Elian Gonzalez from his relatives home? No. Apparently the press doesn't and suprisingly the judges then, did nothing. Apparently it's fine to act forcefully if you're a liberal President, but if you're a conservative get ready for your impeachment.

    Fine double standards we impose.


    Low Blow: LA Times smears Tom DeLay over death of loved one and DNR Order

    Have they no decency?
    Apparently not.


    Hillary Clinton said to pull plug on patients like Schiavo, once upon a time.

    This speaks for itself. So compassionate about terrorists, but silent on our handicapped and those in dire need of care.


    South American Gangs Give Orders to Kill US Citizens Inside US Borders

    WTF is this crap?

    Awww, the wittle gangs wanna fight. Good! Maybe we can kill some of these morons and then show the border trash we mean business.

    Bring it! the Minutemen are all ex-combat vets and well armed.


    Friday, March 25, 2005


    Pope John Paul II spent this Good Friday being recorded for live feed to Christians around the world, due to his deteriorating health. This is the first time in 26 years he has been absent from most Easter Ceremonies outside of the Vatican.

    Read the article and click on Images Area....


    Terri's Passion

    Religious denomonations are uniting to pray for her, but at this late an hour, what can they pray for?



    She's going faster than first thought. Gee, she's crippled and severely dehydrated. What kind of medical experts do we have, the Mengeles?

    God, I hope she passes in her sleep...,2933,151454,00.html

    Bush called pro-death? Sorry, that case was waaaay different.

    No less tragic, but very different. The Sun Hudson case was dredged up by some to smear our President and our leaders during the Terri Schiavo tragedy.

    There are no lows to which the radicals will not sink.



    Dear Lord God,

    We come to you in anguish and confusion. We are not quite satisfied with the decisions by men. Men want her dead, and other men seem to do nothing. God, give us some peace on this or some way to make sure this does not repeat itself in such a savage manner. Lord, Grant us the ability to get on with life also, as the ones departed would want us to live the lives you gave us.

    I pray for Terri Schiavo. I pray you give her either a healing hand or swoop in on the wings of eagles and take her to your care. Lord, she's been through so much and I pray for her soul when she rests with you. Able to walk and able to talk, and able to do what men would not let her be healed to do.

    Lord, I pray for our country. We seem to choose death over life. For those of us for Life, give us the power to eventually forgive and stimey our emotions that do discredit to you. Let us keep vigilant to protect all of Yours until your second coming oh Christ. I pray for our leaders, men like President George W Bush, Florida Governor Bush, our Senators, our Reps, and our judges that are trying to keep hope alive and keep what shreds of decent law, remaining. Lord, I know they did enough for you, let us realize that also.

    Lord, this the hardest, I pray for our enemies. Ignore their want of death and make sure they do not succeed. Make sure that they are seen as frauds and agents of Satan before more are taken into their ranks. Lord, if it is your will, let this be done. If it is not, let your immortal power and judgment be on them, and us who did not do your will.

    Lord God, this Good Friday let us remember you came for all man, to die for all of our sins. I pray for those who you chose and will take with you, including Terri.

    In Christ's Name, we pray.



    This is just sick.

    E-mail these scum or find their host server and get them dropped.

    Disgusting. Would Christ want to save these pukes?

    Thursday, March 24, 2005


    Here's the link. This MF needs to die!


    OK, since Starvation is now more merciful than letting Terri Schiavo live, or even giving her a morphine shot so she does not suffer. I got a great solution to prison costs, the Iraq War Budget, and even making liberals know we are merciful.



    1. Starving saves money. We're not spending as much money on them eating. Thus not so many bathroom trips, water breaks, or even time to commune together. Cell time is fine.... Besides they think they're hardcore, right.

    2. Starving is now MERCIFUL. Since the bastards won't feel it, says USA Today, let's make sure we're Merciful. Terri Schiavo didn't feel it right?

    3. We get more money for war. Every wasted $ on a meal feeding a degenerate terrorist can add up to several dozen rifles, bullet proof vests, and Humvee Armor. There's your money solution for the War.

    4. The money can also go to deficet. All of these prisoners, terrorists, and death row types, we can use all their food money and pay down our debt.... Liberals, you likee?

    5. We can make sure Michael Schiavo gets a job, and he can supervise the mass project. He did so well with his own "project." And get his lawyer to help. George Felos did so good advising Schiavo on his wife.

    6. Give it a few years, and we'll have no more prisoners to worry about. Crime could drop. And current crooks may not want to get the mercy treatment, but I cannot imagine why?


    Here's the reality.

    You dehydrate.
    You thirst.
    Your veins collapse.
    Your blood clots.
    You cannot digest.
    Your skin will bleed.
    Your tongue will crack and bleed.
    You could go into shock or have a stroke or die.

    That's starvation you morons!!! Lovely isn't it?

    Lawmakers will confront activist judges.

    Mark your calendar in April or at least check the web, this will make the news somewhere.

    Tom De Lay, Alan Keyes, and other leaders are meeting with the US Supreme Court and federal judges to confront them on the everchanging laws that seem to persecute the religious, kill the innocent, and anger the majority, BUT are still uphold by a few old men in black robes.


    Legal Precedent to Intervene for Schiavo's Life

    Mr. President, Mr. Governor, and others.... read this.


    It's a possible way to get Terri out of that death camp she's in and it is legal.... Just get your counsel and other attorneys ready after you do this. Someone will call for your impeachment.

    Bush Custody Denied, All Options Exhausted

    Now we wait and see how long it will take and if she feels pain.

