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Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, well, well, the US is getting the screw job of a lifetime. Whom do we thank for this? Can we say, the scumbag energy traders inflating prices for their fees and commissions? These punks are worse than those anti-tort-reform lawyers who wanna sue to the skies. Screw em. Not regularly do I advocate more government intervention, as it may not do crap for good, but is someone gonna step in and halt the frickin price-gouging? What will it take? Dragging out every oil CEO and trader out by their nice collared neck and making them drop the price, with the threat of an angry mob? Maybe up the ante on their cost of living, not ours. Deflate those golden parachutes? I am for business and free market, but these bastards are taking advantage of it. If regular business is alluded to as kiss and tell, the oil companies have to be committing gang rape on live TV. And no one seems to be doing anything. Neither party has a solution, do you?

Here's some of the prices of gas.....

$4.06 in Beverly Hills, CA.

$3.89 in Indianapolis, IN.

N/A. in New York, they're bone dry, ran out.

$3.29 in Houston, TX.

And we're the CHEAP COUNTRY, God knows how bad it is in Europe.......

Here's the gas prices in TX.


Should read.....

REGULAR UNLEADED: Pint of your blood
UNLEADED PLUS: Your kidney
SUPREME UNLEADED: Firstborn child


  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Yes I have a few solutions:

    Take a bus, take a train, carpool, ride a bike, walk, run, hop, skip, rollerblade, or otherwise get off of your fat american ass and do something that not only DOESN'T waste gas and your money, but that might even be good for you =]

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Gee, Kev, why don't people take your advice?

    Well, one, we like our cars.
    Two, some folks live way far from work and work odd hours.
    Three, public transportation sucks big.
    Four, yeah we're lazy, AND?
    Fifth, you're an American too, bucko.

    But thanks for the suggestions. Wait, gas will get so ridiculous that some of your advice will be headed. If not, welcome to the Apocalypse.


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