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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charlton Heston, 1924-2008, RIP sir....

RIP Mr. Heston. A true class act of an actor and a heck of an idividual.....

Charlton Heston (October 4, 1923 – April 5, 2008) was an American Academy Award-winning film actor.

Heston is known for playing heroic roles, such as Moses in The Ten Commandments, Colonel George Taylor in Planet of the Apes and Judah Ben-Hur in Ben-Hur. Early in his career, he was one of a handful of Hollywood actors to speak out against racism and was active in the civil rights movement. During the latter part of his movie career, he starred in films such as The Omega Man and Soylent Green, which have a strong environmental message. However, he later became known for conservative politics and was president of the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2003.-courtesy of Wikipedia...

Oddly enough, he was never divorced and was married for over 64 years to the same wife, Lydia. A pro-life Christian, and opponent of the Vietnam War, he wasn't a party shill, he was an American, period. He was US Marine who served in WWII, and was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom a few years back. Also, he narrated many a prologue for a Biblical or epic movie later in life. And yes, he narrated the Bible on CD and cassette (if those still exist).

Prayers be to Mrs. Heston and the rest of the Heston family.

We'll miss you, sir. See you up there.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Frederick Doyle Bacon, 1923-2008

Grandad went to the Lord this past Saturday March 1, 2008. RIP, Grandad. Thanks all for any prayers and whatnot.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grandpa Doyle, Family Prayers

On a personal note. I will be visiting my grandad this weekend in Tulsa. He's got a few weeks left. A month or so, tops. So, pray for his time left, for a minimum of pain. He also wants to go with some dignity, which is why he's chosen home care and being around family and not in a nursing home with strangers. Doyle is his name. He's 85, and if he makes it, turns 86 at the end of March. However, he had a second massive stroke last year which marred any progress he made from his 2005 first and debilitating stroke. I think, suspect, he is tired of not being a full man. He is one of the last of 8 or 9 kids, in his fam, and was one of the youngest. So, he may be ready to be reunited with his family. However, he is hanging in to see the rest of us, here, for a while. He is a shadow of himself, but I will see him soon. It maybe for the last time, until my own passing comes. So, pray for him and his state, that he can recognize us. Pray for my aunt and grandmother as they head up and help with the care and have done so since 2005. Pray for my mom, cousins, sister, etc. We're a Christian group, not perfect, but we're trying to make sense and reconcile this. It's hard to be certain of God, when someone we know dies, yet the body has only so much time and endurance here. Pray for me as I drive up there. Texas and Oklahoman drivers, good God. Well, I'll let you all know how it goes. Off to work I go. Thanks.

Who Am I Voting For?

Well, it would be easy to say I would be pidgeon holed as nothing but a Republican goose stepper. However, while I may vote for McCain, I do so with reservations, and am not necessarily a registered GOP member, not for a while.


First off, the GOP has lost any guts in making themselves known for what is right. They'd rather cut what is important and save what is mediocre for compromise and so-called legacies. Reagan made some compromises, but he was more known for his party battling. The current President, came in a lion, but is now leaving a scratched and weary cat. Bush got the job in a crappy time in human history, but some more backbone from him and other GOP leaders could have been better. So, while I am moderate in some issues, it may be a bone of contention on McCain being in on infighting.

Second, McCain, while he's been advocating some fiscal conservatism, is going with those who would not. Let's face it, War on Terror aside, the GOP has spent more than the Democrats have in nearly 40 years (that's including Vietnam, Great Society, the Clinton Healthcare experiment...) A little restraint on the purse strings, boys, so we can keep the dollar from plummeting, please. I'm not saying the sky is falling, but there's no need to fuel the fire ot set the stage. GOP, clean house, now.

