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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mooselimb Rage and Hypocrisy

OK, let's get a few things out in the open.

First. I don't hate all Muslims, I just detest the extremists and terrorists. Yes we know not everyone is protesting, but the radical extremists seem to be the only ones speaking for the so-called Religion of Peace. They are keen to stir up worldwide riots over fricken cartoons, that are less offensive than the ones they sketch roasting the US, Israel, Christians, Jews, and anyone who is not a Wahabist or Shiite extremist. Til the majority gets its marbles out, and speaks their side, all of you get lumped in til you differentiate yourselves.

Second, the riots are blatant hypocrisy. Christians, Jews, and Hindus dare not riot if God is slandered and torn a new one by some college drop out or goat herder with a pen. Christians better not take incentive to dare defend themselves, or they will be called cooks. Too late, since they tore NBC a new one over Will and Grace and the Crucifixins episode, and The Book of John religious tear-down fest. And oh yes, Mel Gibson made that awful Passion of the Christ movie. Wait, where are those Christian extremists and terrorists that are soooo intolerant and such a violent lot? Oh yeah, they're at work and sometimes praying for everyone else for their benefit. How about them Jews? Surely the Zionists are behind this? No, they're busy picking up their relatives body parts after the latest suicide bus bombing or market massacre. Hindus? Buddhists? Nowhere to be found leading riots and slamming Islam. However, there is plenty of the Religion of Pieces out there demanding death and blood and fire, but claiming to be more tolerant and peaceful than everyone who IS NOT a mooselimb extremist. So, it's OK for them to riot, but not OK for everyone else to object to their censorship? That makes no sense.

Third, it is odd that the Europeans are getting gutsy and publishing the cartoons. Yes, some are being fired over it, but many are still exhibiting these cartoons. These are satire, editorials, more tame than the anti-Semitic drivel that comes out of the Middle East. And yes, nicer than the NY Times and Washington Post supposed op-eds. Denmark led the charge. And others, including fed up and pissed off Russia are joining in. Could it be the Russians are a prejudiced lot? Or could it be the years of Chechen mooselimb terrorism, theater and school massacres that finally did it? France is even joining in. France, the cheese eating surrender monkeys, must have gotten pissed after the hundreds of riots incited by extremist mullahs in France and all over Western Europe. How about Germany? If Europe is finally awake to the threat of the extremists, why not us?

There will be more, later.

Oh, Fourth, Iran is making a Holocaust cartoon contest. And no one's protesting that? Simon Wiesenthal would be rolling over in his grave, pissed off, at this arrogance the Religion of Pieces shows to all non-mooselimbs. Kristallnacht is back, and now the swastikas have been removed for the crescents and dark green head scarves of death. God help us if they get their Final Solution.

History is repeating itself. The Nazis warmed up with Der Sturmer, Iran is warming up with it's cartoons. And when someone dares challenge the extremists, they are slighted as malcontents, look at Winston Churchill and others warning of Hitler. Dare we repeat another world war? We're repeating doing nothing, like the 1930s. Dare we do nothing, again?


  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger Kevin said…


    I always see your point on this issue ND, but as always, I don't understand how you think people are supposed to view the so-called radicals.

    I say that because of your own conservatism. Like it or not, you are very extreme to the right. There is nothing wrong with it, but people like me see it as silly because we like to think we are more 'progressive'. People like you despise that notion. Perhaps you don't want to kill us exactly, but you have often wrote how the world would be better without us.

    Case in point, you wrote the following:

    Christians, Jews, and Hindus dare not riot if God is slandered and torn a new one by some college drop out or goat herder with a pen.

    Response: they did! Time and again they did. Go through history and map out how thats changed. Start wherever you'd like - I'd suggest the Puritans. Imagine what they would have done to you for slandering God. Over time we have just become more and more accepting of this and even today someone as 'godly' as yourself can turn the other cheek with God / Jesus is slandered.

    Now - look to their people. The ironic part to me is that you see them the same way I see you. You just don't think they are progressive enough because they go into mad frenzies when someone pokes at their religion. They riot, they kill. Again, the same thing that American Christians did centuries ago (and even much more recently than that).

    So my point and question is, how do you want me to view these people? Should I continue to view them as I do you? Religion-crazed people who put their entire life's focus on God rather than themselves? Or, are you somehow different because you are progressive? In such case, it would seem you and I are more of equals - how odd.