    This is terrible what is being done.,2933,151347,00.html

    Bush files for Custody of Terri Schiavo

    Governor Bush is trying more last ditch measures to save Terri Schiavo....

    If this doesn't work. Terri is either going to die, OR someone or somebody will order intervention with gun toting cops or troops to get her out. Unconstitutional? Well, so is cruel and unusual punishment and depriving life without due process.



    Hey Hoser, Thanks for Nothing Aye.... What's this Aboot?



    Hello America, How Are You?
    Hey America. I know there’s been some friction between you and the rest of the world lately and I think that’s too bad. Given that this is the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, I’d like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.

    1) How come so many of your citizens thought that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11?
    2) How come so many of your citizens know so little about other places? I’ve met a lot of Americans and only three of them knew that Ottawa was the capital of Canada, and most of them had college degrees.
    3) How come so many of your citizens know nothing about the history of US foreign and covert policy? Why aren’t they taught about American involvement in places like El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Iraq, Iran, and a very long list of other places around the world?
    4) How come most of your citizens supported the invasion of Iraq? Is it because they didn’t have all the facts or because they just wanted to see someone pay for 9/11 and were open to suggestions?
    5) After the world found out that there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and President Bush announced that he was calling off the search for them, why didn’t your citizens demand that President Bush be impeached? After all, they tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about getting a blow job – and no one was even killed because of that.
    6) How come some Americans think these sorts of questions are bad?
    7) How come your citizens don’t care that the CIA and the Department of Defense don’t have to disclose information to them, even though the Constitution says that they do?
    8) You make more weapons than anyone else in the world. How come America?
    9) How come it’s legal to own an assault rifle but two men or two women can’t get married?
    10) Why do you spend more money on defense than education and healthcare? Thanks for your time America.


    1. We think Saddam had alot to due with 9/11 or at least encouraged it, for the following reasons. First, an Iraqi intel guy met with Muhammad Atta before he headed to the US.
    Two, Saddam supported PLO and Hamas in slaughtering Israelis, paying bonuses to successful suicide bombers' next of kin. Third, Abbu Abbas was found in Iraq and detained by US. Abbas hijacked the Achille Lauro ocean liner in 1985. He shot and killed, US Citizen Leon Klinghoffer. Klinghoffer was a 69 year old wheelchair bound Jew. Iraq gave Abbas refuge. Fourth, Abu Nidal was found dead in Iraq. Saddam shot this mastermind of several hijackings, carbombings, and the Rome and Vienna Airport Massacres in 1985. Sixth, training camps were found. They had bombs and blue prints of US targets. Also, had fuselage of a plain, to train hijackers.....
    Do you need more, you stupid hoser?

    2. We know plenty about other places you condescending moron, we just see other places as more exciting and less I dunno, stringent than Canada. Hey, who says "Kids forget Disney World, we're heading to Canada! Get your Moose Ears!" Also, with cable and all we know enough, we are just focused with real life issues here and working. Some of us work, unlike many of your free loaders.

    3. Oh someone pulled the foreign policy card. We know enough, go to Barnes and Noble or the Internet and you can find it. We focus on our history more than other places. Also, unless we are tied to a country, who cares. Second, what you neglected to say is that in Guatemala- in the 50s and 80s Communists were slaughtering opponents and their government needed aide. Chile had a Marxist whackjob running Chile's economy into the ground, by 1973 Allende was unpopular and had to go. This fool was selling off property to Castro and trying get closer to the USSR. Did you learn that one also? Colombia asked for our help in a drug war and civil war with murdering Marxists. We're still helping, so sod off. Iran, not a shining moment, but at the time Mossadegh was nationalizing our oil and Britain's. Iran was not happy with this socialist, so us, MI6 and the Shah worked a little magic back in 1953. No one complained when gas was cheap, did they? IN SHORT, WHO CARES. We did what we had to do. How come Canada has done jack crap for foreign policy pal?

    4. We supported the war in Iraq for many reasons. There were over 14 failed UN Resolutions, Saddam did not cooperate with inspectors. If he had no WMDS why did he act like he had something to hide? Saddam was a mass murderer and killed millions. He attacked other lands and was supporting terrorists. Anyone with half a brain knew he was a threat. I guess you don't have even that much, do you?

    5. There was no proof that Bush had intentionally lied about 9/11 or Iraq. Read the Official 9-11 Commission Report. He was absolved in that. Also, articles of impeachment must originate in the US House and go past the Senate.... Clinton was impeached by the House for perjury under oath. Clinton LIED to us about a sick fling with his intern. If he lied about that, he probably swept all kinds of crap under the rug. Also, there is no outcry here, since Bush won both elections, you moron. He's not breaking the law, leave it be, Canuck. Bush is our leader, not yours.....

    6. They are bad when they are loaded and made by a condescending little jackass like you? You more or less imply stupidity of the majority of Americans. You allege that we are ignorant or willingly going along with evil. Here's a question for you, moose juicer.... How come Canada has been a hiding place for fugitives from the law, draft dodgers, and traitors? Why won't you hand them over to us? And why are your people so Anti-American, rude, and hypocritical? DON'T LIKE THAT DO YOU?

    7. Constitution never says that the CIA or DOD have to make crap. Our officials have to disclose certain things, only if they do not compromise security. We have Executive Acts, and the National Security Act of 1947 is the reason we say nothing. That act is the reason you grubby hosers are speaking English and French AND NOT Russian. We owe you no explanation. MI5 and MI6 have no explaining to do at Old Bailey or on the Floor of the House of Parliament. We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.

