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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

24 Update

Well, well, the Russian President was sent into harms way by President LD. Limp Dick. Limp Dick Nixon hit his knees in prayer, and drug Mike Novick, aka Cheney's Twin into prayer, like Nixon and Kissinger in the Final Days. Why? Was he praying for the attack on the motorcade to succeed or fail? Was he hoping his wife would live or die? Was he hoping no one would find out about his incompetence? Who knows, only Charles Logan does for sure. Needless to say Hounddog Agent Pierce shoots terrorists, despite his limo being hit with a missile, and even takes out a flamethrower. Cool.

In the meantime CTU has a coup d'etat and the Fat Hobbit, aka Rudy, aka Lynn McGill is finally fired after his endless stream of firings and arrests. Curtis, Audrey, Chloe, and Truffle Shuffle, aka Edgar Styles, took out the fool and put him in Bill Buchanan's cell. However, in this time, they manage to save the Russian President and the First Lady, but lose track of Jack's lead.

Meanwhile, Jack is tracking a lead with a former CTU guy turned Chemical Warfare Company exec, we'll just call him Bad Robocop, as it's Peter Weller from the Robocop films. We think Jack has an ally, but nope, he tries to blow up Jack. Needless to say, he fails, and Jack is still pissed.

Next week, we get glimpses of Kim Bauer coming back, Tony out of his coma, the First Lady and President going round and round, and suprisingly nil on McGill.

Next week looks gooooood.


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