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Thursday, March 23, 2006

We Didn't Wanna Be Rescued, So Go Away!

These are self-professed, liberal, better than you Christians. Keep this in mind. Duct-tape alert..... Wrap your head in duct tape before reading this, your head will explode.

NY Times jumps on bandwagon to make sure the rescue appeared to be God's work against Bush and our troops.

How were they rescued you fucking dipshits? According to FOX NEWS radio, British and Polish Special Forces did the legwork and got the hostages out. Minus one the mooselimbs offed a few weeks ago.

Did the so-called Christians show their thanks? Did they set the media strait? Nope, they blame the Coalition for their ordeal, not the sword wielding maniacs.....

Did I miss something here? Aren't Christians, well, REAL CHRISTIANS usually grateful to those who rescue them? What kind of group is this? Simple, they're leftists and they feel their slant of Christianity is better than the other billion or so that do not buy into all their crap. They called their rescuers OCCUPIERS.

What's the difference between these stool chunks and Rev. Fred Phelps? Phelps makes no bones about being evil. These so-called peaceful Christians are more cunning and sly. The shake you with one hand and get the other ready with a dagger to plunge into your back. Soldiers, take note on whom you rescue next time.

Personally, I say hand them back over it Zarqawi and let them enjoy their new friends. I also have to say this, as Christians, they weren't too smart venturing out of secure areas and allowing themselves to be kidnapped. They are as eerily stupid and suspiciously pro-mooselimb as that Italian journalist who was wounded in an accidental gun battle with US troops.

Remember the beyotch who called her rescuers murderers? Wait, she wasn't rescued. The Italian lefties pressured the Berlusconni Government to cave in and pay off the terrorists to free that Commie Whore. A slap in the face to other Italians who were killed, one of whom spit at his captors and yelled- "This is how an Italian dies! Bafangula, tu islamofasces."- F-ck you Islamofascists! Those were that man's last words. Rest, freed by UK or Aussie troops, who killed the captors. I'm ready for someone to defend these peacenik morons. Recklessly endanger their lives and risk others knowing they must be rescued, then grandstand and spit at their rescuers.

Would a concentration camp inmate spit at an American soldier who just freed them and shot the SS guards up? No, never happened.

Sadly these ingrates show some folks aren't worth rescuing.


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