  • At 6:12 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Kev, Kev, Kev, I knew you'd have to come back and post someday. Yes I am right of center, I will admit it. Do I think every progressive is bad, no. Do I think you're bad, nyet. I disagree with you, on many an issue, but you're not someone I can hate. Ranando posts stuff that gets the BP up, but after calming down, yeah took me a while to realize that, we can talk. However, I do think using the words, so-called radicals, may tempt some to say you're defending the mooselimbs. There's playing devil's advocate and then there's insanity.

    Kevin, of course Christians get upset, but when was the last time I saw some Vatican guys chanting nuke Mecca? Or when did I see every Israeli exclaiming kill all non-Jews? That was my point. Not in recent history have I seen anything like this. And of course people will bring up the pro-life doctor killers and clinic bombers. Dare I say, they're not exactly following their own teachings? Or the ultra Orthodox Jewish doctor who mowed down and kill dozens of Palestinians in a mosque 10 years ago? Does he speak for all Jews? No. The Christians distance themselves from Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph. Even Orthodox Jews disowned the gunman doctor who was beat to death by the angry mob, moments after his rampage. However, where is the moderate majority of Muslims to decry torching the Danish embassies and chanting death to.... (pick your western country enter here....)? Come Kev, surely you saw that.

    Kev, I have not slandered God. Now, I don't see myself as more godly, sheesh, you knew what I was in high school. Oddly enough, when I became more Christian, I decided to watch Dogma. That could be viewed as blasphemy. Some say yea, I say nay. I laughed my arse off at the Buddy Jesus bit, and the Family Guy's -"'Jesus Christ!'What? 'Get the Escalade, we're out of here!'" line. Why? I know God is bigger than the insults. Jesus endured whipping, remember the Mel Gibson movie about the Passion?

    Yes Kevin, Americans did riot and kill the Irish for being different Christians. Russians rioted and killed Jews. I know this, but another point, wish I spelled out better, was we grew up in our faith and our understanding of The Word. The radicals of the Religion of Pieces seem to be stuck in the 7th Century. Where's a Reformation for the Muslims? They sure as scheisse need it.

    Kev, I was honestly ranting about the psycho ward, aka The Middle East. I say, view the radicals as dangerous, and put pressure to bear on the Muslims who aren't stopping these guys. Did Hitler speak for every German? No, but they let him take hold.

    Remember History.

    How as London by the way? Cold and foggy?

  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    London actually had its sunniest streak in while when I was there. Thanks for asking ;)

    Now back to topic. I agree with everything that you just wrote. Most importantly I agree with this:

    The radicals of the Religion of Pieces seem to be stuck in the 7th Century. Where's a Reformation for the Muslims? They sure as scheisse need it.

    While I think 7th century may be a bit exaggerated - the point stands.

    Regarding your comments on blasphemy - I agree with you. You laughing at the Family Guy doesn't come across as blasphemous. But think about how that joke would have gone in the 50's or the 20's - or the 1700s!

    The point is that it wouldn't have gone well at all. The writers, animators, producers, approving audience, and anyone in between would have been stoned.

    You wrote 'remember history'.

    ...and I do. Aside from it being interesting, we study history to get an idea of where we're going based upon where we've been.

    I just want to remind you that our own history and every other one also has had it's moment of appearing just as these so-called radicals do - violent in the name of God.

    And since you pointed it out, I write 'so-called radicals' because it's really just a relative term. By the same system, it would suggest that we too would have once been radical - even though it would have appeared normal to us in the moment. Just as we appear to be 'normal' today - and yet I am certain that in another century, we will look back at 2006 in disgust for the way we acted.

    It's also not fair to point out that the radicals of today want to Nuke people when all we used to do was pillage with calvary and the like. It's just a matter of the technology available. Our culture certainly used to unleash the most lethal form of weaponry we had available too - even if it was just the musket.

    My overall point to this lengthy message is simply why I always believe that organized religion is foolish and destructive to society. Also IMO is that it will continue to slowly become less and less important over time. ...something I believe will benefit society greatly.

    You may disagree, but remember why you can laugh at the Family Guy animating a tripped-out Jesus.'s because we've place less concern on beliefs we once held dear.

  • At 5:31 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Kev, very interesting premise, and welcome to hear a civilized, albeit opposite voice. London was sunny? Oh yeah, earth's axis tilted and seasons. Durh.. Frickin science from high school, bad short term memory.


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