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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

24 UPDATE: New Traitor?

OK, as you know 24 was on last night. And as you know the Homeland Security folks have taken over since CTU is almost dead. As the bodies are being moved, Insensitive DHS Bastard kicks Edgar's large and lifeless body and demands Chloe give him Truffle Shuffle's desk. Chloe refuses and Insensitive bastard takes offense. He prevails by telling his boss, known at blogs4bauer as Frau Blucher. He also gets Chloe's key card. Anyone remember what happened when some turd got or lost their key card? Fat Dead Hobbit ring a bell?

Meanwhile the politics are brewing, worse politics form as President LimpDick and VP Saruman declare martial law. You can see Cheney Clone shaking his head in disgust and the First Lady pissed off. During that, Agent Pierce, the Redhead Wonder gets a call from David Palmer's Brother, aka Shaft Jr. He is on the way to the Presidential Retreat and has top secret info. Pierce and the First Lady know. So far, it's only them....

All this time Jack and Token are tracking a lead on one of Ivan The Terrible's leads. She's a callgirl, aka Debbie. Debbie did a Deutschlander and is now being tracked by the German intel and US intel. The Germans won't cooperate and hand over the call girl unless they get a NSA "wet list" Wet list being a list of all US agents operating in Germany, so the Reich can track them and take credit for their terrorist busts.

Back at CTU CHloe is called by Jack to get that list from Insensitive Bastard. Bastard is sitting, typing and sneering, when Chloe accidentally dumps hot coffee into his lap. He screams like a girl, whines about his tie and leaves long enough for Chloe to get the list, upload it, and send it to Jack.

Jack gives Scruffy German Guy the list, and they make the bust against the Callgirl. Debbie then alludes that she is not fully aware of info the terrorists have, ie the next target for nerve gas.

At CTU Buchanan, Blucher and Bastard ream out Chloe for sending the list. Blucher is worried about more hurricane fall out. Buchanan is pissed that CTU will be hammered at more. And Bastard, his matching shirt and tie have Java stains now. Oh darn. Jack is called, and he says let's do it.

Debbie and Jack wave uff the Scruffmeister. He thinks he has Der List and is wrong. It fries his I Pod. "Scheisse!" He yells and then threatens Jack for double crossing him and not getting him Der Wette Liste.

Back at the Retreat, Shaft Jr. is stopped at a Road Block, near LA. Martial Law, that's right. The soldiers call VP Saruman and President Limpdick. They let him in, and Saruman makes another call..... Hmmm. So, Shaft Jr.'s tires are shot out by unknown masked guys, in a van, INSIDE the President's Retreat. The MErcedes is Ruined but Shaft Jr lives and is on the run...... tune in next week.

And at the end, Jack is interrogating Debbie, who says "Der Traitor est, Audrey Raines....."

"You lie, dammit!"

"Nein, I am telling ze truth...."

Jack is now more pissed than ever.

His pal Tony is dead, his comic relief Truffle Shuffle is gone, he hasn't seen his woman in hours, his daughter Cougar Bait and her shrink told him off and left, and David Palmer is dead.....

Tune in next week.


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Laura said…

    It's a tease, I'm almost sure of it. If there is a new traitor it's not can't be! It would ruin almost all of my fanfics if she were a mole, and she's one of the only characters I feel a connection to who hasn't been killed off.


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