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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Arafat's Trail of Blood, the media does not want you to know about

On Friday November 12, 2004 Yasser Arafat was laid to rest after 75 years of life. Some fawned over the man and his achievements. How short some memories are. Arafat started out a terrorist organization and this is what happened. Read this and don't forget.

Arafats Trail Of Blood
The world media portrays Yasser Arafat as a kindly George Washington of the Palestinian people. The real Arafat is a blood-thirsty Ghoul. He Pioneered airline high- jacking's, and he was the god father of terror. Whole villages of Christians were massacred under his command in Lebanon. His P.L.O. conducted many cowardly campaigns of murder. Perhaps the best known, in 1972, when 5 Arab terrorists entered the Olympic Village in Munich Germany, and Slaughtered 11 unarmed Israeli athletes in cold blood. This beast must not be glorified! To the side, you will find a portrait of the real Yasser Arafat. A man courted by the Democrats and shunned by Republicans. Now do you know why God smiles on George Bush?
Yasser Arafat has compiled a record of atrocities which would be the envy of past war criminals. From the blowing-up of planes, through thousands of terrorist attacks, ordering the execution of American Ambassador to Sudan, Cleo No'l, charges des affaires George Moore and the Belgium aid, Guy Eid in Khartoum.
During the 12 year Civil War in Lebanon, caused by Yasser Arafat's assuming power through terror, his terrorists committed mass murder. Whole Villages of Christians like Damour were massacred, chopped into pieces with machetes. Out of the 30,000 Christians, 10,000 were slaughtered by Arafat's PLO. The town was then occupied and kept as Arafat's stronghold. David Shipler of the New York Times wrote the story of Damour June 21, 1982. There were individual murders. One horrific, but typical, example is when the Muktar (leader) of a village refused to be cooperative with Arafat and his terrorists. The Muktar's teenage daughter was abducted and raped. Her breasts were cut off and she was delivered to the doorstep of her father in a sack.
At 4:30 A.M. on September 5, 1972, five Arab terrorists wearing track suits climbed the six and ½ foot fence surrounding the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany. Once inside, they were met by three others who had gained entrance with credentials. Within 24 hours, 11 Israelis, five terrorists and a German policeman were dead. The Munich operation was ordered by Yasser Arafat and carried out by Fatah, Arafat's faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
What Exactly Does Israel Have On Yasser Arafat?
-Arafat Finances Suicide Bombings
In a memorandum captured in Operation Defensive Shield, the Secretary-General of the Fatah office in Tulkarm requested that Arafat provide $2,000 to each of 15 specifically named "Fighting Brethren" of the Tanzim military wing of Fatah. According to Israeli military sources, each of the "fighters" was involved in the planning or execution of suicide attacks. With his own signature in Arabic, Arafat authorized the payment of $800 to each of the "fighters" on April 5, 2001.
-Arafat Finances Terrorist Attacks
On September 19, 2001, Arafat personally approved a request for payment of $600 to three people including Ra'ad Karmi, commander of the Tanzim in Tulkarm, who was personally involved in at least 25 shooting attacks against Israelis. Arafat funded Karmi even though Israel had placed Karmi on its "most-wanted" list just three months earlier. On the same day, Arafat approved payment to Amar Qadan, a member of his own Force-17 "Presidential Guard," who was involved in terrorist operations.
A second request was faxed to Arafat to fund 12 more terrorists. According to Colonel Miri Eisin of the IDF intelligence Branch, "Every single one of them was on our wanted list these are Tanzim members, which is Arafat's own party." Arafat knew well that these individuals were involved in terrorism. Nevertheless, on January 7, 2002, "Arafat himself in his handwriting, with his signature agreed to pay the money."
On January 17, 2002, two and a half weeks later, a Palestinian killed six Israelis and wounded twenty-six at a bat-mitzvah party in Hadera, initiated and planned by one of those on Arafat's list Mansur Saleh Sharim, who was already responsible for the deaths of at least three Israelis. Senior Fatah figures in Israeli custody, like Marwan Barghouti, admitted subsequently that Arafat approved funding for Fatah operatives with knowledge that it would be used to finance terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.
-Arafat Commands the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades
While some draw a distinction between Yasser Arafat's Fatah organization and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Palestinians refute such assertions. The leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Tulkarm told USA Today in March 2002: "The truth is, we are Fatah, but we didn't operate under the name of Fatah We are the armed wing of the organization. We receive our instructions from Fatah. Our commander is Yasser Arafat himself."
In the early months of 2002, the number of attacks by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, including suicide bombings, exceeded those of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. On September 16, 2001, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades requested payment to cover expenses for "production of explosive charges" from Arafat's financial confidante, Fuad Shubaki, who, as the head of the Palestinian Authority's "Armed Forces Financial Directorate," was also the mastermind behind the Karine-A weapons ship delivery from Iran. That ship also carried huge amounts of C-4 explosives that could only be use for bombing attacks against Israel.
-Arafat Authorized Hamas and Islamic Jihad Attacks
During March 9-13, 1997 (and perhaps earlier), Arafat met personally in Gaza with the leaders of Hamas and other militant groups, and gave them the "green light" to resume terrorist attacks. Following those meetings, Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak told Israel Radio on March 23, 1997: "Organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad have an understanding from the Palestinian Authority to carry out attacks." After the outbreak of the violence in September 2000, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah coordinated together under the umbrella of the "Nationalist and Islamic Forces," led by Fatah.

And another:

Arafat’s Trail of Terror
Jon E. Dougherty, NewsMax.comThursday, Nov. 11, 2004 To hear French President Jacques Chirac tell it, Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat was a genuine humanitarian and competent leader who spent much of his life fighting for justice and the betterment of his people.
Story Continues Below
Like all other Arafat apologists, Chirac and Co. would never publicly discuss Arafat's real legacy: One of terrorism, murder and mayhem.
Why so many Western leaders, as well as like-minded soul mates in the United States, have so resolutely allied themselves with Arafat and his terrorist ways is a mystery. But now that the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] has died, it is appropriate to examine this “leader's” so-called accomplishments on behalf of Palestinians and the cause he embodied.
The Beginning
Born Mohammed Yasser Abdul-Ra'ouf Qudwa Al-Husseini in Cairo on Aug. 29, 1929, he moved on to attend King Fuad University in Egypt, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering in 1951.
In 1958 he left Egypt and moved to Kuwait, where he worked as an engineer. During this period, he met with Khalil El-Wazir [a.k.a. Abu Jihad; 1935-1988], where the two founded "Al- Fatah," or the Palestine National Liberation Movement, a terrorist organization dedicated to the eradication of Israel.
To shore up support for this new movement, Arafat returned to "Palestine," where he met with Palestinian activists. Eventually he founded the Fatah Movement — formally the PLO — Jan. 1, 1965, staying in Jerusalem until 1967, when he moved to Jordan.
"The Palestine Liberation Organization is undoubtedly one of the best known terrorist organizations in the world. Accordingly, the organization is led by perhaps the best known individual in the modern history of international terrorism," says a description by the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.
The U.S. government also formally considered the PLO, under Arafat, a terrorist group, but that changed in September 1993. Then, Arafat — in letters to Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and Norwegian Foreign Minister Holst — committed the PLO to cease all violence and terrorism. On Sept. 13, 1993, a Declaration of Principles between Israelis and Palestinians was signed, supposedly ending violence between the two.
It didn't really turn out that way, but that is less Israel's fault and more because of Arafat's persona; throughout much of his adult life, he has never behaved as though Israel had a right to exist.
Violent History
After emerging as leader of the PLO around 1969, the group's first notable act of terrorism was to kidnap 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, in 1972. When that act of terrorism was all over, all 11 Israelis were killed, along with five of the Palestinian terrorists and a pair of German police officers.
Throughout the 1970s, a number of terrorist organizations associated with the PLO carried out attacks around the world.
"By the mid-1970s, under international pressure, the PLO claimed it would restrict attacks to Israel and the occupied territories," reports “Several terrorist attacks were later carried out by groups affiliated with the PLO/Fatah, including the Hawari Group, the Palestine Liberation Front, and Force 17, against targets inside and outside Israel."
From Israel to Jordan, Lebanon to Germany, the Sudan to Greece, the attacks and the murders by PLO-connected factions continued. But by 1988, perhaps sensing the need for a change in tactics, Arafat did something unexpected: He publicly renounced terrorism as a means to achieving a Palestinian state.
Was it the end of the reign of terror? Hardly. Arafat's proclamation was little more than a public relations stunt. Terrorism and murder continued, especially against Israelis. In most cases, these attacks could be traced back to Arafat and his various militant PLO factions.
And, over the years, Arafat made a number of similar "agreements" with other governments — Jordan in the 1970s, the U.S. and Israel in the 1980s and 1990s — that he never intended to honor, and didn't.
One particularly ominous example comes from author Said K. Aburish. In his 1998 book, "Arafat," he writes the PLO leader even turned down an offer to co-govern Jordan with the late King Hussein.
After establishing a Palestinian state within the state of Jordan — through violence and intimidation — in a bid to bring about peace, Hussein made the offer.
"An amazed, almost speechless Arafat turned him down because he had no plan for Jordan, or for incorporating the PLO into a functioning nation state with or without Hussein," writes Aburish. "With this refusal Arafat, who survives on improvisation and constantly turns turmoil to personal advantage, was left with no option but to continue to contribute to the existing untenable chaotic state of affairs."
Instead, says Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor at large for United Press International and The Washington Times and a board member, Arafat's PLO incited a civil war in Jordan.
"In 1970, the PLO had gradually taken over Amman," he told NewsMax. "They were even checking people at the airport and directing traffic. The [Royal Jordanian] army was out."
He said Jordan's King Hussein and Arafat had agreed the city would be demilitarized, but Arafat ostensibly broke that agreement when his factions took over the capital, leading to armed conflict with Hussein's army when it moved back into Amman to regain control.
De Borchgrave, who was caught in the crossfire of PLO-Jordanian forces in a hotel with dozens of other journalists, was a first-hand witness to the carnage.
Eight days after the fighting began, he said, Hussein's army prevailed, and "Arafat — disguised as a woman — escaped. He had taken refuge at the Algerian Embassy. The PLO was then forced into exile in Lebanon," where Arafat began the same process all over again, creating a "state within a state."
By the early 1980s, Lebanon was embroiled in another Arafat orchestrated civil war.
One of Arafat's lifetime goals was the creation of a Palestinian state. Interestingly, Jordan's population is estimated to be anywhere from 60 percent to 80 percent Palestinian, which would have represented the best chance so far of Arafat being able to govern a "Palestinian state."
But he wasn't interested; apparently the fight against Israel was more important to him.
The current "intifada" being waged against the Jewish state — which has never fully been renounced by Arafat himself — is proof of his unwillingness to observe agreements which, ostensibly, could have led to peace.
Legitimizing Terror
Worse, along the way, he was lionized and legitimized by Western governments, including the United States.
A year after the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when Israel defeated the combined armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and more than a half-dozen other Arab nations, Arafat managed to weasel his way into an appearance at the United Nations, pistol strapped to his hip.
And, just 14 months later, a representative of the PLO was given a non-voting observer status in a meeting of the U.N. Security Council.
"For the achievement of such complicity by Western nations, accepted values of culture and civilization had to be thrown overboard," says a description of Arafat and the PLO's rise in Western circles by Joseph Katz, a Middle Eastern Political and Religious History Analyst in New York City. "The international institutions within the United Nations that were established to promote, to disseminate, and to perpetuate those values had to be subverted and prostituted, and even the formal regulations and norms protecting them in the Charter of the United Nations had to be abused and undermined. The Arab states, however, encountered little resistance."
The process, writes Katz, was not sporadic but a well thought out plan to gain respect among the world community — despite a violent history — using propaganda and sympathizers within key governments abroad.
Arafat's terrorism was further legitimized when, astonishingly, he was invited to visit the White House for "peace talks" by President Clinton on several occasions.
Clinton who, to his credit, put a lot of effort into forging a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, eventually had his efforts thrown back in his face when, following a November 2000 meeting at the White House, Arafat angrily denounced Israel.
"I am not the one who initiated the violence. I am not the one who is attacking Israelis. My tanks are not siegeing (sic) Israeli towns. I did not order my tanks, my air force, my artillery, my heavy weapons, my navy," he said, interrupting his interpreter to make sure his words were being properly translated.
This, after Arafat scored a legitimization coup de grace in 1994, being named — ironically — as a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.
In that instance, one of the prize committee's three members, Kare Kristiansen, so objected to the honor being given to the PLO leader, whom he described as "too tainted by violence, terror and torture," that he quit in protest — the first such incidence of a board member resigning in protest of an award.
And the Future?
Under Arafat, there is no reason to believe he would ever formally make peace with Israel, nor stop his support of terrorism against the Jewish state. And he may have blown the best chance the Palestinians ever had for a homeland.
Yossef Bodansky, a researcher of the House Task Force for Counter-terrorism and author of the several books, the latest called, "The Secret History of the Iraq War," tells Arafat has never shown any inclination towards peace with Israel.
And, he says, there is at least one incidence of terrorism in which Arafat "personally ordered two U.S. diplomats killed."
That incident occurred March 2, 1973, when Al-Fatah faction members kidnapped and murdered Cleo A. Noel, Jr., U.S. ambassador to Sudan, and George C. Moore, also a U.S. diplomat, at the American Embassy in Khartoum.
De Borchgrave says he doesn't see a Palestinian state on the horizon, either—that the time for one has past.
"The so-called 'roadmap' [to peace] often spoken about is better described now as a 'road with no map,'" he told
And he added that while it was improper to blame Arafat for every act of terror in the region and beyond, the future doesn't bode well either.
De Borchgrave believes a more moderate Palestinian leader will emerge in Arafat's shadow, but will be unable to control the hard-line Muslim extremist organizations like Hamas, Hizbollah and the Islamic Jihad.
Arafat's trail of terror:
His PLO attacked and killed 11 Israeli athletes and coaches during the 1972 Olympics in Munich
A PLO faction hijacked the Achille Lauro, an Italian passenger liner, Oct. 7, 1985, and demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Before surrendering, they killed wheelchair-bound Jewish-American passenger Leon Klinghoffer, and dumped his body overboard. The man who commanded the operation, Mohammad Abbas, was eventually captured by U.S. military forces in Iraq. He died in U.S. custody March 4, 2004, but not before committing other acts of terrorism.
Arafat provided funding for innumerable Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel, resulting in, as one Israeli writer put it, Arafat's becoming "a mass murderer of Jews."
Arafat gave the go-ahead for the current Intifida, now more than four years in duration, which has cost the lives of scores of Israelis.
Arafat authorized attacks by terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the latter group responsible for bombings of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon in the early 1980s, which killed a number of U.S. Marines, CIA operatives and other U.S. officials.
Served as the actual commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which has taken a leading role in shooting incidents and bombing attacks against Israeli civilians.
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak told Israel Radio on March 23, 1997, "Organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad have an understanding from the Palestinian Authority to carry out attacks."
In a memorandum captured in Operation Defensive Shield, the Secretary-General of the Fatah office in Tulkarm requested that Arafat provide $2,000 to each of 15 specifically named "Fighting Brethren" of the Tanzim military wing of Fatah. According to Israeli military sources, each of the "fighters" was involved in the planning or execution of suicide attacks, says Eli Kazhdan, a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
As late as September 2003, Israeli intelligence said orders for terrorist attacks were still emanating from Arafat's compound in Ramallah.