Third, McCain himself. I am for the man, since he did fight and endure torture in Vietnam. He's a long serving Senator. However, McCain has some iffy tendencies. First, his age may be a factor. If he got into office, he'd be older than Reagan or Ike when they took office. So, he may have only so much long, which would make his Vice President a key and important figure. Second, he is hesitant on interrogation terrorists by whatever means necessary. I understand his experience in Nam, waterboarding, beatings, etc. However, Mr. McCain, the guys we're holding ARE NOT captured POWs. They would never sign the Hague, Geneva, other accords. They WILL use torture, when we are hesitant. I do not advocate sadism, but to use the ticking bomb scenario, get someone to talk and stop the imminent problem. Better to apologize for acting, than regret not acting. McCain would no doubt delegate others to this task. McCain is HOWEVER a strong supporter of the US military and would not gut it, like others would. He has supported our troops, but has been critical on the handling of Iraq after Mission Accomplished was announced. Maybe not so much accomplished, yet. McCain has my vote on that. McCain being pro-choice, is not something I care for, but that's someone else's right they will use no doubt (not that I am for more of a generation being aborted for the comforts of the already living). There's his fling with a lobbyist. Well, infidelity is not making me love McCain. He gets my vote overall, but only by a whisker.

Now, I'm NOT even considering Hillary. She was in charge for 8 years and that's enough. Seriously, she has flip flopped on positions. And has dodged many a question in debates. Thank you Tim Russert for showing her up. Also, Hillary while she promised much for New York, failed to deliver. Who wants that track record in the White House?

Obama? No. And not because of the militant Muslim rumors. Not just that. Rather, he's not even completed 1 term in the Senate and is running. Most candidates have held their office or position for a good while, at least one term or tenure. Obama, sorry, you may have to wait. Obama is a well spoken man. However, I do take issue with him NOT reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, nor be willing to wear his flag without shame. Too many questions, too few answers from Mr. Obama.

McCain will get my vote, but not with the enthusiasm I had for others. I don't do so as GOP, but rather an independent picking the lesser of 2 not so hot options. One being blah. The other being bad. I choose blah.

William F Buckley 1926-2008

As you may know, I've taken hiatus from here, due to family and other commitments. However, I'm back.

First off, Mr. Buckley, RIP. William F Buckley, agree with him or not, was highly influential on the conservative movement that transformed then was discarded by the Republicans. Buckley, a long time foil of Gore Vidal and other progressives, was a force to be reckoned with by some. Some will rejoice in his death, no doubt. Some will mourn. However, while I do mark his passing, he did profess God and now he is with God. Buckley was very very merciless in attacks on liberals, but he also had unkind words and what he hoped was constructive criticism for conservatives who were mucking around. Mr. Buckley was not always Reagan's biggest cheerleader, but did pay respects to Ronald W Reagan in 2004, and was a powerful voice as the country changed hands from Republicans to Democrats. Mr. Buckley's conservatism does live on through the National Review, and has no doubt been carried to other areas. You fought the good fight sir, so enjoy your well earned rest.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day

To those who have served, and family members and friends of veterans of past and present conflicts....

On November 11th, 1918, at 11:00 am, 1100 hours, Imperial Germany signed a formal armistice (cease fire) ending World War I, against the Allies. That day was embronzed in the early 1920s as Veterans Day, and was primarily for The Great War veterans, doughboys. But, after WWII, Korea, and before Vietnam, Congress passed an act recognizing November 11th, as Veterans Day for ALL American Veterans of ALL Conflicts.Thank you Veterans for you sacrifices and ensuring our freedoms, though they are taken for granted. God Bless your well earned rest, old vets. God Be with current personnel, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere against enemies of the Free World.Thank you gents, and ladies.

'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.' - Matthew 5: 9

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Achmed The Terrorist

Holy Frickin Crap, this is funny!

Thank you You Tube! Thank you! Jeff Durham, you rock!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Not so Quick Response to a Critic

Admin said...
I thought I'd leave you a quick post since it doesn't look like you get much traffic these days ND.I have some suspicion as to why, but I'll keep that to myself for the moment.I don't think people have forgotten what happened 6 years ago, and it's unlikely that they will. However, I'd encourage you to read through your blog.

