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Monday, November 07, 2005

Le Jihad: Is Paris Burning?

Well, well, well, well, the Frenchy French and Europe appear to be in yet, ANOTHER jam.


Rioting Spreads to 300 Towns in FranceNov 07 10:16 AM US/Eastern Email this story

By ANGELA DOLANDAssociated Press Writer
Rioting by French youths spread to 300 towns overnight, and a 61-year- old man hurt in the violence died of his wounds, the first fatality in 11 days of unrest that has shocked the country, police said Monday.

And of course, the French will keep this quiet, in their own minds. Although, kind of hard to NOT notice travel adviseries, smoke behind the Eiffel Tower, and the mooselimbs running toward Versailles. The old guy died defending his business and home against the koranimals. Oh, I wonder if the French will do something? They put up a great fight against the German blitzkrieg in 1940, oh wait, they took it up the cornhole. I predict more of the same, and more suffering for the French people.....

As urban unrest spread to neighboring Belgium and possibly Germany, the French government faced growing criticism for its inability to stop the violence, despite massive police deployment and continued calls for calm.

Wow, isn't this enlightened Europe? Isn't this the land that is BETTER than US and the British and everyone else? I do wonder what is causing the riots? Hmmmmm, could it be the same crap here in the US we had 40 years ago and we're getting a handle on? Wow. Could it be that THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT is double, even triple ours? Could it be, oh my, could it be lack of real leadership? I confidently say, OIS, JA, and YES to all of the above.

Meanwhile, governments worldwide urged their citizens to be careful in France.

Wow, great move. Bravo. Common sense took a while to kick in.

On Sunday night, vandals burned more than 1,400 vehicles, and clashes around the country left 36 police injured, setting a new high for overnight arson and violence since rioting started last month, national police chief Michel Gaudin told a news conference.
Australia, Britain, Germany and Japan advised their citizens to exercise care in France, joining the United States, Russia and at least a half dozen other countries in warning tourists to stay away from violence-hit areas.

Well, there goes vacation plans to Europe. Go to England, I guess. Look kids, it's Big Ben, there's Parliament. Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament! Look kids, dang this roundabout sucks! Frickin, argh!

The victim was identified as Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec, a retired auto industry worker who died after being beaten by an attacker. He was trying to extinguish a trash can fire Friday at his housing project in the northeastern suburb of Stains when an attacker caught him by surprise and beat him into a coma, police said.

And he was a WHITE GUY getting killed by the BROWN GUYS. Ooh, bet that fact is not getting play in Europe, except among, the majority who know better. Example 2,345,678 why Europe is doomed to a jihad. Guess those pesky Moors are finishing what they could not finish in 1492.....

Apparent copycat attacks spread outside France for the first time, with five cars torched outside Brussels' main train station, police in the Belgian capital said.

Cancer is spreading, expect more flare ups, polyps, and a growth unknown of this sort of violence in history.....

The mayhem started as an outburst of anger in suburban Paris housing projects and has fanned out nationwide among disaffected youths, mostly of Muslim or African origin, to become France's worst civil unrest in more than a decade.

Care to explain why they are called disaffected youths? I doubt all of the rioters and terrorists are frickin kids. The Volksturmm and Werewolves in WWII ceased being kids when they tried to blow up tanks and Allied Troops, why should this Jihad Scouts be seen any different?

Oh wait, these are poor poor wittle moosewimbs. Gee, didn't the US stop calling gang bangers and criminals the disaffected? Shooting at cops and burning old people makes you less a disaffected crank, and more likely a frickin terrorist.

Attacks overnight Sunday to Monday were reported in 274 towns, and police made 395 arrests, Gaudin said.
"This spread, with a sort of shock wave spreading across the country, shows up in the number of towns affected," Gaudin said, noting that the violence appeared to be sliding away from its flash point in the Parisian suburbs and worsening elsewhere.

And the cancer spreads.....

It was the first time police had been injured by weapons' fire and there were signs that rioters were deliberately seeking out clashes with police, officials said.

And the cancer spreads some more.....

Among the injured police, 10 were hurt by youths firing fine-grain birdshot in a late-night clash in the southern Paris suburb of Grigny, national police spokesman Patrick Hamon said. Two were hospitalized, but the injuries were not considered life-threatening. One was wounded in the neck, the other in the legs.