First, we have a soldier fighting in WWII, house to house inside France. He is young and has been shot at since after he came in as a replacement for a fallen trooper. The soldier had seen artillery and machine gun fire, rake a building some snipers were in. He is crawling upstairs with his platoon, some shot others not. They see the Germans, many in pools of blood. Others, shot by no so bloodied. One of them is close to a Schmeisser Machine pistol and is about to grab it and fire at the platoon. The young American soldier sees the motion and unloads 2 rounds into the wounded German. That soldier is praised as a hero for saving his platoon mates, and receives a medal.

Second, we have a soldier in Fallujah, young US Marine. That soldier and his men were also in house to house fighting, and saw the artillery and helicopters rake a building with countless rounds. They inspect the room with 4 to 5 dead Iraqi terrorist snipers. All are still. They are about to twitch and then one of the Iraqis twitches. The soldier raises his gun and shoots that man dead. There was pressumably no weapon close to the would be killer. Days before, various troops had died leaving the dead uninspected, and when moving some, the bodies were wired to explode. This soldier fired. Although, in this war, the trooper was videotaped and reported by an embedded reporter. Hardly Ernie Pyle, but it's war.

There are two soldiers, two similar situations, but very different wars and rules of engagement. the WWII soldier is awarded and no coverage in the news is given, he just fights again. The Iraq War Marine is covered, removed from combat and could be investigated. Two different outcomes, two different wars. The differences are in reporting and news coverage, but there is a solid and striking common thread.

Each soldier had a choice:

The first choice is to shrug off the twitches of the dying enemey and move on. That would lead to more casualties if the enemy fired, or had the chance to set off a grenade or charge. That choice would lead to the hesitant trooper's death and the platoon. All would return home, in coffins, and their next of kin would get a folded flag and a visit from two dressed up officers to their home.

The second choice, uneasy but the one that ruled out in the end. Shoot the enemy, as Lord only knows if the enemy had a hidden gun or grenade. Save yourself, save your platoon, and save others from having to come up to avenge the possible dead troops who missed on piece of ordinance. You are likely to take heat from someone and will need to parley with God on the decision. However, you save lives and save yourself and make it home, alive.

What choice would you make if you were that trooper?

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Real Hollywood Heroes
In contrast to the ideals, opinions and feelings of today's "Hollywonk" the real actors of yester-year loved the United States. They had both class and integrity. With the advent of World War many of our actors went to fight rather than stand and rant against this country we all love. They gave up their wealth, position and fame to become service men &women, many as simple "enlisted men." This page lists but a few, but from this group of only 18 men came over 70 medals in honor of their valor, spanning from Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, Distinguish Service Cross', Purple Hearts and one Congressional Medal of Honor. So remember; while the "Entertainers of 2003" have been in all of the news media lately (for it seems News Paper, Television and Radio has been more than ready to put them and their anti-American, anti-Bush message before the public) I would like to remind the people of what the entertainers of 1943 were doing, (60 years ago). Most of these brave men have since passed on.
Alec Guinness (Star Wars) operated a British Royal Navy landing craft on D-Day.
James Doohan ("Scotty" on Star Trek) landed in Normandy with the U. S. Army on D-Day.
Donald Pleasance (The Great Escape) really was an R. A. F. pilot who was shot down, held prisoner and tortured by the Germans.
David Niven was a Sandhurst graduate and Lt. Colonelof the British Commandos in Normandy.
James Stewart Entered the Army Air Force as a private and worked his way to the rank of Colonel. During World War II, Stewart served as a bomber pilot, his service record crediting him with leading more than 20 missions over Germany, and taking part in hundreds of air strikes during his tour of duty. Stewart earned the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, France's Croix de Guerre, and 7 Battle Stars during World War II. In peace time, Stewart continued to be an active member of the Air Force as a reservist, reaching the rank of Brigadier General before retiring in the late 1950s.
Clark Gable (Mega-Movie Star when war broke out) Although he was beyond the draft age at the time the U.S. entered WW II, Clark Gable enlisted as a private in the AAF on Aug. 12, 1942 at Los Angeles. He attended the Officers' Candidate School at Miami Beach, Fla. and graduated as a second lieutenant on Oct. 28, 1942. He then attended aerial gunnery school and in Feb. 1943 he was assigned to the 351st Bomb Group at Polebrook where flew operational missions over Europe in B-17s Capt. Gable returned to the U.S. in Oct. 1943 and was relieved from active duty as a major on Jun. 12, 1944 at his own request, since he was over-age for combat.
Charlton Heston was an Army Air Corps Sergeant in Kodiak.
Earnest Borgnine was a U. S. Navy Gunners Mate 1935-1945.
Charles Durning was a U. S. Army Ranger at Normandy earning a Silver Star and awarded the Purple Heart.
Charles Bronson was a tail gunner in the Army Air Corps, more specifically on B-29s in the 20th Air Force out of Guam, Tinian, and Saipan
George C. Scott was a decorated U. S. Marine.
Eddie Albert (Green Acres TV) was awarded a Bronze Star for his heroic action as a U. S. Naval officer aiding Marines at the horrific battle on the island of Tarawa in the Pacific Nov. 1943.
Brian Keith served as a U.S. Marine rear gunner in several actions against the Japanese on Rabal in the Pacific.
Lee Marvin was a U.S. Marine on Saipan during the Marianas campaign when he was wounded earning the Purple Heart.
John Russell: In 1942, he enlisted in the Marine Corps where he received a battlefield commission and was wounded and highly decorated for valor at Guadalcanal.
Robert Ryan was a U. S. Marine who served with the O. S. S. in Yugoslavia..
Tyrone Power (an established movie star when Pearl Harbor was bombed) joined the U.S. Marines, was a pilot flying supplies into, and wounded Marines out of, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
Audie Murphy, little 5'5" tall 110 pound guy from Texas who played cowboy parts? Most Decorated serviceman of WWII and earned: Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Silver Star Medals, Legion of Merit, 2 Bronze Star Medals with "V", 2 Purple Hearts, U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, 2 Distinguished Unit Emblems, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with One Silver Star, Four Bronze Service Stars (representing nine campaigns) and one Bronze Arrowhead (representing assault landing at Sicily and Southern France) World War II Victory Medal Army of Occupation Medal with Germany Clasp, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar, Expert Badge with Bayonet Bar, French Fourragere in Colors of the Croix de Guerre, French Legion of Honor, Grade of Chevalier, French Croix de Guerre With Silver Star, French Croix de Guerre with Palm, Medal of Liberated France, Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 Palm.
So how do you feel the real heroes of the silver screen acted when compared to the hollywonks today who spray out anti-American drivel as they bite the hand that feeds them? Can you imagine these stars of yester-year saying they hate our flag, making anti-war speeches, marching in anti-American parades and saying they hate our president? I thought not, neither did I!


