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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Well, last night was slightly less crazy than last week's double whammy. However, it was not without some predictable deaths, but there was one suprise (maybe maybe not). Last night, Jack gets to a contaminated room to debug a computer so the vents can get all the nerve gas out. It's blocked by security bars, and the closest room is the holding room. That room has Hobbit Boy, aka Lynn McGill and a Red Shirt Guard. Lynn is called to get into that room and debug the computer, but the twist there are no saferooms he can get to, so he must die to save more lives. Lynn and the Red Shirt die, doing this. All the while, Chloe is still upset at Edgar's death, still crying, but after a pep talk from Jack, she gets back to her game of computer skills. The gas is sucked out, and Jack, Director Bill, Audrey, Kim, and the others in the conference and medical rooms live. Kim decides to ditch her father for good and leaves with the shrink. Rather cold, considering how many times Jack saved Kim from certain death.

All the while Tony wants to kill Chris Henderson (Peter Weller), the CTU turncoat now mercenary. Tony decides to try and kill the sleeping Chris with a syreinge of poison. however, Henderson awakes, and stabs Tony with it ala Pulp Fiction. Tony dies, Jack cries, and Henderson is on the run, again.

Back at the President's Retreat, LimpDick Nixon is agreeing to martial law and being manipulated by Vice President Buck Turgeson. Dick Cheney Clone, aka Mike Novick, no likee. He enlists the aide of the First Lady. She agrees to the statement, but only if she helps advise the president along with Novick and not just the VP. Martial law is instated and since CTU is knocked out, LimpDick sends in Homeland Security to take over and take command of the surviving CTU personnel.

Ivan The Terrible, the Ruskie Terrorist, is planning to release the rest of the nerve gas- 15 cannisters in LA, and projected to kill over 250,000 people.

Next week, Jack, Curtis and the rest of CTU must save LA from the terrorists and somehow save the incompetent LimpDick from himself and his Machiavellian advisors.


  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger Les said…

    Nick, is it just me, or is President Logan not one of the greatest characters in television history? Dude is HILARIOUS! I love how he is so completely oblivious to his own ineptitude.

    My favorite Logan moment so far this season?

    "My father once told me every problem has a solution. Please tell me the solution."

    Awesome. You can't make this stuff up.

    Er, wait...

  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Logan needs to get bitch slapped by his wife, then Mike Novick, then Aaron Pierce, then Jack, and so on.....

    Be like the slap the panicky passenger line in AIRPLANE.


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