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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well, fellow Christians and Catholics. Today marks the beginning of Lent. Traditionally it's when you give up something, or a few things for Lent. It's a yearly tradition, after the binging and all that from the Holidays. However, isn't Lent and spiritual fasting more than food and putting ashes on one's head. This is no slite to Catholics, but isn't sacrifice and remembering the Lord something that ought to be year round not just for 40 days? I am not saying we're all perfect, but why just do it a few times a year? To look pleasant? To look more pious? I hope it's not just for our own sakes we do this. If it is just for yea, it will avail yea not.

Observe Lent, but observe the Lord year round. And those who are giving up stuff for Lent, great, but let's see if we can take it past Easter.

I for one will try to give up alcohol for Lent. Yeah, I'm part Irish, Scottish and German in my heritage, wish me luck and pray for me.


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