    8. We supply weapons, because no one else makes em like we do. You buy weapons from us two face, so shut up. Actually, we legally sell weapons. Russia, China, your French buddies, and others give and trade in more illegal weapons than all of our combined legal sales and purchases. Who's the real threat? A guy buying a handgun to guard his family OR some Frenchman selling tanks and RPGs to Iran for money, and knows they could be used on his troops or ours? If you say Handgun Harry, you need to get the $hit knocked out of you.

    9. Two men and two women cannot get married. Marriage is defined and has always been the union of matrimony between a man and woman. Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve or Eve and Genevieve. We have self respect here, and continuity of law. You do not, you pot legalizers! Don't lecture us on morality, ever.

    10. THANKS FOR NOTHING A$$HOLE. We spend more money on defense because we have to keep your slacker butts safe, guard our borders, and protect our REAL ALLIES. We spend on defense to even out for those who have no defense. We are the World's Policeman by default, due to your lack of commitment to duty. So, we have to be the best. We've been winning wars since WWI, minus Vietnam, and we're doing fine. How many have you hosers won ON YOUR OWN? Health Care? I've seen your healthcare. Waiting 2 years for heart transplant, and you could die waiting. Free drugs for everyone, but you get less than 1/2 of your pay. All the rest pays for slackers and rip off artists. No thanks, we like our elective coverage. Nowhere in our Constitution are we obligated to take up the slack for some illegal or crook or layabout. We protect and maintain. They can figure out the rest.

    Hoserboy, the next time you have a thought, keep it to yourself.


    Liberal Doctors Say Terri Won't Die "Painfully"

    Special Goebbels Award goes to the wonderful medical professionals and euthanasia freaks for this line of crap.

    Terri's gonna die, at least be honest how, since you're helping kill her.

    Supreme Court Declines Schiavo Feeding Tube, She's a Gonner Now

    Not even gonna detail on this, except say thanks to the liberal death squad and their media pawns who love killing anyone who is "not worth living."

    I hope you're all damn well happy.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    All Out of Options, Florida Senate Denied Terri's Law

    Well, some of you will be happy. Terri Schiavo's Law was rejected, yet again. Thank you Democrats and RINOS, you filth and vermin.

    If this was your relative would you still vote this way?



    If President George W Bush or Governor Jeb Bush got pissed and sent in troops, marshals or even state troopers to get Schiavo out, with a crack medical team, could either get impeached? Would it go that far? Who thinks they should be impeached for saving a fellow citizen's life?

    I'll go first. I DON'T. Any takers?

    WTF PART X: Kid Cuffed for trying to get Terri Schiavo water

    THIS IS FUBAR- F---ed Up Beyond all Recognition.

    Jailing kids?

    Be glad this kid didn't have an ailment, the SS down there would have shot him also.



    The cops in Florida are Nazis. Arresting kids. If the kid had a gimp, would they have shot or starved him also?

    This is BS to the Nth.



    The cops in Florida are Nazis. Arresting kids. If the kid had a gimp, would they have shot or starved him also?

    This is BS to the Nth.



    Alright, Howard Dean is trying to win support in the South. I guess Dean truly believes we are yokels. He will not get much support in the South.

    Here's why.

    First, his aversion to religion is more than evident. In early 2004, Dean told people he was religious, but felt it best that every keep their faith to themselves. Anyone else think that contradicts the Great Commission? It does. Faith is something you wear and your sleeve, and not something you have to flaunt or show up in a Catholic or black church with during your party's primaries. Howard, John Kerry, are you listening. Most in the South are devout enough to know who's a real Christian, or genuinely seeking God with all the pitfalls, versus some poser or liberal Pharisee.

    Second, Howard said he wanted to appeal to everyone with a Confederate flag in their pickup. Al Sharpton picked up on this one during a debate. So did John Kerry. I wonder if the conservatives and Southerners can pick up on this posturing? They can. Most Southern States, if not all were predominantly Bush territory. Even Florida swung more to Bush this election. Howard must think us all a bunch of Bo and Luke Dukes and our gals Daisy Duke and our pal Cooter and Uncle Jesse. Hey, let's have a hootnanny! Hyuh hyuh. Sorry Howie, implying we all go offroading and telling black jokes is not cool. Even if those with Stars and Bars, and many are not prejudiced, did listen it would be fleeting. Howard, you need to appeal to everyone in the south and that is not going to happen.

    Third, he gets emotional and whacky. Implying Bush is responsible for 9-11 and The Scream Heard Round the World will freak out normal people, let alone us Southerners. Gee, Mervis, they guy done scream! I am a Texan and a Southerner and take offense to analogies that we are all rednecks or stupid or evil. Second, I don't think a real leader screams and makes up Michael Moore crap. Howard is appealing to hotheads, not most of the South which thinks things through.

    Now he's trying Scriptures. If he quotes- Pride go before the fall and destruction, I will think "irony." And so do many of us in the South, college educated or not. We know the real thing here.

    Howard Dean is not it.....



    Florida recently passed February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day. It's not a full holiday but it's on the calendar. First an Aircraft Carrier, then a Library, stamps, and NOW.......

    Let me quote Glenn Beck: Hey Liberals! Bwaahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha!


    Read it and frickin weep!

    Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States.
    Former Governor.
    President of the Screen Actors Guild
    Aviator/Army Officer

    Rest in Peace Mr. President.


    L' Osservatore Romano has called this latest euthanasia case an equivalent to a cruel punishment.

    They are getting more support from Catholic and non-Catholic supporters of life.



