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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

24 Update

Finally, the world of Cable TV is back! 24 is now back in gorgeous surround sound and digital picture. This past week, good episode, but a pisser. Let's just say Rudy, aka Sean Astin, aka Lynn McGill, is pissing me off. He's ruling CTU like Napoleon on speed, trying to jail Bauer, Curtis, Audrey, and did cuff Bill Buchanan. Did McGill think, gee, maybe I need these guys handling terrorism and can chew em out later. Nope, pompous little turdhurder enjoys his power. Too bad, he can't get his keycard from his Crackwhore Sister. Jack finds the man who had Palmer killed, or so he thinks. There is a bigger badder Russian terrorist, played by Julian Sands, who is pulling the strings and has Nathanson killed. Jack gets a disc from Nate, and it's DOD, Department of Defense formatted, ultra sensitive. How did he get that info, I wonder? Can we say, traitors? And President Limpdick, aka Chuckie Logan, is going to give Sands terrorist the Russian Prez's motorcade route and let them kill the Russian prez, in exchange, do not let off 19 cannisters of nerve gas across the US, and maybe across the world. Jack now has to save the world from terrorists, CTU from Napoleon Dumbassbite, The Russian Prez from the new stupid US Prez. Man, if I was Bauer, I'd be pissed having to do all this.

Next week, will be killer.

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