Read my blog? Well, gee, I haven't done so, due to my new niece, lots of work, ill grandad, and just life......

I know you've got a few years of history on it now. Take a look at what the arguments have been regarding everything this administration has said/done/etc.I think you'll find that even some of the most hard-nose Bush supporters have finally conceded that we've approached this the wrong way.

Wrong Way? And what's the right way, do elaborate. Wrong to hit an enemy so they don't kill? Wrong to stop genocide? Kurds would agree. Wrong to say, I dunno, remove a dictator or two or three? No, most hard nose Bushies have conceded due to the illegal invasion hitting here, and him allowing the Congress to micromanage, undermine, and basically sabotage our troops and their efforts overseas. Jack Murtha, Dick Durbin, and others come to mind. I won't defend all Dub has done, but let's not toss out everything for sack of you being right. Just my own two cents here......

...that the war was based upon fabrications at very best. ...that having absolute power is not what the executive branch is about. ...

Fabrications? Really? So did the Brits fabricate their intel? Were the Egyptians and Jordanians wrong in alerting us of the threat of chemical and bio weapons? Wow, could they have been in on this also? Egypt and Jordan both warned against massive deployment by the Coalition, but had the same warnings and assessments that Dr. Blix and Al Beradi had. Blix was certain there were weapons, then said there were none. Hans, if you give someone 12 years they can hide or spirit away anything. Also, Iraq is BIG, there's lots of areas to hid stuff. Also, what did Saddam kill those Kurds with? And why is everyone in Kuwait still with a gas mask to this day? I doubt WMDS are fabricated, rather we ought to have waited for one to go off apparently......

Executive Power? Clinton exercised plenty of it, let's not forget. Pardons, gag orders on testimonies during the impeachment, claiming his own privileges, and firing more federal attorneys than Bush 41 and Dub combined. Some here, not saying you, but some thought Clinton being king was fine. But, as long the king is not outside the DNC, apparently. Again, not you.... others say this.

etc, etc.I'm also fairly certain that you sit in a VERY small minority if you somehow think we should even CONSIDER using force against Iran. Not only would this be a political mistake, we would lose - outright. And not like we're losing in Iraq, we'd really be losing.Hope some more people start getting back on here for ya.

Alright, so we just wait for good ole Achmeddemonjob to fire off nukes and take out them pesky Jews, don't we? Since Israel just starts every f-in war, and since Christ, they're to blame? Sounds ludicrous and divisive. Those are the sounds of many who say don't hit Iran, don't do a thing. If the French and Germans, known backbiters, are clammoring for something beyond UN Sanctions, then how about the other Superpower? No, I don't mean China. I mean the US.

And how do you know we would lose? What military prowse and expertise is there that has told you this? Are you fearful we'll expand Iraq's War into Iran? Well, sorry, but Iran has aided the terrorists, they've sent weapons into Iraq, and in fact their troops are fighting US and British troops in some border skirmishes. Yeah, let's wait and see. Back in December 1944, the troops sat down, waited and relaxed, then boom, a massive attack hit, and it took close to a month and a half ro recover from the Bulge.

Different times and wars, yes, but waiting and complacency did more to spurn casualties than stop it. I don't want war, I'm sick of it, but Iran with ICBMS, and their President threatening to off the US, Israel, Britain, France, etc.... but not Russia- good ole arms broker to Iran, cannot be ignored. But, right now, it's a hold pattern and we have to play Missile Crisis, and hope Iran blinks. I hope you're right that this can be resolved without a war, or maybe Iran may have a sudden uprising against the mullahs and the Revolutionary Guard led by Ahmedenajad.

Thanks for some of the criticism, but let's not split hairs here. And please, don't tell me I'm in the minority. Remember, I did say Ole G Dub is not my favorite right now. However, let's not forget some stuff has gone right. Don't look for the wrong all the time. Just my own retort.

Also, if I'm in the minority, I wants some gubment cheese, and some special consideration. Actually, I won't get gubment cheese. Seeing how the new order will go, it's gonna be queso and flan....

