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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

24 Character Codenames

Here's a list, I think works. There is a good one at

1. The Man- Jack Bauer
2. Whiner- Audrey Rains
3. The Ghost- recently deceased President Palmer
4. President Limp Dick Nixon- President Logan
5. English Patient- Tony Almieda, he's in the burn ward.
6. Chunk aka Truffle Shuffle- Edgar Styles
7. Cheney's Twin- Mike Novick
8. Bad Robocop- Peter Weller, the exec Chris Henderson
9. Fat Hobbit aka Rudy- Lynn McGill, aka Sean Astin
10. Token (from blogs4bauer)- the sole brother in 24, since Palmer's death.
11. Beyotch- Chloe O Brian
12. Barishnykov- the Russian terrorist leader, Julian Sands

Think up others, they're fun.


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