    This case is being pleaded to the Supreme Court.

    Here's why it won't work and Terri is going to be murdered:

    1. the Court rejected hearing it earlier this week.
    2. They will refuse to rule on what they call a state matter.
    3. There are too many liberals and swing votes that would favor Michael Schiavo and the previous judges.
    4. Ruth Bader Gindsburg.
    5. Stare Decisis- let it lie attitude of the courts.

    I hope something comes out of this, but really think it will not.



    The same idiots who complained about the Abu Ghraib Prison, so-called torture, are silent when Terri Schiavo is tortured and starved to death.

    Here are some of the DNC Death's Head Group that whined about Abu Ghraib and now clamor for her death.

    1. Rep. Barney Frank- MA, militant homosexual.
    2. Rep. Wexler- Florida, militant liberal.
    3. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shuster- Uber liberal, also Florida.
    4. Rep. Jim Moran- VA, also a pro-deather.

    Wow, the SS would be impressed with these four.


    Well, as usual the Black Robes of Death swish their robes to kill someone.

    Good work, to all judges in this case. You'll make Roland Freisler, Judge Vischinsky, and Torquemada all proud, you leftist inquisitors.,2933,151227,00.html

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Annan to US: Syria will withdraw all troops from Lebanon

    DEMOCRACY ON THE MARCH: The Bush Doctrine appears to be working still. Hate to say it, but..... No I don't hate to say this- I FREAKIN TOLD YOU SO.

    To quote Glenn Beck- Aahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha!


    WTF MOMENT PART IX. Catholic arrested for trying to get Water to Terri Schiavo in Hospice.

    HITLER'S HOLOCAUST ON THE HANDICAPPED-Unheeded Warning from History

    Here's the link:


    This brochure describes the Nazi treatment of handicaped people from 1933-1945. You may link to the contents by selecting either the title above or the cover in the left hand margin.
    Soon after Hiltler took power, the Nazis formulated policy based on their vision of biologically "pure" population, to create an "Aryan master race." The "Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases," proclaimed July 14, 1933, forced the sterilization of all persons who suffered from diseases considered hereditary, such as mental illness (schizophfrenia and manic depression), retardation ("congenital feeble-mindedness"), physical deformithy, epilepsy, blindness, deafness, and severe alcolholism.
    In 1934 this 19 year old shop clerk, identified only as "Gerda D," was diagnosed schizophrenic and sterilized at the Moabite Hospital. 1939 she was repeatedly refused a mar riage certificate because of her sterilization.(Select to view image)
    Dr. Eduard Brandt, a T4 statistician, worked out the savings in foodstuffs and money realized from the quot;disinfection" (murder) of 70,273 useless mouths" (persons) in the T-4 program(Select to view program).
    Completed by physicians, this questionnaire (left) was used by other "assessor" physicians to select patients who were killed in the euthanasia" program.(Select to viewquestionnaire)
    A physician displaying a patient at the Karl Bonhoeffer psychiatric clinic in Berlin, Germany.(Select to view image)

    This story is told on one of the Museum ID cards distributed to visitors enter ing the permanent exhibition.(Select to view supporting story)