5 Years Ago

Well, 5 years ago, Al Qaeda hit Bali in Indonesia, killing 202 people, and maiming hundreds more. I doubt this will get as much press as Al Gore, but hey, it's just terrorism. It's just unarmed people getting blown to pieces while on vacation.....

The fifth anniversary follows a decision by the Indonesian Supreme Court in August to reject an appeal by three key bombers against their death sentence.
The men -- who have shown no remorse -- have reportedly decided not to seek clemency from the president, their last hope of avoiding the firing squad.
The bombings shocked the world, but were not the last -- a triple suicide bombing in 2005 in Bali, also blamed on key JI members, killed 20 people.
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said that Indonesia had been successful in curbing Jemaah Islamiyah since the bombings and he praised other Asian countries for also improving security in the region.

No remorse from the Religion of Peace and Tolerance, but thank God Indonesia is set to remove these scum from society.

This is what some in the world think we can sit and drink tea and negotiate with. People who yell boom in court, to taunt witnesses, survivors and the victims next of kin. I think most people know that this type of thing cannot be talked out or even ignored.

Fight these bastards there, or expect em to take their war to here.

Nobel Prize For Piece of Sh.....

Oh Great, now that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize, we'll never have any hope of him just shutting up. Gore will now be bellowing and huffing and puffing, without Tipper for a change, and of course about global warming. The same Gore who got an Oscar for Power Point. Hey, I bet I can get an Oscar if I do a power point and include phrases like America is to blame, technology is evil, Kyoto Accord, and Bush's fault, also. Back to Gore's Peace prize. Argh. I bet old Alfred Nobel is perplexed to see the Prize given to someone who DID NOT end a war, or fight hunger or landmines or any of that. Of course it figures, since the Europeans hold that show, and probably decide their favorites...... So, congratulations Al, you've joined such luminaries for peace as Yasser Arafat (terrorist!), Jimmy Carter (pansy ass Jew hater, Arab lover), and Neville Chamberlain (godfather and mentor of appeasers everywhere).

Thanks for nothing, Stockholm! Dumb friggin Swedes.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Message from W&J

Here it Comes AgainAs the Sept 11th anniversary approaches once again the media has done it's job. They have instructed the Sheeple how hurtful to Muslims it is when we all stand at attention getting chill bumps and teary eyes to Proud to Be An American. They have taught you how racist it is oppose thousands of Mexican trucks (containing God knows what) streaming across the border and going wherever they want. They have taught you to applaud Obamma when he says that he will negotiate with radical Islam and convince Iran to put away their bombs because he says so. They have taught us that we should ban all traces of our founding fathers Christianity in our schools while opening a new public school (your tax dollars) to teach Islamic law and culture to American students. They have taught us how wrong we were to fight for our culture and our safety. They have taught that we will never have to fear the terrorists again if we only surrender. There, see how easy it is to give up everything our fathers and grandfathers died for ? Was that so hard ? Thank you NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN we know see how stupid fighting back has been.

Thanks Radio Gawds.

Tomorrow 9/11

Well, apparently tomorrow is a day that was indelable for most of us, but the fools at and others have forgotten that we're fighting terrorists worse than any of their paranoid suspicions of 75% of the US.

Try and remember what happened six years ago tomorrow..... please don't forget.

Why MTV Sucks

OK, back in the day, I loved my MTV. Then, MTV spiralled into the toilet. When you have Britney Spears double-wide trailer trash ass shakin it for entertainment, you've hit rock bottom. When your golden boy Kanye West bitches and moans that a black man can't get a break (50 cent and Snoop would beg to differ, yo!), you've hit rock bottom. When the awards show draws less of an audience, but the fist fight between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee draws s spike in rating, you know you've hit rock bottom. Sorry to drone on like Jeff Foxworthy, but MTV suuuuuuuuuuucks now. And the VMA is just another nail in the coffin for this archaic, insignificant network.

How many times do they have to re-air Jackass to save their ratings? Plenty, apparently.