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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well, Mr. President, pick a fight, now. Otherwise, any conservatives you had with you, will float away or remain silent.

Ask Gary Bauer.....

"I think the president did the right thing," Bauer told Fox News' Jon Scott. "I think he showed real leadership today ... Now I believe there is an opportunity for the president to nominate a jurist who will unite conservatives ... and then we can have a real debate in the Senate Judiciary Committee about our courts and what direction they should move in."
Scott then said, "You say the president should put forth a strong conservative - you know what the Pat Leahys, the Edward Kennedys the Chuck Schumers are gonna say about that..."
Bauer replied, "Those senators that you named have been bullies in the United States Senate for many years now, intimidating Republican presidents and preventing them from sending up clear conservative nominees."

Translated: No more softballs, Mr. President, when step to the plate, you better have a frickin curve ball, and strike them out. No walks, strike em out, unlike certain sports teams last night. These Senators need a real time to piss and moan. They need to show their true colors and make it evident they are not for America's best interests. They are for their special interests and for their own political power plays. So whether Bush nominate a likely Luttig or Rogers-Brown, or Owen, or even a far out in left Bork nomination, Bush needs a doozie.

"My father taught me that you can't run away from bullies, so I would really urge the president to take on that battle," he added.
"I believe the overwhelming majority of the country will support the president if he [gives them] a conservative nominee," Bauer continued. "The country doesn't want some of the things the courts are doing - same-sex marriage, this move to take 'under God' out of the Pledge of Allegiance ... I think the president should welcome that fight. I think he'll win it."

Alright George, Mr. President, you took down the bullies in Afghanistan, you had a fight between Iraq and the other flunkies of Saddam, so far you're winning both. At home, you're getting your butt kicked. So, take off the tie and jacket and get dirty. This is what a Presidency is for. Do not be the Republican Jimmy Carter. Do not be another Gerald Ford. Make your last term memorable. Whether the media hates you more than ever or not, go for it. Whether Schumer and Kennedy whine more, go for it. Go out in your last term for standing up to these loudmouths and mafioso of the Left. Stand for something besides a compromise.

Would Reagan have dealt with the USSR in the manner you handled Miers? No. Would your father have dealt with Saddam the way you did the Senate Democrat? No. Make your swansong a battle cry, and take these liberals to task for their double standards.

Expose them for the pro-death, anti-American, pussification prone, hate-filled vultures that they are. Let them yell and everyone will see their BS.

Pick a fight, and make it a good one!

Also, check out what Fred Barnes has to say. Make this brawl a winning one. No wimping out.



  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

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  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Well, Mr. President, pick a fight, now. Otherwise, any conservatives you had with you, will float away or remain silent.

    Wonder why that might be?

    I saw an interesting story about the KKK on the news last night. The story was about how large the Klan's presence in Texas really is.

    The article went on to talk about the Texas constitution, and the banning of gay marriage vote that is about to come up.

    I liked that the newsreporter made a point to tell his audience that '...hopefully when you support something that the Klan is supporting [banning Gay marriage], it will encourage you to find fault in your ways'.

    I paraphrased, but I think you get the point. =]

  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger crallspace said…

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  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    KKK? Um, don't support them. And I doubt W is a fan of theirs. Look at his cabinet, look at our troops. Lots of non-white.

    And yeah, I will vote yea for the proposition on marriage. I just know the KKK is not exactly the spokespersons for most conservatives. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson of a black conservative coalition supports marriage protection, yet the KKK wants him dead. Does that mean there's fault in his reasons?

    KKK, used to think those Donks were limited to East and West Texas. Well, sadly, racism is alive and well, Kev. And not just whites. Ask certain militants in La Raza and the Nation of Islam.

    Kev, the newsreporter was editorializing to the Nth. I don't expect the GOP or Christians to want to lock arms and sing Kumbaya with the KKK or any Nazis. Let's not get too drastic.

    OK? ;)

  • At 10:10 AM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Well, sadly, racism is alive and well, Kev. And not just whites.

    You're right -- and now its taken aim in the form of sexual preference.

    I'm just saying that I think the newsreporter made a good point.

    There was a time (not so long ago) when an American may not have 'agreed' with the KKK, and yet, your average Joe didn't want blacks around and therefore 'kill the niggers' really wasn't against his favor.

    Even the more racist among the population learned that was wrong.

    Now here we are again -- faced with another simple form of civil rights, and again the KKK is saying 'kill the gays'.

    I think the newsreporters only main point was that in time, gays are going to have full rights, I think we all know this. So rather than slow the process down with racist and hateful hurdles like the KKK, why don't we just look past our personal differences and realize that people are people and should be able to do what they want.



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