    Bishop of Münster, Clemens August Count von Galen, protested the T4 killings in a sermon August 13, 1941. Thousands of copies were printed and circulated. Galen was not punished because Hitler did not want to clash openly with the Catholic Church.
    (Select to view supportingarticle)
    The "sterilization Law" explained the importance of weeding out socalled genetic defects from the total German gene pool: Since the National Revolution public opinion has become increasingly preoccupied with questions of demographic policy and the continuing decline in the birthrate. However, it is not only the decline in population which is a cause for serious concern but equally the increasingly evident genetic composition of our people. Whereas the hereditarily healthy families have for the most part adopted a policy of having only one or two children, countless numbers of inferiors and those suffering from hereditary conditions are reproducing unrestrainedly while their sick and asocial offspring burden the community. Some scientists and physicians opposed the involuntary aspect of the law while others pointed to possible flaws. But the designation of specific conditions as inherited, and the desire to eliminate such illnesses or handicaps from the population, generally reflected the scientific and medical thinking of the day in Germany and elsewhere. Nazi Germany was not the first or only country to sterilize people considered "abnormal." Before Hitler, the United States led the world in forced sterilizations. Between 1907 and 1939, more than 30,000 people in twentynine states were sterilized, many of them unknowingly or against their will, while they were incarcerated in prisons or institutions for the mentally ill. Nearly half the operations were carried out in California. Advocates of sterilization policies in both Germany and the United States were influenced by eugenics. This sociobiological theory took Charles Darwin's principle of natural selection and applied it to society. Eugenicists believed the human race could be improved by controlled breeding. Still, no nation carried sterilization as far as Hitler's Germany. The forced sterilizations began in January 1934, and altogether an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 people were sterilized under the law. A diagnosis of "feeblemindedness" provided the grounds in the majority of cases, followed by schizophrenia and epilepsy. The usual method of sterilization was vasectomy and ligation of ovarian tubes of women. Irradiation (xrays or radium) was used in a small number of cases. Several thousand people died as a result of the operations, women disproportionately because of the greater risks of tubal ligation. Most of the persons targeted by the law were patients in mental hospitals and other institutions. The majority of those sterilized were between the ages of twenty and forty, about equally divided between men and women. Most were "Aryan" Germans. The "Sterilization Law" did not target socalled racial groups, such as Jews and Gypsies, although Gypsies were sterilized as deviant "asocials," as were some homosexuals. Also, about 500 teenagers of mixed African and German parentage (the offspring of French colonial troops stationed in the Rhineland in the early 1920s) were sterilized because of their race, by secret order, outside the provisions of the law. Although the "Sterilization Law" sometimes functioned arbitrarily, the semblance of legality underpinning it was important to the Nazi regime. More than 200 Hereditary Health Courts were set up across Germany and later, annexed territories. Each was made up of two physicians and one district judge. Doctors were required to register with these courts every known case of hereditary illness. Appeals courts were also established, but few decisions were ever reversed. Exemptions were sometimes given artists or other talented persons afflicted with mental illnesses. The "Sterilization Law" was followed by the Marriage Law of 1935, which required for all marriages proof that any offspring from the union would not be afflicted with a disabling hereditary disease. Only the Roman Catholic Church, for doctrinal reasons, opposed the sterilization program consistently; most German Protestant Churches accepted and often cooperated with the policy. Popular films such as Das Erbe ("Inheritance") helped build public support for government policies by stigmatizing the mentally ill and the handicapped and highlighting the costs of care. School mathematics books posed such questions as: "The construction of a lunatic asylum costs 6 million marks. How many houses at 15,000 marks each could have been built for that amount?"
    Forced sterilization in Germany was the forerunner of the systematic killing of the mentally ill and the handicapped. In October 1939, Hitler himself initiated a decree which empowered physicians to grant a "mercy death" to "patients considered incurable according to the best available human judgment of their state of health." The intent of the socalled "euthanasia" program, however, was not to relieve the suffering of the chronically ill. The Nazi regime used the term as a euphemism: its aim was to exterminate the mentally ill and the handicapped, thus "cleansing" the Aryan race of persons considered genetically defective and a financial burden to society. The idea of killing the incurably ill was posed well before 1939. In the 1920s, debate on this issue centered on a book coauthored by Alfred Hoche, a noted psychiatrist, and Karl Binding, a prominent scholar of criminal law. They argued that economic savings justified the killing of "useless lives" ("idiots" and "congenitally crippled"). Economic deprivation during World War I provided the context for this idea. During the war, patients in asylums had ranked low on the list for rationing of food and medical supplies, and as a result, many died from starvation or disease. More generally, the war undermined the value attached to individual life and, combined with Germany's humiliating defeat, led many nationalists to consider ways to regenerate the nation as a whole at the expense of individual rights. In 1935 Hitler stated privately that "in the event of war, [he] would take up the question of euthanasia and enforce it" because "such a problem would be more easily solved" during wartime. War would provide both a cover for killing and a pretext--hospital beds and medical personnel would be freed up for the war effort. The upheaval of war and the diminished value of human life during wartime would also, Hitler believed, mute expected opposition. To make the connection to the war explicit, Hitler's decree was backdated to September 1,1939, the day Germany invaded Poland. Fearful of public reaction, the Nazi regime never proposed a formal "euthanasia" law. Unlike the forced sterilizations, the killing of patients in mental asylums and other institutions was carried out in secrecy. The code name was "Operation T4," a reference to Tiergartenstrasse 4, the address of the Berlin Chancellery offices where the program was headquartered. Physicians, the most highly Nazified professional group in Germany, were key to the success of "T4," since they organized and carried out nearly, all aspects of the operation. One of Hitler's personal physicians, Dr. Karl Brandt, headed the program, along with Hitler's Chancellery chief, Philip Bouhler. T4 targeted adult patients in all government or church-run sanatoria and nursing homes. These institutions were instructed by the Interior Ministry to collect questionnaires about the state of health and capacity for work of all their patients, ostensibly as part of a statistical survey. The completed forms were, in turn, sent to expert assessors physicians, usually psychiatrists, who made up "review commissions." They marked each name with a "+," in red pencil, meaning death, or a "" in blue pencil, meaning life, or "?" for cases needing additional assessment. These medical experts rarely examined any of the patients and made their decisions from the