OK, did the cops fire back? Do they even have guns, or just the whistles and white gloves that the Gendarme generally sport in tourist season?

The unrest began Oct. 27 in the low-income Paris suburb of Clichy- sous-Bois after the deaths of two teenagers of Mauritanian and Tunisian origin. The youths were accidentally electrocuted as they hid from police in a power substation. They apparently thought they were being chased.

Why were they hiding, indeed? What crimes did the so-called victims do? And why the hell does every hood get painted as a poor victim? Rodney King, appeared to be a racism victim. Too bad that moron had PCP in his system, would not respond to tazing or tear gas, so clubbing had to be done. And if you're innocent, why are you hiding in an area where you are at the mercy of Ohm's Law? Substation, power wires, dark, bad combo.

About 4,700 cars have been burned in France since the rioting began and 1,200 suspects were detained at least temporarily, Gaudin said.

But, on the upside, it's all old Peugots and Renaults and Volkswagens. Hey, France can import some new hybrids!

The growing violence is forcing France to confront long-simmering anger in its suburbs, where many Africans and their French-born children live on society's margins, struggling with high unemployment, racial discrimination and despair _ fertile terrain for crime of all sorts as well as for Muslim extremists offering frustrated youths a way out.

Wait, they'll say the same thing happens in the USA. Just wait. Gee, if the USA is so bad, how come everyone moves here and can get a job, like that? If the USA is such an imperialist craphole, how come Muslims here are thriving and excelling? How come unemployment is less here than there?

France, with 5 million Muslims, has the largest Islamic population in Western Europe.
President Jacques Chirac, whose government is under intense pressure to halt the violence, promised stern punishment for those behind the attacks, making his first public comments Sunday since the riots started.

Believe it when I see it. This is the land of cheese eating surrender monkeys, so expect a concession or compromise.....

"The law must have the last word," Chirac said after a security meeting with top ministers. France is determined "to be stronger than those who want to sow violence or fear, and they will be arrested, judged and punished."

Yes, and they will punish them by moving them to new digs and handing out more welfare money. Not, rounding up and deporting these psychos. That would make too much sense!

France's biggest Muslim fundamentalist organization, the Union for Islamic Organizations of France, issued a fatwa, or religious decree, that forbade all those "who seek divine grace from taking part in any action that blindly strikes private or public property or can harm others."

Speaking out of both sides of their mouths, since the riots are still going on and other mullahs are egging them on....

Arsonists burned two schools and a bus in the central city of Saint- Etienne and its suburbs, and two people were injured in the bus attack. Churches were set ablaze in northern Lens and southern Sete, he said.

Wait, I thought the mooselimbs were of the religion of peace and tolerant? Why are churches, and not mosques burning? Why are the Christians not doing their usual Kristallnacht thing, as the liberals would usually chime in with? Oh wait, maybe, the mooselimbs are frickin nuts!

In Colombes in suburban Paris, youths pelted a bus with rocks, sending a 13-month-old child to the hospital with a head injury, Hamon said, while a daycare center was burned in Saint-Maurice, another Paris suburb.

Religion of peace? Injuring kids and torching daycare centers is so peaceful. At least the s-called youth who did it, didn't have swords. Now, where were the stinkin cops to safeguard their citizenes? Probably getting a big white flag ready....

Much of the youths' anger has focused on law-and-order Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, whose reference to the troublemakers as "scum" appeared to inflame passions.

I'd say their anger is that they have not taken over France like they wanted to, and that the cops and French would dare try to defend their own lives and property.

Mark my words, France is just the beginning of the jihad.

And of course, the Americans will be tapped to do something. Should we help out this time?


  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Philly Progressive said…

    The righteous Muslim brothers are going to clean your clocks, you Europhilic colonialists!

  • At 1:17 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Hey dipshit, you live in Philadelphia, you cocklicking moron.

    Why don't you go move there and join your goathumping lil friends? Or strap a bomb to yourself and please remove yourself from the genepool.

    Stop posting here, you liberal turdlette.

  • At 3:20 PM, Blogger leftcoastmark said…

    Should we help them out this time?

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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