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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Stepping Down May Save President

OK, this Miers thing was a boneheaded move, period. Thank God she stepped down..

So far, Pat Buchanan has chimed in how this could save Bush's bacon.


Here's some of what he said.....

George Bush is a lucky man to have a friend like Harriet Miers.
Had her nomination been pursued through the judiciary committee to the full Senate, it would have meant civil war inside the party. President Bush would have been forced to watch members of his Congressional party and conservatives publicly call for rejection and defeat of the woman who had given him a decade of devoted service.
The fallout from this fratricidal war could have lasted for years. By standing down, Miers called off the family fight about to erupt inside the president’s own household.

And Pat, as much as he gets too far right, yes even for me, he is right on this. Miers would have left infighting for years, and may have caused a permanent split in the GOP. Also, how good of c court pick was she? Well, now's the time for SERIOUS nominees. Qualified nominees, man or woman; white, black, or whatever; preferably conservative, but moderate can be fine, JUST NOT a closet case.

Anne Coulter also had plenty to say.....


It's her last sentence, but it's good....

With Miers’ withdrawal, Bush has us back on the team, ready to cheer for him unreservedly. All we ask is that you please not listen to Harry Reid next time.

And to Senator Reid, the trolls here, and other liberals, don't be celebrating just yet. This may have been your distraction. Next nominee will be the real deal and since there's only so much time left, there will be a fast confirmation or the NUCLEAR OPTION may go into play.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. Now the real race begins.


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