Where do I begin with the gratitude for the veterans who served this land in one way or another. Let's start with the obvious, the current troops serving right now. First, to the US Marines in Fallujah, may God protect and shield you guys as you take the war on terrorism from our streets back to the lairs of these vermin and creatures. My God guide your steps and decisions. Also, God be with Lieutenant Steven P Robertson, who may be or may have already been deployed to Fallujah.

Second, I'd like to thank relatives who served in the military. First, both of my grandfathers, I thank and pray for you both. Grandfather Alfred E Walters served as a private in 4th Infantry Division, under Major General Raymond Barton, who was under General George S Patton from summer 1944 to May 1945, VE Day. Walters was drafted right out of Enid Oklahoma, he and his brother were shipped out. Alfred Walters served from summer 1944 to spring 1945, when he took ill after campaigns that included: Normandy, Liberation of Paris, Metz, Verdun, The Ardennes- aka Battle of The Bulge, Germany, crossing the Rhine, and into Southern Bavaria and almost to Austria. Along the way many like him liberated towns, destroyed the enemy but also discovered the horror of Hitler's Holocaust. Al got shipped home, married in 1950 and had my dad in 1951. I came around 1978. Thanks Grandpa Alfred for serving and giving me a sense of patriotism and God. To Grandpa Frederick Doyle Bacon, thanks for serving stateside in the arsenal in McAlister, OK. Both of my grandfathers are alive, and I thank them and their generation for serving and volunteering to defend God's People, all of them, regardless of race and country. I would like to thank Adolph Walters for his service in the Pacific, which regretably ended on Luzon in 1944. Adolph was killed in action, re-taking the Phillippines from Japan, in fulfilling General Douglas MacArthur's return to The Phillippines. I pray Adolph and the other 400,000 to 500,000 who laid their lives down are in heaven chatting it up about all kinds of stuff.

Matthew 5:9- Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God.

History of Veteran's Day:

It was first observed in 1926, in honor of the World War One veterans and the Armistice Day. The WWI Armistice was signed November 11, 1918, at about 11 am. The 11th Hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month. World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Unfortunately, it did not, as Nazi Germany and Japan declared war on us after Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941, Sunday at 7:45 am. Veteran's Day has been observed for 78 years, and going.

Let's observe Veteran's Day by saluting our vets, not spitting on them like the current radicals and traitors do. Let's praise them for their service, not pummel them with insults. And let's thank them for their sacrifice, not thumb our noses at them. And let us remember not forget all that has been done.

Remember this quote- "Never in the course of history, has so much been sacrificed by so few for the good of so many."
It was from either Franklin Roosevelt our President in WWII or British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


OK, the reaction to the election is getting ridiculous. I know we expect people to be disappointed but there is a limit of reasonable emotion.


1. 25 year old from Georgia goes to NYC, to Ground Zero and shoots himself in the head, killing himself. Why? The poor soul was upset by Bush winning the election and wrote of despair over the US. The reaction has been typical to his death- everything from One Less Dumb Democrat to worry about to This Is Bush's Fault and all between. If you are shooting yourself over an election outcome, then you either broke some election laws OR you are way too wrapped up in this.

2. Group of Democrats are talking secession from the Union, since Bush won. Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah! Give me a break you babies. Typical Democrats, started Civil War I and now wanna a crack at Civil War II. Real mature responses such as change the Constitution. If it ain't broke don't fix it! Get a life, you fools!

3. Democrats going to trauma therapy in Florida for Post Election Stress Trauma, PEST Treatment. How fitting, since some of you acted like mites biting at the legs of America. If you have to get therapy for an election outcome, then there is other crap frothing underneath that you need to contend with. SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT! We dealt with Clinton for 8 years, deal with this!

4. European Press and Peoples Reactions- Many in Europe post headlines like- How can 59 Million be So Stupid? Thanks for Nothing US! and all that. When did these turds last post headlines- thank you for D-Day, Lend Lease was a Life Savior, We Appreciate The Marshall Plan...... NEVER. Europe needs to get over this election. They got over John Howard winning a consecutive third term as PM of Australia and he was pro-war and for Bush getting re-elected. You Europeans think we care about what you think? We'd care if you'd ever fight a world war without our help and actually won for once. We'll be touring South America and Asia, not Europe. You'll be hurting worse than us, trust me.

5. Hollywweirdos- All threatening to move out. Robert Redford wants to head to Ireland, Johnny Depp and Paltrow already went to Europe earlier this year. Al Sharpton says many will flee due to the Nazi Bush regime. Well, help these fools pack, and make sure they eat their humble pie also. These blowhards actually thought they'd sway votes. They swayed votes, towards Bush. Bu-bye weirdos.

