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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Will Wonders Never Cease? The French DEPORT Rioters

Well, let's see how many more the Frenchies deport forceably.....


Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered the expulsion of all foreigners convicted of taking part in the riots that have swept France for 13 nights.

OK, good start, why this wasn't done 13 DAYS AGO is beyond me, but fine....

He told parliament 120 foreigners had been found guilty of involvement and would be deported without delay.

There's gonna be more than 120, Monsieur Minister, more like 120,000 at least. Also, there are going to be some French born terrorists, that you may wanna tack onto your list. And when you deport, don't just dump em in Germany, Belgium, Spain, or in Europe. Send them to frickin Dakar or Timbuktu. And if they still try and get back with violence in mind, stop em DEAD in the water. And I mean dead. Either the violent ones go away, or thus does The Republic.

Police said overnight violence had fallen significantly - although trouble still flared in more than 100 towns.

It ain't over, til it's over Gentlemen.

The government has declared a state of emergency in Paris and more than 30 other areas to help quell the unrest.

No one let out a sigh of relief, until the last fire is put out and the last violent terrorist is shackled and deported. No premature victory parties. This is France. They have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory many times. The Marne Front 1915, Verdun 1915, Nivelle Offensive 1917, Norway 1940, France 1940, and North Africa 1942, along with Dien Bien Phu 1954, and Algeria 1962. Yes, France has a fine military tradition, and it could end the way of Napoleon or even the Vichy French. Just wait and see, and pray the French do right.....

Mr Sarkozy told MPs that non-French nationals - "not all of whom are here illegally" - had been convicted of taking part in the attacks.
"I have asked the prefects to deport them from our national territory without delay, including those who have a residency visa," he said.

Very good, Mr. Sarkozy. Now, without delay means not waiting another 13 days.....

The far-right French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen told the BBC that rioters should have their French citizenship revoked.

For once, this Nazi-like stool sample is right. The rioters ought to be stripped of citizenship.

The nightly protests have gripped deprived areas where unemployment is rife and residents complain of racism and discrimination.

And the US and Britain had this over 20 years ago. I guess it's their turn, I think....

The unrest was first sparked by the deaths in the run-down Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois of two youths, who were accidentally electrocuted at an electricity sub-station.
The emergency powers handed to local authorities have been invoked under a 1955 law. This is the first time they have been implemented in mainland France.

The law ought to have been implemented after the first night, but then again they thought it was just in Paris. The last time this law went into affect, was Algeria in 1961-2, before DeGaulle handed over Algeria and the casbah to the Muslims.....

Let's hope the French don't hand any other territory over to these current mooselimbs.....


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