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Monday, March 20, 2006

What Do You Liberals Have Left?

What Do You Liberals Have Left?

What do you liberals have left to complain?
Your screams and shrill repore are in vain.
You rehash the same old battle cries,
and reinforce it with new and more ludicrous lies.

Of Reagan, you said he'd destroy the USA,
you said we'd eventually rue the day,
that a Christian Republican freak survived,
after the Hinckley shooting he did thrive.

Reagan toppled the Soviets, their puppet regimes,
despite Ted Kennedy, and other liberals schemes.
He took the Soviets into a game of chicken,
boy did their blood start to thicken.

Too bad for you the Berlin Wall did fall,
when Communism was waning you did ball.
Acting like idiots, and flunkies, and knaves,
ignoring all of Stalins mass graves.

Of Islamofascists, you give the usual excuses.
Instead we are the one you usually accuse.
Of inciting the hate-filled radicals and making a pretext,
what scum of humanity will you defend next?

You cried when Michael Moore was booed and scorned,
but you never weep for the 30 million killed unborn,
piled into paupers graves, almost communal,
making Il Duce's death resemble a state funeral. '

You're starting to run out of steam,
bursting wider than Ted Kennedy's pant seems.
You losing all touch with reality, wow it's sad;
We'd laugh at your more, if it weren't so bad.

You liberals are running around and around,
arguing against tax cuts and eventually Charlie Brown.
You deserve the categories you all get lumped in.
You'd argue that there is a Great Pumpkin.

Bogeymen, conspiracy theories, insanity galore;
your darling is a Peace Mom, a strutting media whore.
I'd expect your spokesperson to exhibit no less,
then to recclaim her dead kid she booted from her nest.

Her son reinlisted for duty, 3 more times,
before his death was exploited by the media slimes.
She didn't seem to think her parasitic behavior the least bit gory,
riding her son's casket to dubious glory.

You liberals really are a really pathetic lot,
I say you're brains were susceptible to rot.
You're armor is riddle, with holes and chinks,
in a matter of time you'll certainly sink.

America is not so stupid as you had hoped,
despite the liberals, Hollyweirdos and other dopes.
Your time is past, you are quite done.
Now go the way of Attila the Hun.

Into history, a sad footnote.
No more will you gloat.
Your philosphies did try to thrive,
Too bad your deception claimed millions of lives.

In Cambodia, Russia, and East Germany
No workers paradise, or any hint of harmony.
Just bone pits, gulags, and border guards.
Can't wait to see you hoisted by your petard.

You thought you were better than others, at least swell.
You bought yourselves an express pass to hell.
We will all be judged, no escaping the eternal march,
some to heaven, others to places more harsh.

The End.


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