The reactions have been from drastic to stupid to pathetic to delayed. If you cannot get on with life after an election, minus some gloating or usual feelings. If you make a giant George W Bush out of mashed potatos or take sniper classes, then you are obsessed and likely to get a visit from the Secret Service, FBI, or a random SWAT Team. If you are so upset, tell it to Dr. Phil. If you wanna do something for the next race, then get ready because the GOP is starting to nominate it's folks- Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, and maybe some others.

The election is done, Kerry is done, and so should the pity party.


Hmmmmm. France sure felt we were in a quagmire in Iraq, but let's spell out why France is now a second rate power. Gotta wonder how France, big bad France, is now in the crapper.

Recent events show France is in biiiiig trouble.

First, they are in their own quagmire, oops, they say legitimate military action. French troops are embroiled in a war on The Ivory Coast, once a colony of theirs. Where was Kofi Anann to question France going into this non-threatening land? Nowhere. French troops are getting their arses kicked and they had fired on protestors.

The Ivory Coast, is now an addition to a series of failed quagmires. There was Algeria- 1954 to 1962, the French were driven out by an angry Muslim population. Algeria had been a colony since the 1800s and was occupied by French Troops since that time. Vietnam- 1946-1954, France lost to the Viet Minh, trained and led by Communist leader Ho Chi Minh. The French Army of over 20,000 to 30,000 was encircled and defeated at Dien Bien Phu. Why? Well, the generals could not airlift weapons or supplies in properly, like Stalingrad. BUT, the French public did not support the war at all. Where is the outcry in The Ivory Coast conflict, you pacifists you?

2. Jacques Chirac- This guy has to be a curse. He was the mayor of Paris and a cloud of corruption charges hover over his head still. However, Chirac had helped broker a nuclear reactor deal with Saddam Hussein in the late 1970s. That reactor was later destroyed when Israel launched an airstrike, hitting the nuclear weapons plant. France condemned that also. Chirac, may be garnering support among European countries, but that support is waning. Chirac has succeeded in alienating most of America and parts of the Middle East. Thank you for supporting our old tyrant, jerk-o, said one Iraqi who was freed in 2003. Chirac is also seen as very arrogant. Bush won't admit faults? Really, has Chirac ever admitted any other faults? Has he said there is another way, besides his own. Mon Due....

3. Food for Oil Scandal- Chirac and his cabinet were all over this. Arms deals aside. France has no oil to call their own and needs it, like most of Europe. France was seen as deeply involved in sending food to Iraq, which the Iraqi regime would sell off for arms. France would get get oil and other perks. On one or two conditions, one being constant vetos against military action against Saddam Hussein. The other, send weapons and none of your people would face harm if they visit Iraq. Nice guys. Where did the Food for Oil Scandal coverage go to?

4. Secular Attitudes- France has been a secular nation since the French Revolution, but made it official about the turn of the century, 1905 or so. France built a wall separating church and state. This isn't just prevention of a state church or endorsements. Churches and temples and synagogues cannot interfere or voice on government matters. If so, they get fined... like here. Chirac passed a ban on all religious garb in French public schools. The rationale- if there is no religious symbols in the schools, then there is no conflict. Some say this is directed at the large Muslim population, singling them out. But many Jews and ardent Christians feel they are being lumped in, so to appease the growing Muslim population and keep the atheists happy. About 4-5% of French go to Mass or Church, 30-40% to Mosque, and all the rest, neither. Libertie, Fraternitie, Agnostice! Freedom, Brotherhood, and Agnosticism should be the new motto for France.

5. Muslim radicalism growing- along with a large population of French/African Muslims, there comes the radical Wahabists and Shiites. Most Muslims left N Africa and the Middle East for opportunity and to escape terrorism. Unfortunately, some carriers are bringing the radical beliefs also. Recent race riots and the scarf/skull cap bans are setting a time bomb in motion for France, that the British and Germans are trying to prevent in their nations. French prejudice and anti-Semitism are now at its highest since WWII. Between Chirac banning Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST FILM, all religious garb, and insulting other religious leaders, France may face no fear of excommunication, but God may be working his justice and wrath on the French. God help them, even if they don't acknowledge God.

These are just a few reasons France is facing hard times and why worse may be in store. If France is a litmus test for Europe, the rest of the continent is doomed. That is unless they change their leaders and get over disagreements over Iraq and Terrorists. Come France, shake your funk off and live up to Alexander Dumas Three Musketeers- All for One and One for All. The rest of the world will back you in times of crisis- WWI, WWII, The Cold War. Now, we need you to join up or at least say so. If not, your spiral will get worse.

PS Painting swastikas on the graves of the dead US Troops at Omaha Beach is not a good way to get us to help you. "Remove your trash," was one slogan. We removed our trash and sent it back to Europe. Take that Pierre.

Maureen Dowd Slams, Zell Miller fires back

OK Maureen Dowd is of the opinion that she is going to heaven and all the other Christians and Conservatives will deserve to and will go to hell. When did she become God? NEVER. Forget that Maureen Dowd shrill, she matters not. Dowd, is just one of the bitter and angry liberals out there. Here's her rant and some reaction:

Monday, Nov. 8, 2004 11:28 a.m. EST
Dowd Says She's Going to Heaven, Conservatives Are Going to Hell
The leftist media establishment keeps showing why its hateful bias only helped President Bush get re-elected. The New York Times' common scold Maureen Dowd provided the best example yet on "The Chris Matthews Show" Sunday.
Dowd, stewing throughout the program about the people's latest rejection of the Democrats and everything they stand for and don't stand for, gave a bizarre response at the end when Matthews asked his guests to tell him something he didn't know.
Story Continues Below

"The Rapture is coming," Dowd told her host and fellow Democrat, and "you and I are going up," but "all these hypocritical conservatives" who want to tell everyone what to do are not.
Perhaps she was joking, but her was face was as sour and dour as ever. Matthews seemed startled by her oddball outburst and quickly changed the subject.
Maureen, please continue to spout away and provide further "assistance" to your party in the next elections. And stop the presses: Someone at the New York Times believes in heaven and hell?

I have to say one thing about Maureen Dowd. If she was genuine she could have fooled anyone. Hell, the CNN guys said she is out of touch with most of America. I guess Dowd is soooo much more smarter than all of us yokels in the red states, hyuhuhuh! Seriously, Dowd is the lady who slammed Mel Gibson's The Passion, she's insulted First Lady Laura Bush. Dowd is a bitter washed-up shrill. I am imagining she will get a serious shock when she gets to the gates and St Peter tells her to talk to the hand.

Here's how it would play out.