questionnaires alone. At every step, the medical authorities involved were usually expected to quickly process large numbers of forms. The doomed were bused to killing centers in Germany and Austria walled-in fortresses, mostly former psychiatric hospitals, castles and a former prison --- at Hartheim, Sonnenstein, Grafeneck, Bernburg, Hadamar, and Brandenburg. In the beginning, patients were killed by lethal injection. But by 1940, Hitler, on the advice of Dr. Werner Heyde, suggested that carbon monoxide gas be used as the preferred method of killing. Experimental gassings had first been carried out at Brandenburg Prison in 1939. There, gas chambers were disguised as showers complete with fake nozzles in order to deceive victims ---prototypes of the killing centers' facilities built in occupied Poland later in the war. Again, following procedures that would later be instituted in the extermination camps, workers removed the corpses from the chambers, extracted gold teeth, then burned large numbers of bodies together in crematoria. Urns filled with ashes were prepared in the event the family of the deceased requested the remains. Physicians using fake names prepared death certificates falsifying the cause of death, and sent letters of condolences to relatives. Meticulous records discovered after the war documented 70,273 deaths by gassing at the six "euthanasia" centers between January 1940 and August 1941. (This total included up to 5,000 Jews; all Jewish mental patients were killed regardless of their ability to work or the seriousness of their illness.) A detailed report also recorded the estimated savings from the killing of institutionalized patients. The secrecy surrounding the T4 program broke down quickly. Some staff members were indiscreet while drinking in local pubs after work. Despite precautions, errors were made: hairpins turned up in urns sent to relatives of male victims; the cause of death was listed as appendicitis when the patient had the appendix removed years before. The town of Hadamar school pupils called the gray transport buses "killing crates" and threatened each other with the taunt, "You'll end up in the Hadamar ovens!" The thick smoke from the incinerator was said to be visible every day over Hadamar (where, in midsummer 1941, the staff celebrated the cremation of their 10,000th patient with beer and wine served in the crematorium). A handful of church leaders, notably the Bishop of Münster, Clemens August Count von Galen, local judges, and parents of victims protested the killings. One judge, Lothar Kreyssig, instituted criminal proceedings against Bouhler for murder; Kreyssig was prematurely retired. A few physicians protested. Karl Bonhöffer, a leading psychiatrist, and his son Dietrich, a Protestant minister who actively opposed the regime, urged church groups to pressure church-run institutions not to release their patients to T4 authorities. In response to such pressures, Hitler ordered a halt to Operation T4 on August 24, 1941. Gas chambers from some of the euthanasia killing centers were dismantled and shipped to extermination camps in occupied Poland. In late 1941 and 1942, they were rebuilt and used for the "final solution to the Jewish question." Similarly redeployed from T4 were future extermination camp commandants Christian Wirth, Franz Stangl, Franz Reichleitner, the doctor Irmfried Eberl, as well as about 100 others -- doctors, male nurses, and clerks, who applied their skills in 'Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor. The "euthanasia" killings continued, however, under a different, decentralized form. Hitler's regime continued to send to physicians and the general public the message that mental patients were "useless eaters" and life unworthy of life." In 1941, the film Ich klage an ("I accuse") in which a professor kills his incurably ill wife, was viewed by 18 million people. Doctors were encouraged to decide on their own who should live or die, Killing became part of hospital routine as infants, children, and adults were put to death by starvation, poisoning, and injections. Killings even continued in some of Germany's mental asylums, such as Kaufbeuren, weeks after Allied troops had occupied surrounding areas. Between the middle of 1941 and the winter of 1944-45, in a program known under code "14f13," experienced psychiatrists from the T4 operation were sent to concentration camps to weed out prisoners too ill to work. After superficial medical screenings, designated inmates Jews, Gypsies, Russians, Poles, Germans, and others were sent to those euthanasia centers where gas chambers still had not been dismantled, at Bernburg and Hartheim, where they were gassed. At least 20,000 people are believed to have died under the 14f13 program. Outside of Germany, thousands of mental patients in the occupied territories of Poland, Russia, and East Prussia were also killed by the Einsatzgruppen squads (SS and special police units) that followed in the wake of the invading German army. Between September 29 and November 1, 1939, these units shot about 3,700 mental patients in asylums in the region of Bromberg, Poland. In December 1939 and January 1940, SS units gassed 1,558 patients from Polish asylums in specially adapted gas vans, in order to make room for military and SS barracks. Although regular army units did not officially participate in such "cleansing" actions as general policy, some instances of their involvement have been documented. In all, between 200,000 and 250,000 mentally and physically handicapped persons were murdered from 1939 to 1945 under the T4 and other "euthanasia" programs. The magnitude of these crimes and the extent to which they prefigured the "final solution" continue to be studied. Further, in an age of genetic engineering and renewed controversy over mercy killings of the incurably ill, ethical and moral issues of concern to physicians, scientists, and lay persons alike remain vital.
    The 'Science" of Race (4th floor): eleven eugenics books; slides used to depict racial types and physical deformities; anthropologists' tools for measuring skulls and noses from Ulm, GermanyThe Murder of the Handicapped (4th floor); body, hand, and wrist restraints and leather gloves used in the Bernburg Psychiatric Hospital in Germany; a hospital bed and blanket, doctor's coat, syringes, and other medical instruments used in the Psychiatric Asylum and Hospital in Schwerin, GermanyThe Killers (2nd floor): photos of medical trials on video monitorInformation below is pertinent to the Wexner Learning Center.
    From the MENU choose TOPIC LIST. From the alphabetical list of topics choose "Racism: The Use of Nazi Racial Theory." Touch "Nazi Euthanasia Program" to learn more about the euthanasia program.
    From the MENU choose ID CARD. Type in the following numbers to read stories of victims of the euthanasia program: 6187, 1823.
    Many scholarly works published in the last ten years on race hygiene, forced sterilization, and the euthanasia program.
    A number of documents related to forced sterilizations.
    Audiotape of the sister of a euthanasia victim. Videotape of an individual rescued by his mother.
    Photographs depicting the handicapped in medical custody and of some of the euthanasia institutes and T-4 staff.
    Burleigh, Michael, and Wolfgang Wipperman. The Racial State: Germany, 1933-1945 (London, 1991).Gallagher, Hugh C. By Trust Betrayed: Patients, Physicians, and the License to Kill in the Third Reich (New York, 1990).Lifton, Robert J. The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide (New York, 1986).Müller-Hill, Benno. Murderous Science: Elimination by Scientific Selection of Jews, Gypsies and Others; Germany 1933-1945 (Oxford, 1988).Proctor, Robert. Racial Hygiene: Medicine under the Nazis (Cambridge, MA, 1988).Pross, Christian, and Götz Aly. The Value of the Human Being: Medicine in Germany, 1918-1945 (Berlin, 1991).Weindling, Paul. Health, Race and German Politics between National Unification and Nazism 1870-1945 (Cambridge, England, 1989).

