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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Well, it's official now. If you didn't think it was bad, it's worse. California's grasp on common sense is DEAD.


Voters overwhelmingly defeated Proposition 76, the governor's centerpiece proposal to slow the growth of state spending. Proposition 77, which would have redrawn legislative and congressional districts, was knocked down by a similar margin.

And the West Coast Morons have voting to rack up more debt. I guess the Democrats wanna pay off their new citizens, oops, voters. And they will shoot down redistricting only when a Republican asks for it. God forbid the Democraps be held to a higher standard. So far, they've voted against fiscal responsibility and any political accountability.....

Let's see what else these troglodytes voted against......

Failing by slimmer spreads were Proposition 74, a plan to make teachers work longer to achieve tenure, and Proposition 73, which would have restricted political spending by public employee unions.
Poll after poll showed it was an election that Californians didn't want, with a total lineup of eight initiatives that didn't connect with every day issues such as gas prices, housing costs and the war in Iraq.

And now the underqualified yet highly liberal propagandists in the teachers' unions can stay on tenure longer, without having to prove themselves. And now, the unions can spend more of their money on their bought and paid for candidates than ever. Again, it's all good since the Democrats benefit.....

And of course, let's not forget how a 12 year old can now abort their kid, without their parents advice and consent. Technically you're not an adult til you're 18 and can vote. California, seems to be blurring the line......


California, I know you not......


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