ST PETER: Next person, please. Thank you sir, enjoy eternity.
MAUREEN DOWD: OK, pal, just let me in, I got people to see.
ST PETER: Pal? OK. Lemme check the Book of Life. Hmmm let's see. Dole, Dodd, Dwyer, Eisenhower. No Dowd, sorry.
MAUREEN DOWD: What do you mean IM NOT IN THERE? Wipe your glasses off and look again, you moron!
ST PETER (cracks knuckles)- OK Maureen, get a frickin grip. Hey, Paul, get the master list.
ST PAUL- Gotcha. Dowd, Maureen. You are not in here lady.
MAUREEN: Well, G-d Dammit! I should be in the list! Let me in the f-ckin gate!
ST PETER: Let me tell you why you are not in, Maureen! One, you mocked God on a daily basis, he keeps track of blasphemy ALOT. He forgives only when you sincerely ask to. You did not. Second, you dared assert that you would go to heaven and everyone else would go to hell. Sorry, Flaming Redhead, that's God's call not yours, and also a non-no. Third, Fourth and Fifth and everything else would take too long. Please go to the back over there, outside the gate, with Barry Lynn and the entire ACLU.
MAUREEN: I was kidding.
ST PETER: Yeah, so were we. Step closer.
MAUREEN: Really?
ST PETER: Nope. Sucka!
(trap doors open and Maureen and the lawyers fall into abyss. Not certain if they go to hell or other area).

And not to be outdone, Senator Zell Miller and the cons fired back. If you thought Miller was mad during the GOP speech and at Chris Matthews, read this:

Sen. Miller: 'Highbrow Hussy' Dowd Is Destroying Us Democrats
Better not invite Democrat Sen. Zell Miller and Democrat scribe Maureen Dowd to the same party, even though they're in the same political party, sort of.
If you didn't see MSNBC's "Imus in the Morning" today, you missed a treat. Miller was at his zenith of outspokenness as he skewered the media elitists he correctly sees as abetting the downfall of the political organization he devoted his life to.
Story Continues Below

Mocking "Maureen Loud" as a "highbrow hussy from New York City" and "that redheaded woman over at the New York Times," the senator fumed at her and other elitists' attacks on the Christian voters who re-elected President Bush.
We don't ask her to worship in our church in Young Harris, Ga., Miller said, but we do ask that they not mock our religion.
"Jesus was a better role model than Michael Moore" for voters, Imus said. Democrats cannot show such contempt for Christians if they want to win elections, he agreed.
Miller's most amusing shot at the sour, dour Miss Dowd: "You can just see the horns sprouting up through that Technicolor hair."

My thoughts on Zell Miller versus Dowd. First, Maureen was doomed from the outset since Miller is a Christian, not perfect but professes God to all who he talks to. Second, Dowd messed with the religious faith of about 50-75% of the US population, never a smart move. Third, Dowd dares tell the rest of the world that they are right and that the rest of her own country is a bunch of yokels. Wow, Maureen, you'll get a lot of people to vote for that, NOT. Maureen should have seen Miller tearing Chris Matthews a new one on MSNBC back in August September 2004. Wow, how the mighty have fallen. Enjoy your trip Maureen? Your destination is, Humility, and your entree is Crow. Enjoy chowing on a lot of crow, you old bat!

Al Ruechel Article on Those Evil Christian Voters

Win or not-Evangelicals still misunderstoodBy Al Ruechel 11-10-04
Can you believe it? They’ve barely stopped counting the provisional ballots and already pundits are blasting Evangelicals as brain dead, cold hearted, religious zealots who pose the greatest threat to democracy since Adolph Hitler.
I told myself as a TV news anchor I wasn’t going to write much about the election prior to the vote because I wanted to remain objective. You bet, I have strong feelings about the candidates. They both had huge failings, in my humble opinion. Still, my solemn obligation as a journalist is to deliver accurate, fair, balanced information to my viewers void of any political slant. I must be doing something right because I quite regularly get blasted from both sides. Mentally and emotional I prepared myself to remain claim during our election night coverage, whichever candidate pulled the most votes. I was blessed with two expert Democrat and Republican analysts to provide their own unique and informed “spin”… and a co-host to provide all the “color”. To quote the late Johnny Cash, “I walked the line”.
Today I cross that line in this column and switch hats to commentator, not on behalf of a candidate, but on behalf of Evangelicals and their belief in Jesus. There I’ve said the “J’ word. In their most recent columns over the weekend and their appearances on TV those masters of analysis have proven, once again, they “don’t get”.
Andrea Mitchell of NBC news says the victory was about, “guns, God and gays”. I don’t recall any gun initiatives on any ballots. Did you see a space marked “God” on the presidential race? George Bush IS NOT God! And unless my math is bad, which it could be, 39 states DID NOT have gay marriage bans on their ballot.
Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman (Nov. 6, 2004) says Evangelical’s set of values don’t include things like Iraq, equality, or the economy. She concludes one of the main reasons Evangelicals turned out in mass was the amendment banning gay marriage passed in 11 states. Not a bad argument except the 11 states in which the amendments appeared drew nearly the same percentage of voters as the states without the ban. She does have one premise down pat. “The blue candidates will never convert people who believe that homosexuality is a sin, or that the fertilized egg is a human being, or that evolution is a scam taught by secular humanists.”
And you know why that is Ellen? Too many blue candidates treated the reds as if they were ideological idiots. There are plenty of scientists and doctors and learned men and women who have come to their faith conclusions after years of inquiry. The blues goofed when they chose Hollywood as the epicenter of American morality. The reds do see fine lines of distinction in the so-called cultural war hot buttons of abortion and stem cell research. What they are asking is more time to digest the implications of those acts in the light of the “Bible”, that vexed document you believe was scribbled down by drug crazed, starving Jewish rebels. By the way, Ms. Goodman, did you happen to read the article in last months “Scientific American” that reported on the use of fat as stem cell generators. Yep! Fat cells, the kind that wrap around many Americans like a second belt, may be able to produce the same kind of cells scientists thought only came from human embryos.
Then there are the insights of former Florida ACLU director, Robyn Blumner, suddenly a “born-again”, and I don’t mean in a religious sense, columnist. An avoid atheist, this sharp-tongued bomb thrower equates this Evangelical outpouring as a return to “the Dark Ages”. She writes in the St. Petersburg Times (Sunday, Nov.7, 2004), “You wanted a man in the White House who talks to God as his only advisor—a man who is willing to stop the advance of science if necessary to uphold his religious convictions—and you won the day.” Sorry Robyn, no Evangelical would tell you that God is his ONLY advisor because scripturally man receives God’s advice through at least two other sources, the written word of God and the counsel of Godly men. She concludes, “What happened on November 2nd is much more than the Democrats losing, it’s about the most dangerous and damaging elements in American society winning big. I fear for the next four years… and beyond.” Gee, I don’t remember any Evangelicals planting any car bombs in front of your office.
And if you thought that was irrational try this excerpt from Garry Wills writing in the New York Times, November 5, 2004. He expands on the notion that Evangelicals are dangerous and equates them to Al-Qaida. He summarizes that the election was nothing more than a declared Jihad. “The moral zealots will, I predict, give some cause for dismay even to non-fundamentalist Republicans. Jihads are scary things. It is not to early to start yearning back toward the “Enlightenment”.
Finally, there are the likes of Paul Begalla and James Carvel and Terry McCullough. Talk about denial. They give Carl Rove and Jerry Falwell all the credit for this Evangelical onslaught. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And if those pundits don’t listen they are doomed to witness the same onslaught in 2008.
As an Evangelical let me spell it out based on hundreds of conversations I have had with other E’s.
E’s voted for Bush because he is an honest, sincere, sinner who speaks their language. Many aren’t happy with some of his economic policies but they believe he is acting in the nation’s best interest.
E’s voted for Bush because he took a strong position in support of the sanctity of marriage and not against gays and lesbians in general. Nuance is the key. Contrary to the elitist view, many Evangelicals do wrestle with the issue of equal protection for gays. The do believe being gay or lesbian is a choice and a sin but are often torn on how to respond to it. Most try to respond in love by providing counseling and support for those with aids. Of course, we do have our own black sheep of the family!
E’s are against abortion but appreciate President Bush’s statement when he said that this country needs a change of heart before it will be possible to change Roe V Wade. That’s something God will have to do, not a sitting President or the courts.
E’s voted for Bush because after much prayer they saw him as the only alternative. Mr. Blue often quoted the Bible saying, ”faith without works is dead” but then didn’t back it up with any works or display of his faith that Evangelicals could see.
E’s pay no homage to the new God of Tolerance. There are Ten Commandments, not suggestions. I know that comes as a shock and a great disappointment to the “Enlightened ones”. E’s do believe in love and acceptance and that all men are born with certain inalienable rights but not at the expense of surrendering their God-established values.
E’s were ticked, big time at Michael Moore! Mr. Large did more to energize the right than a thousand prime-time commercials. You could hear the E’s dropping away from the blue bandwagon the microsecond he suggested that Hollywood represented the true American values.
E’s were afraid if Mr. Blue won he would appoint activist judges that would make it more difficult to express love and commitment to God in public or in the pledge.
E’s believe the war in Iraq is as much a spiritual battle as it is a political fight.
E’s would and have voted for Blue candidates who treated them fairly and support some, not necessarily all, of their views, as long as they aren’t anti-God!
E’s listened to the voice of God in their own lives. For the benefit of the atheists in the audience it works like this. You pray for His guidance. You read the word to make sure you aren’t acting in the flesh and it all agrees. You listen and seek counsel from other believers. You act in accordance with all of the above, attempting to leave as much physical emotion out of the picture. Does that sound like an ill-informed, Dark Age practice to you!
Bottom line, Evangelicals are people of faith and surprisingly, not all Christian. They are a group of people who believe that morality is not some loosely defined, changing with the wind, ambiguous concept that can be ignored. They believe if you get the morality right the economy, education, helping children, health care, social security and the war will all follow suit. Combined with the traditional conservative elements, the independents and discontented Democrats they made their voice heard. This time around, the silent majority was anything but silent!
Al Ruechel, Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved

