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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Black Tuesday for the Liberals

First, Samuel Alito was voted in as the next Associate Supreme Court Justice and replacement for Sandra Day O' Connor. Wish they'd have replaced Gindsberg, but life's not perfect. Despite the 58-42 vote, a fillibuster was avoided. And even Old Grand Dragon Robert Byrd voted in Alito. SPANK!

Second, Alito was sworn in. Now the court is back in a conservative slant, and hopefully the damage the libs have done can be mitigated.

Third, Bush gave a good state of the Union Address. Even Virginia Governor Crane's droning and counterpoint post-speech could not save the Democrat Titanic from taking on more water.

Fourth, Cindy Sheehan was hauled out of the House Chamber, in cuffs, by US Secret Service. Peace Mom wasn't acting very peaceful if she had to be cuffed for her rudeness.

Yes, Black Tuesday was a black day for the liberals, but a good day for America.

Good luck and good day America!


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