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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Making Sense of Liberal Logic

DUCT TAPE ALERT: Wrap your head in a few layers of grey tape. Your head will explode at the banality and complete idiocy of the liberals so-called logic.

First, lethal injection is considered too cruel and too unusual for punishment. Bare in mind, the killer gets two or three injections. One is saline to test the line. Second is a sleep solution. And third is the poison. Mr. Serial Killer is asleep and does not feel a thing. He dies peacefully. This is cruel.

However, slicing off heads under Sharia is permissable. Stoning for accused adultery is fine. Pedophilia is now a must according to some worthless courts and California Assembleymen like Mark Leno. Killing is fine, if you can prove your crazy. None of the victims died in a cruel manner? Give me a f-ckin break!

Second, the libs say Tom Delay, Cunningham, Cheney, and all Republicans should be impeached and jailed for so-called corruption. Tom DeLay incidentally got an injunction on a Democrat Storm Trooper, oops the so-called prosecutor Ronnie Earle. Cunningham stepped down, and got up to 18 years in jail for taking bribes. Cheney shot and wounded a guy, but the guy is not suing, not demanding jail. However, Nancy Pelosi will never face a minute of scrutiny for hiring illegal immigrants and non-union employees for her family's business and says she is more pro-Union than anyone else. Ted Kennedy won't see a courthouse for drowning and murdering one Mary Jo Kopechne. And forget Gary Condit, he killed and sliced up an intern and dumped her in the woods. Clinton? Nooooo, not Saint Hillbilly.

Third, liberals say all war is wrong and Republicans are warmongers. They say we ought not be in any international conflicts. This from the same trained chimp brigade that clambored for Clinton to bomb Serbia. Demanded Clinton intervene in Haiti, and let's not forget Vietnam- JFK and LBJ's nice attempt at war being fought without listening to the advice of combat vets. Jack's Harvard buddies really cocked up that war.

Fourth, liberals say we should never have gone into Iraq, and they were better off. Funny, there's over 500,000 dead Iraqis, Shiites, Kurds, and Iranians who'd say different were they not slaughtered by Uncle Saddam. Interesting thing, Hillary, Harry, and other Democrats voted FOR MILITARY ACTION. These same idiots who complain about being lied to, clambored for Clinton's 1998 Air Strike and forced disarmament of Saddam when a Democrat was in office. Hmmmm, there's logic.

I could go on, but why go any further.

Democrats good, Republicans evil, that's liberal logic.

All minorities good, except any traitor or house slave who votes FOR a conservative.

Governor Blanco acted well during Katrina, but Hailey Barbour is a bigot for enforcing curfews in Mississippi and blocking further flocks of refugees.

Yeah, lib logic.


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