Friday, November 05, 2004


OK this is misleading, but let me clarify. We have to thank Michael Moore for being himself. He was sooooo crucial to giving the election to George W Bush. Let me list the top 17 Reasons Why Michael Moore Should Pack It In, in response to his "17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists After the Election." The Moore list is at


17. Michael Moore's film Bowling For Columbine- that film was proven to be full of faulty stats and choppy editing. Chasing an elderly Charlton Heston around and telling him he killed folks in Columbine is not a way to get the elderly to vote for you, Fatty Fatty Fat Fat.

16. Moore's Oscar Acceptance Speech- When you elevate the Dixie Chicks and Sean Penn to the moral Authority of Pope John Paul II, then you are cracked. When you call a real war, fictitious, you have to be delusional. To do so on the eve of a crucial war, the day we lost several dozen troops in a convoy attack at Nasirya and their butchered and violated bodies were shown on Al Jazeera is disgusting, stupid, and in a word treasonous.

15. Bowling For Columbine's Premise That the US is a Violent Land and then Spews into Bush-Bash. I've seen schizos with more flowing and consistent thought patterns than this wildebeast. Heck, Sybill the multi personality chick is William F Buckley compared to this fool. How do you go from gun control, to arms control, to Bush is The Anti Christ in one documentary? Give me a break here!

14. Moore is Fat- I'm no male swimmer or weight lifter, but this guy is huge. He is Orca fat. Moore looks like Orson Welles, that or he ate him. "Hellooooooo, Mr. Welles. ARe You in There? (echoes) Hellooooooooo (echoing)?"

13. Moore says he is a champion for the working man, but makes millions- Mr. Flint Michigan, as he calls himself, likes to think he's a Joe Everyman. But He's Not. He lives in New York and has a multi-million dollar penthouse in NY and enrolls his kid (yep he reproduced, God Help That Child) is in a ritzy private school. Wow, that sounds John Q to me!

12. Michael Moore says he is for socialism and entitlement, but look at his salary! Come on, this could not be more contradictory than Animal Farm, where the animals are equal except the head guys who are more equal. Communist tendencies without giving up $$, hmmmmm. Sorry, Moore, as a so-called socialist, you earn too much $$$, you better give it up, big boy.

11. Moore's past films have drawn fire- Roger and Me and other films are lauded by the film industry, Robert Redford, and throngs of celebs as great materials to reference. Huh? Didn't Roger and Me have some serious spin to that? Read the book Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man, or go to and you will see what he is about.

10. Moore has irked the Christians. If you read Dude, Where's My Country? He takes swipes at Christians and says the religious are the most ignorant and pliable to be manipulated. Well, Mikey the religious read, and about 52% of the Catholics (aren't you Catholic also) and about 75%-80% of White Protestants and Evangelical Christians voted for Bush. You spoke, they responded. How does that much shoe leather taste in your mouth?

9. Moore has made many false claims on terrorism- He alleges in Dude, Where's My Country and Fahrenheit 9/11 that Bush let the Bin Ladens go for no good reason just days after the September 11 Attacks. What Moore lied about is why. The Bin Laden cousins, distant relatives to Osama were legitimate business people and middle class folks. They have long since disowned Osama. In the Official 9-11 Commission Report, Richard Clarke, anti-terrorism export says that claim is only partially correct, but there was good reason. They were questioned by the FBI, CIA and were allowed to leave, only when the FAA let all air traffic out.
Sorry Mikey, you suck as a historian.

8. Fahrenheit 9/11- where do I start? Lie after lie? Malicious distortions and sickening exploiting of the dead and living victims. There is a movie called Celsius 41.1 and another called Fahrenhype 9-11. Both show the distortions Moore took in using the families of the dead troops and some 9-11 Victims to sound ready to kill George W Bush. Sickening, Michael, I bet Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler would be proud of your twists and distortions.

7. Moore campaigned for Wesley Clark and Howard Dean- both were knocked out of the Democratic primaries, no wonder Kerry was skiddish of you. You endorsed Dean and Clark and they both tanked. You're the Kiss of Death, fat man.

