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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Democrats Demand Closed Door Session to Senate, NOW

Well, the Democratic Minority (key word) has invoked Rule 21 today. Their reason, as expressed by Senator Harry Reid, is for the pre-war Iraq intel, and Valerie Plame. Many feel it's sour grapes over Alito's nomination and trying to get attention back to the non-entity Libby Indictment.

Was Plame really a covert op? I mean, how covert are you manning a cubicle?


And of course, Dick Durbin and others threaten to do this often until their desired answers on Iraq are given.

Their wants: Bush lied, the Senate was stupid, except us Democrats; Plame was James Bond, and Cheney is pure evil.

Reality: Bush did NOT lie, The Senate showed some backbone but are now waffling for election time, the Democrats are grinding regular business to a halt, Plame worked a desk and her status was in doubt, and Cheney is not as much pure evil.

And the Democrats say we're screwing things up?




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