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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Castro and Chavez, sitting in a tree....

OK, as you all know, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez are tight. They're close allies. And supprisingly there are a few Americans who love and admire Uncle Fidel and his bastard son, Hugo.

Some include Harry Belafonte, the banana boat crooner, and has-been who now stokes racism and Communism for his points. Belafonte called Cuba the workers paradise. Yeah, that's why tens of thousands flee Cuba every year, land in Florida, and some die to get to the US. Wow, that's the land of the free for you. Hardly the new Nazi Germany that Harry equates his native land to. Harry was born in NY, NY, FYI, but considers himself more Caribbean than American. Move to Cuba, Harry.

Danny Glover, that's right, Detective Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon is a Castroite. Glover feels that Cuba is a model for the world. Yea, those prisons that Castro emptied out were such Hilton's. Can we say gulag? How about Castro censoring actors, writers, religious thinkers, etc. ? Come on Danny, get a brain, if it's not too late.

Steven Spielberg wanted to do a bio on Fidel, as did Oliver Stone. Spielberg commented how Cuba is being treated bad by the US, a few years back. Oddly enough, Robert Duvall slammed him, adding, "Maybe Spielberg ought to visit the Cuban wing on the Holocaust Museum before he opens his mouth again. Castro is bloodied murderer, why glamorize this tyrant? Are Hitler and Stalin worth the same treatment?"

Yes, the worker's paradise in Cuba, soon to be followed by Venezuela. Hugo is aligning his forces up with Fidels. Militarily, financially, and even in resources. Chavez is thought by the libs to be respectable for not kissing up to George Bush or America. Referring to yourselves in the third person, much? Aren't you libs, Americans? No wait, you're citizens of the world, better than the ignorant patriotic flag-wavers. Oddly enough those jingoistics paid in blood for your right to trash your own home. That's gratitude.

And let's go to Venezuela. Hugo is such an enlightened dictator, that he is closing churches, threatening the Papal Ambassador and Cardinal of Venezuela with jail for speaking out against him. Chavez is expelling American and European missionaries who are in the Western jungles. El Paranoido thinks these missionaries are spying on him and giving Colombia strategic information. Actually Chavez hates Americans so, he'd prefer to screw missionaries out of helping their fellow man. He also prefers those in distant Western Venezuela remain ignorant and nodding and loving Senor Hugo. Real piece of work he is. Hugo is also offering oil to any country besides the US and some of Europe. Chavez has been critical of anyone who dares to counter his view. Senor Chavez es muy Brat Grande, or El Hijo De Puta.

Chavez and Castro, sitting in a tree.......

Brokeback dictators, how, cu.... ugh, revolting.


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