6. Your little USA Today Articles at the DNC, propaganda to the Nth. Who died and made you Cronkite? No one. And enough of us knew it.

5. The Loser Sign you flew at McCain at the GOP- Now I don't care what your affiliation is, but showing that disrespect to a REAL VIETNAM HERO is sickening. Senator John McCain endured over 6 years of captivity, torture, and beatings, and earned his Congressional Medal of Honor. Showing that man the L sign got you booted and showed your respect for veterans are our current troops. Many vets and troops overwhelmingly pulled for Bush. Thanks for that one, Shamu.

4. Going Toe to Toe With Bill O Reilly- you backtracked and spun and did all kinds of stuff. Most impressive acrobatics from a fat man since John Belushi and his antics on Saturday Night Live and in The Blues Brothers. O Reilly had you and you knew it. Most saw you as unable to answer questions away from your comfort zone. Well, Mikey, that made many wonder about your views and how Kerry never rejected them.

3. Your film was refuted by the 9/11 Commission Report, Richard Clarke, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, and many other sources. When a respected paper calls your film propaganda, how in the hell can you say it is the truth? Are you insane?

2. Leading Demonstrations- Between you picketing the GOP in NYC and leading trouble makers to Florida and filming poll workers, many saw you and your kind as unstable. You are not what America needs in a time of war.

1. You were alongside Kerry the whole time, despite calling him a wuss. Admit it, your presence and affiliation killed Kerry's stance in many ways. In all fairness, Flip Flop did not elaborate his policies, showed much emotion, or could connect with regular Americans. But your being near Kerry gave off a stench that some Democrats could not stomach or vote for....

Based on all of this, you gave Bush the election, as did, George Soros, and your buddies in the British Media. Thank you Michael Moore, be of service in 2008, and do more crazy crap. I wanna blow out against Hillary next time.

Later Mikey.

Nicholas Dean Walters


First, I gotta say that I am overjoyed that Bush won the election. 59 Million Americans voted for Bush, while 55 Million voted for Kerry. That should spell mandate right. Not to some. Never to many. Here are some of the hate filled articles and sites to read.

OK, what I get out of some of the posts are the following. There alot of sore, angry, hate-filled, disgusting, soulless filth out there. I do not dare call them humans, not by any stretch. Let me some up and edit some of the raw material and rage these insane asylum escapees ranted.

In the San Fransico Demonstration, protestors held signs saying F-ck Middle America, Abort Bush, I Am Ashamed To Be An American, and so on..... This is not just crying or throwing a hissy fit, this is hurtful and sickening slander. If you are ashamed to be American, do leave. Go to Fallujah and tell them you are American. You won't be ashamed when someone is holding a sarisscan sword to your neck and about to kill you on Al Jazeera. F-ck Middle America? Well, most of America lies between San Fran and NYC. That's Middle America! Most of the US Population is not a bunch of spoiled brats who are overdue for a 5 hour session in the wood shed. Most of Middle America has done the fighting and dying for the supposedly enlightened. Remember, without Kansas or Kentucky farm boys, we'd be speaking German and Japanese. So, screw you, you ignorant bunch of bastards. That's the nicest words I can use right now.

One columnist shows that 59 Million Americans, the Bush voters are ignorant and greedy. Well, Jane Smalley- small has to indicate your IQ and soul, you are dead wrong. Most who voted for Bush have completed some college or certification. What have you completed Jane? And for the record, those 59 million were not exploited. Exploited connotates some unwillingness. No, they chose Bush and they chose a fairly genuine man, not some over enlightened whitewashed tomb like yourself, Jane.

Hollywood is making rants about wanting to leave America and how dark a day it is. Well, Robert Redford, we will pack your bags if you leave and promise never to make crap like The Horse Whisperer, ever again. I watched The Horse Whisperer and it worked better than Ny Quil to cure any insomnia. By Rob. To Leonardo DeCrapio, sorry De Caprio, calling someone a cheap thug is real mature. Try doing better films, cheap actor boy! To Julia Roberts, CHer, the Ditzie (Dixie) Chicks, you are all welcome to leave. Stop reaming out this land and then suckling at the teet of this land. That's like a baby getting fed and then going, ewwww that's not good enough milk. Get ready for a holy slap, in the form of abyssmal ticket sales to your next films and events. Hollywood, you can go anytime now. Alec Baldwin, when the hell will you pack up, it does not take 4 years to pack up and leave after saying you would. Go! Go now!

Al Sharpton and others rant about the curbing of civil rights. First, that is bunk since This President is not a racist- Cabinet has the likes of Rod Paige, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell- gee I wonder what skin color they are? Wow..... Sharpton is also saying how he will take many out of the US with him. Not likely, Al, you can take yourself and your weave. Many are real Americans and will stay put.

I must say this, while most of America is getting on with life, despite the Kerry kids cursing about John Kerry losing, many will move on., live up to your name and move on. Surely there's real injustices you coffee shop crusaders can right from wrong. Bruce Springsteen, next time you do a concert, don't do it for $$ for some vain campaign. There is Farm Aid and earthquakes and hurricanes aplenty. I lament at some of you, but am not so shocked. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, try doing films and not ads with, hell Gigli and All The Pretty Horses did more for your careers than that gig. In short, celebs, get on with life and learn a lesson. Those of you leaving, don't let the door hit your rear on the way to your one way flight out of America.

To you larvae and ingrates who are staying, you are on a final warning. Freedom of speech and disagreement is one thing, but what you do skirts if not crosses the border of sedition. If America were such a Nazi dictatorship, then Reichsfuhrer Ashcroft woul be locking you all up. We are democracy, so that will not happen. That does not mean you will be free from the wrath and memory of the rest of America. If you get bad service at a restaraunt, remember one of the Middle Americans may wait your table to work through college, as you're on a trust fund while saying all capitalism is evil. When you slam a soldier, remember your grandparents or someone you knew shed blood or died defending your rights to whine like a baby. When you spit on another person, they may swing back. That is the Americans you are insulting. We;re not picking a fight, but if you swing, we shall turn the other cheek. We'll turn your cheeks, black and blue!

God Bless America. God Protect the Republic, and God forgive the lunatic fringe as I find difficulty doing so.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


OK, Bush won.

He did not just win, or squeak by. He won BIG.

The final tally was about 51% for Bush, 48 % for Kerry.

About 56 million for Bush, 55 for Kerry.

Bush got the first majority vote for any President since 1988, when Bush 41 got well over 50% of the Vote against Michael Dukakis.

Bush won a record number of votes, the largest in US History. Population grew and voter registration was dynamite.

Check out Peggy Noonan's article and it will say more.

Good work George, Cheney, Karl, Andy, and everyone who voted for and helped the Bush Campaign.

Most of all, Thank You Lord God for this victory!

Noonan Article: