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Monday, March 20, 2006

Piddly Demonstrations mark 3 year memorial to Iraq War

More like 3 years of wining and waning protests....


Well, the statement may be redundant, but here's what I mean.

The protestors are losing any appeal to the majority of the US, despite the fictitious polls. Yes, the polls that say most Americans do not support the way, but predicted Kerry as the winner. The protestors had some rather pathetic numbers this past weekend.

3 Year Anniversary marks dismal protests in NYC, DC, SLC, and other areas. Even San Fran was down.

The left is also desparate enough to have Susan Sarandon play Cindy Sheehan in a movie about the "Peace Mom." The same Peace Mom who gave up Casey in her first divorce and more or less disowned him before he died, but has ridden his casket into the public light. The same Peace Mom who's alienated her new family, and caused her second husband to divorce her.

But her newer family of strangers and protestors and malcontents seems to make her happy. Read on....Susan plays Cindy Shitstain

But, leave it up to MSNBC and the other MSM types to carry the torch of denial.

They call it, quiet disapproval. MSNBC's Trotskyite tantrum

I do have a question. Where is the coverage on the changes for the good in Iraq, since 2003? New hospitals, better utilities, no secret police, more schools, Democratic elections. Where's the coverage of that?

And one more question. How does Richard Belzer, have the gall to discount what our troops feel about the war? He said this on Bill Mahrer- "I don't count the opinions of our troops, as they're 19-20 year olds who couldn't get a real job. They play GI Joe. Also, they're so desensitized to the violence they've stirred, and so numb to their own brushes with death, why trust them? I read 20 newspapers a day, and I have a better idea on Iraq, than these kids do...."- that was a summary, but Bill Mahrer offered his expert advice and clapped like a trained seal.

Support the troops but not the mission, it the rationalization. That worked so well in Vietnam, which we were winning MILITARILY. Tet had wiped out the VC and NVA stamina for massive offensives. The peace talks started when the North wanted the Hanoi Bombings to stop. And of course, we wanted our POWs back. Can you tell me that undermining our troops is a way to win.

Pat em on the back with one hand and stab em in that back with the other. Typical liberal tactic.

It's 3 years and counting. 2000+ dead, 5000+ wounded. in 3 years. on D-day we lost over 3500 killed and 10,000 wounded. Pearl Harbor over 2000 dead and 3000 wounded. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001- 3,000 Murdered by terrorists. One day versus three years.

That's all I have to say. Good Luck America.


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