    Michael Schiavo Motives in Question.

    This is the umpteenth article on Terri Schiavo, but it is important. This details some of the irregularities between a caring husband and this clown.



    This is the tolerant left for you in the US!!!!

    Count to 30: 1, 2, 3, 15, 30!!!!!!

    Britain not too keen on Schiavo being saved

    Here are various article links to the UK Guardian.

    One is to an unflattering cartoon.


    Governor and President Bush, and their Legislatures are Still Pushing for Schiavo

    Oddly enough, despite fears of 10th Amendment Breech, the Congress and President are the only ones trying to save Terri Schiavo, out of the whole State and Federal Government.

    When did the judges become such a close-ranked cadre of liberals?

    Who knows.

    All I know is that President Bush and many in Congress are forgoing their Easter Week Vacation to get this law enforced for Terri.

    What would have happened had Christ been in Terri's shoes?

    Federal Judge Denies Terri Get Feeding Tube

    Sadly, I thought this could happen. Should we expect any less from a Clinton appointee liberal of the Culture of Death and Euthanasia?


    The Schindlers are still appealing. Keep your fingers crossed.


    Monday, March 21, 2005

    Michael Schiavo Dares Bush to come to Florida, calls DeLay a Snake

    Michael Schiavo gets guts to blast the President trying to preserve life, but this rat, refuses to let his wife live. Michael Schiavo, you are a sick son of a .........

    Here's the Link:

    Vatican Pleads to Keep Terri Schiavo Alive

    I'm not Catholic, but as a Christian, do appreciate the Catholics and Protestants getting along on this important issue. Life and who decides it end....

    HITLER'S DISEASE LAWS: Sounds Like Precedents the DNC Used to Vote Against Schiavo

    From the Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases of 14 July 1933

    (1)i. Anyone who has a hereditary illness can be rendered sterile by a surgical operation if, according to the experience of medical science, there is a strong probability that his/her progeny will suffer from serious hereditary defects of a physical or mental nature. ii. Anyone is hereditarily ill within the meaning of the law who suffers from one of the following illnesses: 1. Congenital feeble-mindedness 2. Schizophrenia 3. Manic depression 4. Hereditary epilepsy 5. Huntington's chorea 6. Hereditary blindness 7. Hereditary deafness 8. Serious physical deformities iii. In addition, anyone who suffers from chronic alcoholism can be sterilised.
    (7) i. Proceedings before the Hereditary Health Courts are not public. ii. The Hereditary Health Court has to make the necessary inquiries; it can call expert, and other, witnesses, as well as order the personal appearance and medical examination of the person to be sterilised, compelling him to do so in cases of non-appearance without adequate excuse. The provisions concerning the conduct of civil hearings are to be applied correspondingly to the examination of and swearing in of witnesses and experts, as well as to the disqualification and rejection of members of the court. Physicians who appear as witnesses or medical experts are obliged to testify without regard to professional confidentiality. Courts and administrative authorities, as well as hospital institutions are obliged to supply information to the Hereditary Health Court on request.
    (12) i. If the court finally decides upon sterilisation, the operation must be performed even if it is against the wishes of the person to be sterilised, unless that person was solely responsible for the application. The medical officer is responsible for requesting the necessary measures to be taken by the police authorities. In so far as other measures prove insufficient, the use of force is permissible. Reasons for the law. Since the National Revolution public opinion has become increasingly preoccupied with questions of demographic policy and the continuing decline in the birth rate. However, it is not only the decline in population, which is a cause for serious concern but equally the increasingly evident genetic composition of our people. Whereas the hereditarily healthy families have for the most part adopted a policy of having only one or two children, countless numbers of inferiors and those suffering from hereditary conditions are reproducing unrestrainedly while their sick and asocial offspring burden the community.

    HAT TIP:

    Tactless Moment Part II: Senator Calls Dick Cheney Saddam Hussein

    NJ Senator John Corzine called Vice President Dick Cheney, Saddam Hussein.


    TACTLESS MOMENT OF THE DAY: Howard Dean calls GOP "Brain Dead."

    Thank you Lord Jesus for placing this idiot here, 2008 will be a snap.

    Howard, who's really brain dead, in light of the context of Terri Schiavo and the fact you loooooost the election?

    Who's dumb now, Dr. Dork?


    Here's something that may make you re-think Michael Schiavo as a "caring husband."


    This affidavit would be damning if the major media would carry it and did not want to KILL Terri Schiavo.

    Nazis of Yesteryear, Meet Terri Schiavo's Would Be Killers

    Germany's euthanasia program started in 1935, with Hitler's Nuremberg Laws. These were not just aimed at Jews, but also any devout Christians, any Gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, trade unionists, and all opposition to the New Regime..... In 1939, the Reich Chancellory ordered the first waive of euthanasia to coincide with the first massive executions at Chelmno concentration camp in Poland. Hitler wrote in MEIN KAMPF on the removal of all diseased and deformed persons so not to pollute or weaken the Reich. Hitler ordered the SS to oversee it, but most of the dirty work was done by civilian doctors and authorized by civilian judges. All of the doctors and judges had the eagle and swastika, so I guess their innocence is moot.
    The Nazis preferred method was sending all of the physically disabled, mentally retarded, and incurably insane, into a "shower room." They all crammed in there, thinking, it's bath time. The only thing to poor out of the shower heads was smoke and carbon monoxide. The Nazis used engines to gas these poor people. Apparently Heinrich Himmler, and Dr. Brandt thought that starvation and injections was too much of a strain on their staff. God forbid anyone get remorse over what they did.
    However, the church and many regular Germans did oppose this. Mistakes were made, and many families got multiple earns of ashes, even if they had one kid. People did the math and protested. The Vatican even issued excommunication edicts to the German cardinals. Hitler backed down and stopped the T-4 Program. However, close to 100,000 of the disabled were killed.
    This was a sad testament to the state giving edicts on who can live, and who had life unworthy of living. This was also a dry-run for worse mass murder of over 6 Million Jews, 4-5 Million Russians and Poles, 2-3 Million Gypsies, and hundreds of thousands of POWs, priests/pastors, later Hitler's own generals, the rich, and all who opposed Hitler.
    The Holocaust started with one group and then went after everyone. I hope we learn from this savagery. If not, God Forgive Us and God Help Us, because no one else may be able to if we progress this way.

