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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oreos Tossed, True Colors Show

Well, apparently if you are a Republican and you are black, you deserve what you get.....

That's what the supposed "real blacks" have to say.

There's plenty to discuss and rant on.

Black Democratic leaders in Maryland say that racially tinged attacks against Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele in his bid for the U.S. Senate are fair because he is a conservative Republican. Such attacks against the first black man to win a statewide election in Maryland include pelting him with Oreo cookies during a campaign appearance, calling him an "Uncle Tom" and depicting him as a black-faced minstrel on a liberal Web log.

Basically, you can call him an Uncle Tom, a house slave, or even the master's nigger, as long as that person is a conservative. Yeah, this from the same blowhards that demand racial equality, more like preferential treatment. You want respect, yet you act like a bunch of thugs? Hell no. Your stock dropped.

But black Democrats say there is nothing wrong with "pointing out the obvious." "There is a difference between pointing out the obvious and calling someone names," said a campaign spokesman for Kweisi Mfume, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate and former president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Had this been anyone but blacks tossing cookies, Oreos, there would be a suit and cries of injustice. Mfume did not seem to condemn this at all. Nice, your silence shows you approve, you two face. Democratic blacks, more like Rwandan goon squads going after Tutsis.

Justify it all you want, you're doing masser Dean's bidding and the other plantation owners at the DNC. Robert Byrd has gotta be laughing at this, and Byrd was Mr. KKK at one time.

State Sen. Lisa A. Gladden, a black Baltimore Democrat, said she does not expect her party to pull any punches, including racial jabs at Mr. Steele, in the race to replace retiring Democratic U.S. Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes. "Party trumps race, especially on the national level," she said. "If you are bold enough to run, you have to take whatever the voters are going to give you. It's democracy, perhaps at its worse, but it is democracy."

And more justification of remaining lockstep lackies and not thinking for yourselves. Yeah, Rosa Parks had this in mind, as did Martin Luther King. Division is so nice, isn't it?

Delegate Salima Siler Marriott, a black Baltimore Democrat, said Mr. Steele invites comparisons to a slave who loves his cruel master or a cookie that is black on the outside and white inside because his conservative political philosophy is, in her view, anti-black. "Because he is a conservative, he is different than most public blacks, and he is different than most people in our community," she said. "His politics are not in the best interest of the masses of black people." During the 2002 campaign, Democratic supporters pelted Mr. Steele with Oreo cookies during a gubernatorial debate at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Best interests of the masses of black people, means best interest of the Democrats keeping their voters in ghettos and making sure they vote Democrat and remain ignorant and dependent on them. And of course, loyal good Democrats. Sheesh, Tina Turner told Ike to take a hike, what's the difference betweent his abuse and exploitation? Oh, it's legal, says the DNC....

That's right, keep everyone cramped together. Make sure the propaganda is piped in, and of course make sure everyone is hooked to the drug of welfare and entitlement. Do not let these folks venture out and go on their own. Success is bad, DNC imposed squalor is good.

Yeah, the only policies the Democrats are for is districting and redistricting to keep their voters in lockstep. Fight the real enemy. Fight the party that has Robert Byrd yelling n---er and tar---y, and other epithets. Fight the enemy that tells you, you're getting treatment for being lower folks. Fight the enemy that won't help you find a job, but demands you sit on your butt or your help is cut off.

Well, the new goons are out and in full force. And by their logic, the following blacks could be considered traitors and worse:

Secretary of State Dr. Condeleeza Rice
Former State Sec and General Colin Powell
Bill Cosby
Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson
Larry Elder
Former Rep. JC Watts
Former Secretary of Education Dr. Rod Paige
Denzel Washington
James Earl Jones

......and anyone else who got off the donkey and is looking for PROGRESS and REAL CHANGE for themselves, their families, their race, and their country.

Fight the real enemy, fight the DNC.


  • At 11:25 AM, Blogger Philly Progressive said…

    I think you're a fascist. And a Christian to boot- no wonder you want to impose your Taliban-version 2.0 vision on the world wiht the rest of the neocons.

  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Fascist? Do you know what a Fascist was or is? Do you know the meaning of the word and how insulting that is?

    Oh, and a Christian. Ewwwwww you say. And judging by you and your irksome post, you are a Communist agnostic (too chicken to be an atheist) and a liberal Kool Aid Drinker.

    You did not deny the Democrap thugs doing wrong. Figures, since Philly has one of the more corrupt and criminal mayors. Mayor John Street, what a POS he is.

  • At 2:07 PM, Blogger Kevin said…


    I won't step into you kids fighting here, but I was curious what this means:

    too chicken to be an atheist

  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    OK, Kev, there's those who ascribe to God, and then there's those who do not. And somewhere in limbo, there's those who wait and see.

    To quote Jay from Dogma:

    'What are ya, some kind of frickin chicken?'

    I was taking a swipe in mature form as usual.

  • At 3:51 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    That's funny because Jay said that line to Azrael in the movie.

    Azrael, of course, representing the Angel of Death in the Quran (your favorite book!!)

  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    I like the Quran Kevin, it's an interesting read to cure insomnia with.....

    And if there's a disaster, the paper is nice and soft for restroom use.....

  • At 12:37 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Hah. Well I would imagine that's because people that sell the Quran honestly make an effort to get it into peoples hands, rather than clear a profit on it.

    Have you walked into a Christian store lately?

    Bibles are expensive as shit.

    You would think for the alleged most popular book in the world the simple supply/demand scale could be applied and they'd be cheap.

  • At 4:14 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Kevin, not every Bible is expensive. Go to Sams or Walmart, they got em cheap. Go online. By the way, many Christian stores charge more, since they devote some of their funds to other churches, missions, and recently KAtrina Relief.

    Kevin, and they aren't all the size of an end table. That's old King James, stuff.

    You probably know this also....

    Supposedly popular? OK, call Guinness Book and check with them.

  • At 4:15 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    And Kev, some folks give away Bibles. Yeah, the sales for those of us who will shell out, funds give aways. Call it a Pay It Forward thing.


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