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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

San Fransisco Passes Dubious Weapons Ban

OK, the City Council thinks the crooks will follow this also, yeah right.....


SAN FRANCISCO - Voters approved ballot measures to ban handguns in San Francisco and urge the city's public high schools and college campuses to keep out military recruiters.

More less shocking, yet nonetheless outrageous news from the City By the Bay. No guns for protection, and no recruitment for future Defenders of Democracy. Um, OK, where's the logic?

Wait, this is San Fransicko, the part of the US that considers itself apart and superior to the rest.

The gun ban prohibits the manufacture and sale of all firearms and ammunition in the city, and makes it illegal for residents to keep handguns in their homes or businesses.

That's gonna come in handy during the next riots or insurrection. Wait, isn't this an affront to the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution? Right to bear arms? Something about unconstitutional ring a bell, either?

Only two other major U.S. cities — Washington and Chicago — have implemented such sweeping handgun bans.

Both cities have liberal mayors, and it makes sense that Twosome Newsome joins the cabal of commies. And of course, DC and Chicago have higher murder rates now. Bravo, the good guys can get killed in a faster fashion. You politicians sicken me.

With all precincts reporting early Wednesday, 58 percent of voters backed the proposed gun ban while 42 percent opposed it.

And that 58 percent probably includes the felons, child molestors, perverts, and anti-gun idiots that hate anyone defending themself against their grabbing......Bravo to the 42% who opposed it, you tried to prevent a police state.

Although law enforcement, security guards and others who require weapons for work are exempt from the measure, current handgun owners would have to surrender their firearms by April.

Certain handgun owners? Just conservatives or everyone else? Now, let me see, the crooks are gonna drop their guns in a pile right? Expect Jamal and Ted and Enrique to leave their Mac 10s because the SF City Council says so...... Nope.

And the libs slam recruiters for the military. Talk about emasculating your city and country.....

The military recruitment initiative won with 60 percent in favor and 40 percent against.

and more of the fairies and militant leftists had to vote on this, and probably voted more than once..... Reap what you sow you seditious bastards!

The measure, dubbed "College Not Combat," opposes the presence of military recruiters at public high schools and colleges. However, it would not ban the armed forces from seeking enlistees at city campuses, since that would put schools at risk of losing federal funding.

Cut their federal funding. They don't want the protection of the government or to educate it's fighting men and women, let em sit out in the cold. See what leftie Hollyweird billionaire will pay their way. Military, just leave California, they hate you and they are ingrates. Let em get invaded. Serves em right.

It encourages city officials and university administrators to exclude recruiters and create scholarships and training programs that would reduce the military's appeal to young adults.

city officials and university administrators, most of whom are Democrats, Green Party and Socialists. Figures they get to deny the military its right to recruit. Now, they won't ban Hamas from having its humus bake sale and suicide bomber recruitment drive.

"We now have the moral weight of the city behind us, and it's definitely a valuable asset to have in our corner," said Bob Matthews, an activist for the proposition.

Let's see how fast your moral weight disappates, when the Big One hits San Fran, there's no power and no cops, but tons of looters. I hope the looters are well armed and they chase you down while you're wearing out your Cole Haans and damaging your Rolex. I also hope there's no troops due to your recruiting ban. Troops that could save you from being shot, stabbed, beaten, and burned by the looters and killers. What does around comes around.

San Francisco, get ready for your test of fire and judgment. Turn your back on protection and defense, expect something soon. But, don't expect the rest of the US to help you.

To quote a Roman governor, "I wash my hands of you all."

San Fransicko, you are on your own. Anyone who voted against this liberal BS and is fearful, leave now.


  • At 9:31 AM, Blogger Ranando said…

    I'm against any kind of gun control.

    I do however agree with keeping recruiters out of high schools.

  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger bosscauser said…

    Senator Feinstein will just have to leave her's in Wahington.

  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger Van Helsing said…

    San Francisco should lose all federal funding, on the grounds that they do not deserve the benefits of being part of America if they are not going to honor the American Constitution.

  • At 11:26 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Ran, you're for self-protection, but why not recruiters at high schools? The recruiters tend to get folks to help protect the USA. For one form, but not the other.

    If you wanna explain this one, go for it.

    Also, naming me as a f-cking chickenhawk on your side list is not very nice.

    Ran, here's my take on recruiters, if I did not elaborate. San Fran is part of the USA, schools are inside the USA. They fall under local government, but everything jives with the central government, or it tries to. Banning recruiters is going to make it hard for the military to recruit willing individuals to defend the US and make sure it will exist. Also, if there's no volunteers, the draft could come back. Now, does anyone want the draft back?

    I'd prefer volunteers as they train themselves to join and then serve. The draft may get many good, but also some bad folks also.

    And also, the HS and college students are old enough to decide on the military or not. I say, let them have the option.


  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger Ranando said…


    I'll take you off even though you are a chickenhawk.

    Also, I never contacted anyone at your church, nor would I ever.

    I appologize for all that, now let's get back to arguing, ya baby.

  • At 4:39 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Well Ran, thanks. Now, about those recruiters. How on earth are those allowed to be banned, but not others?

    Chickenhawk, mois?

  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger chefwes said…

    I really don't know what to think about ranando.
    Sometimes, he makes a lot of sense, seems to be a decent human being, other times, hes full of liberalistic blather, at other times, he's full of piss and venom, spewing hatred and idiocies (other than the leftist blather mentioned before).


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