    WTF PART VIII: NY Times Says Starvation Not Painful

    Read this stupidty. The NY Times and their usual Dr. Mengele cadre say that starving to death is not painful. They will dance circles around and say, "well if she can't talk or move, how will it hurt her, or it or whatever...." The NY Times, Communist pro-death crapsheet!!!!!

    Here's their account:

    President Comments on Right To Life, for Schiavo

    Bush Signs Measure Aimed at Keeping Schiavo Alive
    Chicago Tribune
    WASHINGTON - President Bush early Monday signed emergency legislation passed by Congress in a post-midnight session aimed at prolonging Terri Schiavo's life, elevating a celebrated Florida case into a larger political and legal controversy about American values regarding life and death.
    ``In cases like this one, where there are serious questions and substantial doubts, our society, our laws and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life,'' Bush said in a statement after signing the bill.
    In an extraordinary day of political drama, members of Congress rushed back from their Easter recess on Palm Sunday to vote on the bill to allow a federal court to review a Florida judge's Friday decision ordering the severely brain-damaged woman's feeding tube removed.
    The Senate approved the measure on a voice vote in a nearly empty chamber Sunday, but some House Democrats blocked an immediate voice vote in that chamber, forcing the House Republican leadership to schedule a roll call that began at about 12:20 a.m. Monday, Washington time.
    The bill, which required a two-thirds majority to pass the House, was approved 203-58, with Democrats sharply split and Republicans overwhelmingly in support.
    The president cut short a stay at his Texas ranch and raced back to the White House so he could sign the bill promptly. Bush and other supporters of the bill hoped to get a speedy federal court decision restoring the feeding tube that has kept Schiavo alive for 15 years.
    "We ought to err on the side of life in a case like this," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said. "I think most people recognize that this case involves some extraordinary circumstances."
    House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, said a U.S. District Court in Florida, open 24 hours, had been notified that a petition would be filed as soon as Bush signed the measure.
    "Time is not on Terri Schiavo's side," DeLay said. "The few remaining objecting House Democrats have so far cost Mrs. Schiavo two meals already today."
    Some Democrats questioned whether Congress should be trying to decide whether to keep Schiavo alive. Her husband, Michael, has fought in court to have the feeding tube removed while her parents have pushed to keep their daughter alive.
    "It is particularly hypocritical when you have people who say they advocate on behalf of the Defense of Marriage Act who now insert themselves between a husband and his wife," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.
    "It's not the place of Congress, in the 11th hour and in the most abusive fashion, to undermine the Florida court system," said Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla.
    Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., added, "We are seeing, sadly, the manifestation of a constitutional crisis. You will have hundreds of members of Congress making a medical decision about which we know nothing."
    Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said he didn't envision that the legislation would spark many similar cases coming before Congress.
    "It is a unique bill passed under unique circumstances that should not serve as a precedent for future legislation," he said.
    As the GOP-dominated Congress scrambled to keep Schiavo alive, it was disclosed that a memo distributed to Republican senators described the Schiavo case as a "great political issue" that could help the GOP with Christian conservatives in the 2006 midterm elections.
    "This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited that the Senate is debating this important issue," according to the memo. Some GOP lawmakers decried the fact the memo was leaked. Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.) said in an interview that the Republican leadership in the House did not want to politicize the issue.
    "I hope that we're not making this human tragedy a political issue," said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
    Rep. James Moran, D-Va., said Schiavo and her family members had become "political pawns to larger political issues." But Moran added, "I can't say necessarily that I'm speaking for my constituents."
    The Schiavo case is a sensitive one for Democrats, smarting over their losses in 2004, when social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage proved to be big issues in presidential and congressional elections.
    Though some Democrats blocked a voice vote by the House on Sunday, DeLay said the measure had strong bipartisan support.
    The unsigned GOP memo called the Schiavo case "a tough issue for Democrats." But presidential spokesman McClellan disavowed any political motive in the president's support of the legislation.
    "The president believes that our society should be based on a culture of life," McClellan told reporters on Air Force One as it headed to Washington.
    Schiavo's husband and her parents have been in a long legal struggle.
    She has been diagnosed by doctors as being "in a persistent vegetative state" since her heart stopped because of a chemical imbalance. Her husband says she did not want to have her life extended. But there was no written directive or "living will" to that effect.
    "There are some congressmen that are trying to stop this bill," said Schiavo's mother, Mary Schindler. "Please don't use my daughter's suffering for your own personal agenda."
    The attorney for the Schindlers, Barbara Weller, faxed a letter to the hospice where Schiavo is a patient and said the feeding tube could be reinserted as early as Monday on the basis of congressional action.
    In an interview, Michael Schiavo said, "I am outraged, and I think every American in this country should be outraged, that this government is trampling all over a personal family matter that has been adjudicated in the courts for seven years. I think that the Congress has more important things to discuss."
    House and Senate committees issued subpoenas last week seeking to have the feedings continued, but that was rejected by a Florida court.
    (c) 2005, Chicago Tribune.
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