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Monday, October 24, 2005

Prussian Blue: Hitler's Little Pop Singers


As if you think pop singing and kids aren't strange enough, check out the article on the above group. These two may look like the Olsen twins, but you hear their songs and they are Triumph of The Will all the way.....

Here's their reasoning on their name......

Known as "Prussian Blue" — a nod to their German heritage and bright blue eyes — the girls from Bakersfield, Calif., have been performing songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds since they were nine.
"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race."
Lynx and Lamb have been nurtured on racist beliefs since birth by their mother April. "They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening," said April, a stay-at-home mom who no longer lives with the twins' father. "I'm going to give them, give them my opinion just like any, any parent would."

White and proud? How about just being Americans, you freaks? Hmmmmm? My grandpa was white and he spent a year in Europe, kicking Nazi ass so this crap would be dead and buried. Well, sadly, to quote Shakespeare, the evil that men do lives past them, and is NOT interred with their bones. Or to quote German playwright Berthold Brecht after WWII- "Rejoice not men, though we have fought a war and slew this bastard, the bitch that bore him is in again in heat....."

Yes, the Nazis are now back and they're breeding them younger and younger. Kind of like the Hitler Youth. Prussian Blue? Oddly enough, while they want more Prussian Blue, the gas chambers in the death camps have a blue tint inside them. It's Prussian blue also, but not from paint, rather the chemical stain and residue from the Zyklon B that Hitler's SS used in gassing over 6 Million Jews, men, women, and children......

Oh it gets worse......

Songs like "Sacrifice" — a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer — clearly show the effect of the girls' upbringing. The lyrics praise Hess as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up."
"It really breaks my heart to see those two girls spewing out that kind of garbage," said Ted Shaw, civil rights advocate and president of the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund — though Shaw points out that the girls aren't espousing their own opinions but ones they're being taught.

Normally, me and the NAACP butt heads on candidates and policies, but me and them agree, this is some sick twisted stuff coming out.

And yes, they helped Katrina Victims, but had a special earmark for their donations. That's right, whites only......

A Place to Call Home
Despite the success of Prussian Blue and bands like Max Resist within the White Nationalism movement, most Americans don't accept their racist message.
Like many children across the country, Lamb and Lynx decided to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina — the white ones.
The girls' donations were handed out by a White Nationalist organization who also left a pamphlet promoting their group and beliefs — some of the intended recipients were more than a little displeased.
After a day of trying, the supplies ended up with few takers, dumped at a local shop that sells Confederate memorabilia.
Last month, the girls were scheduled to perform at the local county fair in their hometown. But when some people in the community protested, Prussian Blue was removed from the line-up.
But even before that, April had decided that Bakersfield was not "white" enough, so she sold her home, and hopes that she and the girls can find an all-white community in the Pacific Northwest.

They're in California and they hate diversity? WTF are they on? California is NOT the place to go to be a white supremacist. And no, Texas, is not a place either. Houston would probably be non white enough, since we have a large Hispanic and black population. These two kids are sick.....

Sick, I tell ya.....


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  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Awww jeez, more Spam than a WWII army boot camp.....

  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Heres an interesting magazine scan of the poor kiddos:

    Prussian Blue

  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Kevin, these kids are sick, but the worst part is their parents. These two grandkids of Der Fuhrer have a WHOLE COMMUNITY of like-minded freaks that back them up.....

    Kev, I think we both agree, they're both bad.

    Der Olsen Tvins of Der Reich.
    Der SS Tvins of Der Fuhrer.
    Likely candidates to be interracial dating, if there's any justice.....

  • At 6:10 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Well, I think we can both fully agree that their message is bad -- and just outright fucked up.

    But -- to say the kids are bad -- I think thats a little shortsided.

    I mean, they're 12. I can't imagine they fully understand the concept of white supremecy much less racism at their age, given how they have been raised.

    It's sad, no doubt about that.

    Kind of reminds me of those comments I've made regarding how people choose their religion. Seems to be whatever is pounded into your head from birth on usually winds up being what you go with. =]

    Glad my parents didn't try to make me a white supremecist.

  • At 5:45 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Kevin, be happy not being a white supremacist.

    Here's how White Supremacists are not like everyone else.

    They say they are Christian, but hate Jews for whom God made a covenant with Abraham and into Jewish flesh Jesus was born. Contradiction #1.

    They say they want a strong America, but are willing to kill off much of our labor force that is not Nordic or Germanic, most of the US is non-Nordic. Contradiction #2.

    They say they are bigger patriots and better than everyone else. Yet, these guys espouse Adolf Hitler's ideology and constantly talk about insurrection and assassination, both forbidden under law and fall under treason.... Contradiction #3.

    And there's more.

    Yep, the parents had a nice hand in warping these kids. Be frightened, these are the vocal ones. There may be more little Junior Storm Troopers waiting in the wings.....

  • At 9:13 AM, Blogger Les said…

    Here's a couple more contradictions for you, Nick.

    1) Hitler may have been part Jewish.
    2) Many Jews fought and died heroically for the Fatherland in WWI.
    3) Germany itself was comprised of many different migrating tribes in antiquity.
    4) Hitler employed the "Roman Salute", the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation was merely an alliance between Roman Catholicism and the Holy Roman Emperor, and Italy was Germany's biggest WWII ally. Ironic, since the barbarians of yesteryear defied Rome to the death, and ultimately brought it to its knees in 410.


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