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Monday, October 24, 2005

Al Franken: Shoot Em All! Forget Innocent Til Proven Guilty!

Well, Stuart Smalleybrain is at it again. He and the other angry radicals at Air-head America are making more Death to Bush and Death to The White House overtures. Didn't they learn when Randi Rhodes made her assassination joke? Or when she marked a Christmas tree a few years back?

Apparently not.....

David Letterman: “The feeling was that this report made the administration's decision to go to war look bad-”
Al Franken: “Right. So they wanted to smear the guy who came back with the report, and so they out his wife and said she sent him there. This is essentially, you know, George H.W. Bush, the President's father, was the head of the CIA and he has said that outing a CIA agent is treason.”
Letterman: “It is treason, yes.”
Franken: “And so basically, what it looks like is going to happen is that Libby and Karl Rove are going to be executed."
[audience laughter over Letterman’s response]
Letterman, in mock indignation: “What? What! Really?”
Franken cautioned: “Yeah. And I don't know how I feel about it because I'm basically against the death penalty, but they are going to be executed it looks like.” A bit later:
Letterman quipped: “The real crime is that there's an adult man walking around in the current administration named Scooter. I mean, we can agree on that, right?” [Audience laughter]
Franken combined the liberal spin on the case with some humor: “That, but sooner or later he'll be executed, so that, and you worry about because the President at some, he said right away when Novak outed the CIA agent, Plame, said 'I want to get to the bottom of this.’ Well now Karl Rove is his right-hand man. Did he ask Karl? Did Karl lie to him? If so, we know he should have fired Karl by now so that, and did Karl tell the truth to him? In that case the President -- and I think, by the way, that we should never ever, ever, ever execute a sitting President.” [Audience laughter]
Letterman: “It makes us look bad around the world, I think.”
Franken, in jest: “It would. It would be heartbreaking, I think, and I think that we should have a constitutional amendment.”
Letterman: “I see, yeah. Have we ever come close in the history to executing a seated President?”
Franken: “No, this will be the closest.”
Letterman: “This will be the closest, yeah.”
Franken: “Unless we get that amendment passed now.”

And if someone called for Clinton to be hanged or shot for his eight years of incompetence, it'd be a worse outcry. Lapdog Letterman and Four Eyed Fascist Franken make a lovely couple.

Passing an amendment for execution? I believe there are no amendments, Mr. Constitutional Scholar. Now there are articles and federal codes declaring executions for capital murder, treason, piracy, and terrorism. None for Presidents. Wishful thinking I believe. And more proof that Al Franken's unfunniness is festering into blind rage. Ask the heckler at the Howard Dean event Al assulted.

Al and Dave, schmucks.


  • At 6:01 PM, Blogger Kevin said…


    Al and Dave schmucks?

    You're calling the mockery and 20 year humor of Dave that of a schmuck?

    Walters, walters, walters.

    I think its Lewis Black, the comedian, who is always suggesting that our country is going to be ok because it knows how to laugh.

    I'm not sure you do.

  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger crallspace said…

    Half truths are not too impressive. Neither is Rush Limbaugh.

  • At 5:50 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Crawlspace, you're as impressive as shitstains on a pair of shoes... Not very.

    Kevin, Dave was once funny, of course, now, he's a complete and utter tool of Crawlspace's type of folks.

    Dave, your Top Ten List was funny, stick to that.

    OK, Al Franken is the biggest of the Douches, happy?

    Rush Limbaugh, let's see, he's been on the air for over 15-20 years. Air America may go under after 20 months..... Talk Radio is garnering more listeners than NPR and AA combined. And Fox News is schooling CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and the other regular networks. Yeah, those don't attest to the REAL TRUTH. Real Truth, your Commie Media is going down faster than Monica Lewinsky for a $5 bill.....

    Eat it, Crawlspace.


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